My Father's Day Dinner At Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie

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Yesterday, my family and I celebrated Father's Day at Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie at Tropicana City Mall PJ. It was our first time to this restaurant.

Yes, I know we were celebrating it a little bit late, but we purposely did that to avoid the crowds. It's no fun when you have to compete with so many people for a table, and besides, the food would not be as nicely prepared and cooked.

 photo P1230102_zps9865292d.jpg

Anyway, there will be no pictures of my father or my family members - this will just be all about the food!

Now we all know that Secret Recipe is well known for their cakes so for them to start a vegetarian restaurant was a bit odd to me. Still, no harm in trying it out.

We started off with the appetizers in the form of Veggie Roll (RM9.90 / US$3.08)

 photo P1230077_zps02c25c72.jpg

Guess what? I didn't get to try this Veggie Roll as I was too busy taking pictures!! That's the sacrifice one has to make as a blogger sometimes. LOL! But no worries, I will be back to try this.

Anyway, according to my mom, it was pretty average. She much prefers the popiah rolls she buys from the market and they are much cheaper too. Haha!

My father likes rojak a lot so for our second appetizer, we ordered the Fruits Rojak (RM9.90 / US$3.08)

 photo P1230083_zpsfaf084ab.jpg

This was quite delicious. Perfect as an appetizer. I like : )

The third appetizer was the Mushroom Satay (RM9.90 / US$3.08)

 photo P1230063_zps63ec8c34.jpg

We should have known better than to order this satay! I normally dislike eating vegetables that 'pretend' to be meat. And although it was clearly written 'mushroom' satay in the menu, we still ordered it thinking it was chicken or beef! LOL!

But it was clearly a bad choice. The satay was not delicious at all! The peanut sauce was just OK, nothing to shout about. Definitely will not order this again.

Next, we had the Fried Mushroom Salad (RM9.90 / US$3.08).  This comes under Chef's Recommendation so it should be good.

 photo P1230066_zps71d6bfb1.jpg

My opinion? It was definitely good. The fried mushrooms were so crispy and yummy!! Love it! : )

My brother always love tofu so we ordered a plate of Spicy Thai Style Tofu (RM17.90 / US$5.56)

 photo P1230070_zpsb5b080b5.jpg

This one was super delicious! Yummy!! Highly recommended!

Some of my family members cannot survive without rice so we had to order some fried rice. LOL! We chose the Chef's Recommendation - Beyond Veggie Fried Rice (RM15.90 / US$4.94)

 photo P1230072_zps0592693a.jpg

Unfortunately, the fried rice was just average. I felt it was not even worth the price we paid for.

We also ordered another plate of fried rice - the Special Sambal Petai Fried Rice (RM15.90 / US$4.94)

 photo P1230076_zps66f7d035.jpg

Can you see any petai in the picture? I sure as hell can't! LOL! In fact, this Petai Fried Rice looks almost the same as the Beyond Veggie Fried Rice, no?

At that kind of price, can't they give more petai and not chopped them up into tiny bits that we could not even see with our naked eyes? A real disappointment to me!

Next, we ordered the Bak Kut Teh or officially known in the menu as Revitalising Herbal Soup (RM17.90 / US$5.56) - another Chef's Recommendation.

 photo P1230065_zpsa802ee98.jpg

This dish also came with white rice. I found it a tad too sweet! Not the kind of Bak Kut Teh that I am used to. And of course, it's clearly a wrong choice since this is a vegetarian restaurant. No real pork here!!

Next, my personal favorite dish - Ginger Mee Sua Soup (RM15.90 / US$4.94)

 photo P1230086_zpsf1895fc0.jpg

Not everyone likes the taste of ginger soup, but I love it! With the varieties of vegetables and the mee sua in the soup, this was just perfect for me! Yum!! I do not mind coming back here just for this Ginger Mee Sua Soup!

We also ordered a bowl of Asam Laksa (RM15.90 / US$4.94)

 photo P1230087_zps90fc54ef.jpg

Of course, there's no real fish inside this Asam Laksa! I did not taste this but my brother said it was OK. Just OK, not awesome.

The restaurant also offers Western fare in the form of pastas and pizzas. Our stomachs were too full for pastas. Maybe next time. We however decided to try their large-size Hawaiian Tropicale pizza (RM25.90 /  US$8.05)

 photo P1230084_zps3b73dea1.jpg

This pizza was also a Chef's Recommended item. Was it good? Hmm, with no real chicken meat, it was just average to me.

OK, this Tom Yam Soup Noodle was wrongly brought to our table so I just snapped a picture of it. Didn't taste it, but I should have, shouldn't I? Too late now! LOL!

 photo P1230075_zpsabf76e47.jpg

For drinks, we ordered a pot of hot Lemongrass Fruit Tea (RM16.90 / US$5.25)

 photo P1230081_zps159c1e89.jpg

I love this lemongrass fruit tea! Delicious. And it can be refilled....with water. So on our third round refill, the taste of fruit tea was hardly there anymore. More like a very diluted version.

 photo P1230080_zps2b12bcdb.jpg

By the way, there's an ongoing Father's Day promotion at Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie : Dine-in above RM50 and get a whole cake at only RM38! (Normal price RM75)

But hurry! Offer lasts till 30th June 2013.

It was a no brainer. Since our bill came to about RM250, we immediately went to choose our cake. We ended up with a Blueberry Cheese Cake.

 photo P1230101_zps69ed2e89.jpg

The Blueberry Cheese Cake was super delicious! Yummy!

 photo P1230107_zps6a05071c.jpg

But I could only eat one small slice. Eat more and the high cheese content will make me feel sick in the stomach. Haha!!

Secret Recipe Beyond Veggie,
G-37 Gd floor,
Tropicana City Mall,
No 3, Jalan SS20/27,
47400 Petaling Jaya.
Tel : 03 7722 1680