2011 Christmas Decorations (Part 1)

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Merry Christmas everyone! I know I am a little late here but better late than never haha!

Even though Christmas Day is over, I am still feeling the Christmassy mood - in fact, it's still Christmas to me all this week till the end of the year!

My home is still beautifully decorated with some awesome Collectible Christmas decoration from Bradford Exchange and I am not taking them down or keeping them in the store room just yet! I would love to show you pictures of my home but since I like to keep my private life private, I am afraid that's not possible - sorry! : )

Anyway, I have been going around shopping malls lately to take photos of Christmas decorations. Personally, I found the decors this year not as interesting as last year. You may want to read my post on last year's Christmas decorations at shopping malls around PJ and KL HERE.

This is the Christmas decoration at 1Utama.

It's a Winter Waterland theme this year complete with fishes, clams and seaweed.

Are these actually girls dressed in clams? I thought they look a bit weird.

I don't know about you, but I don't see the connection between underwater theme and Christmas. Where are the Christmas trees?

Although they have been quite creative to come out with such beautiful designs using simple materials, I am afraid the decors are just beautiful and nothing else. Nothing that gives me the Christmassy feeling, if you know what I mean.

Clam girls are hung from the ceiling all over the place, not just at The Oval section. I don't really fancy them.

I do think last year's decoration was much, much better. See last year's photos HERE.

As usual, I was not particularly impressed with the Christmas decorations at Sunway Pyramid.

But I think this year is still slightly better than last year.

Perhaps there's a snowman and a couple of reindeers this year. Haha!

I actually like the Snowman!

The backdrop fits quite nicely with this Snowman. Or is it the other way round?

Oh, there is a bird flying up on the trees too! Or at least, appears to be flying.

But I thought the stage was a little bland.

So is this a reindeer?

This reindeer looks cute!

I walked out of Sunway Pyramid towards Sunway Resort Hotel and saw these beautiful decorations above my head along the road. I think they put up the same old decorations here every year.

More Christmas decorations lighted up the night opposite Sunway Resort.

I thought the reflection on the water made it look quite beautiful!

In front of the hotel were two elephants guarding the entrance. Not bad!

Beautiful snowflakes hanging from the ceiling along this walkway near the hotel.

The Christmas decorations at The Curve this year was quite good.

I think the Christmas trees made all the difference! They make me feel so Christmassy!

Even though there's a nice castle with pink rooftops, and there are hanging snowflakes, I still felt something's missing.

Perhaps too few Christmas trees? I am not sure.

I like the view of the Christmas trees and the castle from here. Nice.

Coming up in Part 2 - Christmas decorations in KL, namely at Pavilion, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Berjaya Times Square and MidValley Megamall.

I Finally Met The United Buddy Bears! (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

In Part 1, I asked you, my dear readers to guess the countries that the 6 United Buddy Bears represent. Many of you came up with partially correct answers and some of you managed to answer all correctly.

The correct answer is as follows...

Bear#1 - Argentina

Bear#2 - Congo Republic

Bear#3 - Denmark

Bear#4 - Spain

Bear#5 - Malaysia

Bear#6 - Philippines

However, the first person who replied with an all-correct answer is SK. Congratulations! You've won yourself an Xmas Compilation CD!

Thanks to all of you who had taken the effort to participate. I hope you had some fun figuring out the answers! Did any of you went all the way to Pavilion KL to find the answers or did you just googled them up? : )

By the way, do you like the Buddy Bear that represents Malaysia? It was painted by our very own local artist A. Rahim Muda or more popularly known as Imuda.

The United Buddy Bears are actually an international art exhibition that started in Berlin way back in 2002. Since then, it had toured round the world and had reached Malaysia in December 2011. The more than 140 life-sized fibreglass bears would be on display outside Pavilion KL until 15th February, 2012.

The United Buddy Bears were created to promote peace and understanding among all nations regardless of race, culture and religion.

Since the first exhibition in Berlin, more than 25 million visitors had been able to admire the United Buddy Bears.

Each bear represents a nation recognized by the United Nations. The bears stand for the people of different countries and cultures but not for their political systems.

I had a fun time admiring the bears and taking photos of them. Although none of them was as cute as a panda bear, they were just so colourful and interesting to look at!

Some of the paintings on the bears are like works of art! Look at this one from Congo Democratic Republic.

Can you see the face drawn on the body of the bear? Here's the image of the face magnified.

This bear that represents El Salvador is another good example of amazing art.

The beautifully painted face of half man and half tiger is simply awesome!

This bear that represents Ukraine is no less amazing.

I love the beautiful paintings on it!

When I was at Pavilion, I saw many people crowding around a particular bear. I went over to see what was so special about it. This bear that attracted the crowd represents France.

What really attracted the crowds was the intricate carvings! Can you see the Eiffel Tower of Paris?

My favourite bear has got to be this one that represents Czech Republic! Notice it is carrying two small animals on its hands.

On the bear's right hand is a miniature bear!

And on its left hand is a ....... I'm not sure what this animal is. What do you think it is?

No prize for guessing which country the bear below represents.

Yes, the country which have the Statue of Liberty - United States of America!

Oh, I also bumped into Albert Einstein! I mean a bear that has an Eisntein image on it. What has Eisntein got to do with the Buddy Bears?

Well, there's a famous Einstein quote inscribed on the body of the bear. It reads "Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding". How apt.

Look at the cute expression on this bear's face.

If not mistaken, there were altogether 143 United Buddy Bears on display. Initially, I wanted to take pictures of each of the 143 bears but I guess I gave up in the end. There were just too many of them!

Anyway, these are some of the bears I managed to capture in my camera. Hopefully, this post is not taking too long to load! Haha!

Australia, Bahamas, Bangladesh

Barbados, Bosnia Herzegovina, Belarus

Benin, Bhutan, Bolivia

Bulgaria, Cuba, Cyprus

Canada, Brazil, Chile

Central African Republic, Vietnam, Cambodia

Germany, China, Uzbekistan

Qatar, Uruguay, Ethiopia

Finland, Georgia, Guatemala

Guinea, Croatia, Egypt

Haiti, Honduras, Hungary

India, Indonesia, Iran

Japan, Jordan, Italy

Kazakhstan, Israel, Ireland

Iraq, Kenya, Liberia

Kyrgyzstan, Korea Republic, Luxembourg

Mali, Korea Democratic People's Republic, Niger

Moldova, New Zealand, Myanmar

Mexico, Panama, United Arab Emirates

Thailand, Seychelles, Sierra Leone

Togo, Tanzania, Poland

Slovenia, Namibia, Slovakia

Singapore, South Africa, Turkey

Switzerland, Trinidad and Tobago, Syria

United Kingdom, Tunisia, Sweden

So which is your favourite United Buddy Bear?