Seasons By Spatula Cafe

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Today, I would like to blog about my visit to this cafe called Seasons by Spatula located at Aurora Place, Bukit Jalil. Nice cafe to chillax.


Have you been here before? 

I like that mirror. 

Not crowded during the time I visited, fortunately. I never like crowded cafes and especially now when we need to social distance due to Covid-19, it's really quite risky to dine inside a crowded cafe!

There was a cute pet bunny running around in the cafe. Look! 

I had Latte with oat milk and Ava-Toast (avacado toast). Love the coffee and the toast! Yummy. 

It's a good cafe to chill or to do your work. Don't mind returning here again. 

By the way, this cafe is just about 5 minutes walk from the new Pavilion Bukit Jalil shopping mall. Very convenient place to go after your shopping. 

Feng Shui 2022 According To Joey Yap (Part 4)

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Part 1

This is the final part of the series. Hope you have found these notes useful! 
Joey Yap shared how we can use Qi Men to activate certain abilities within us. Each compass direction is useful for activating certain abilities.

East - Magnetism. Ability to attract people into your life.
South East - Wisdom
South - Polarization. Increase aura for protection from negative energy.
South West - Intuitive eyes.
West - Super learning. Enhance comprehension.
North West - Circle of light. Protection against evil spiritsand back stabbing.
North - Cleansing. Cleanse negative energy, karma and thoughts.
North East - Spiritual Assist. Summon sage, past masters, getting help from the divine. 

Joey Yap only gave the date and time for three of the abilities, namely Magnetism, Super Learning and Circle of Light.

Magnetism - Feb 5, 2022 between 1pm - 3pm. Sit with your back facing East. 

Super Learning - Feb 9, 2022 between 5pm - 7pm. Sit with your back facing West.

Circle Of Light - Feb 26, 2022 between 7pm - 9pm. Sit with your back facing North West. 

How to activate? First, sit down with your back facing the correct direction. Calm your mind down by counting from 64 down to 1. Then start your visualisation. 

For Magnetism, visualise that people are interested to talk to you and they are enjoying your company. Hold that thought process for about 10 mins.

For Super Learning, think about 3 subjects you want to master. Imagine what you can do with your new skills, and how your life turns out using these new skills. Again, hold these thoughts for about 10 mins.

For Circle Of Light, mentally draw a circle of bright light around where you sit. The circle of light should start small and slowly enlarge. Inside this light, feel safe and joyful. Hold these thoughts for about 10 mins.

Receiving God Of Wealth (Star Of Wealth) 
Date : Feb 1, 2022 
Time : 12.30am

There are three directions you can face. You can do one or do all. 

Face South East for wealth, career and business. Make a wish - be specific. And also state what you are going to contribute in return. 

Face South for nobility and mentor.

Face North West for happiness. 

Recommence Work After Chinese New Year
Four possible dates

Feb 3, 2022 between 7am - 9am (except Snake)

Feb 4, 2022 between 9am - 11am (except Horse)

Feb 7, 2022 between 5am - 7am (except Rooster)

Feb 10, 2022 between 5am - 7am (except Rat)

Feng Shui 2022 According To Joey Yap (Part 3)

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Part 1

Part 2

In this part, I will talk about how to increase your income using flying star feng shui. Here again is the Flying Star Chart for 2022.


Most people will immediately think of Star 8 when it comes to wealth and making money. However, according to Joey Yap, there may be other more appropriate stars to use depending on what you want to achieve.

So here are 5 Ways To Increase Income In 2022.

1. Be Indispensable In Your Job - Star 6 (NW)

By being indispensable, you are assured that you remain at your job and not become a victim of your company's downsizing.  The NorthWest sector in your house is where you should work from home, do your meetings or research. 

2. Join Profit Stream Of Your Organisation - Star 9 (S)

This is for those of you who are in sales or any job that brings in money to the company you are working with, in other words, you are paid commissions on top of your fixed monthly salary. The South sector of the house is where you should work on leads and marketing. 

3. Intrapreneur - Star 1 (N)

This is for those of you who want to start a business but do not have enough capital, so you just be a semi-business owner while still working for a salary. You can do this by suggesting a business or money making idea to your boss whereby if it works out, you agree to keep just 10% of the profit while your boss takes the rest. Use this North sector of your house to do the planning.

4. Ultimate Skill - Star 4 (SE)

Learn a money making skill in this SouthEast sector of your house.

5. Side Gigs - Star 8 (NE)

This is a part-time business eg. teaching, marketing etc. Use this NorthEast sector to plan a side gig for extra income. 

Now, if you are already a business owner, here are the sectors you can utilise.

To generate leads and more customers, use Star 9 (S)

To increase products/service range, do your research in Star 4 (SE)

To get the right people or funding, use Star 1 (N)

To collect money faster, faster turnover, use Star 8 (NE)

To manage a team and motivate them, have meetings at Star 6 (NW)

For better communication and better presentation, practise your sales speech and presentation in Star 7 (W)

To increase enrolment or get more people to join your membership, use Star 2 (SW)

To increase territory and market share, plan your branding and campaign launch at Star 3 (E).

Feng Shui 2022 According To Joey Yap (Part 2)

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Before reading this, you may want to read Part 1 if you haven't already.

Here is the Flying Star Chart for 2022. (Image taken from a screenshot of Joey Yap's online seminar)

As you can see from the Chart, the Illness Star 2 is in the SouthWest and the dreaded Five Yellow (Star 5) is in the centre. This year's chart is also a Fuyin Chart, meaning the stars have all flown back to their original positions. 

If your bedroom is in the SouthWest sector of your house, the best way is of course to move out of that room. But if like most people you cannot easily change room, then one way is to change the position of your bed. Superimpose this Flying Star chart onto your bedroom and locate the Star 8 (NE) sector in your room. Then move your bed into the NE sector of your room. 

If moving your bed is impossible, then you can try placing your medications or supplements in this NE sector of your bedroom. Make it a habit to take your medicines in this area of your room. This may help mitigate the illness star to a certain extent. 

Take note that Star 2 is not all bad. It is actually a good star for properties and real estate. If your bedroom door is located in the NE sector of your bedroom, then staying in this room will actually be good for you in terms of property gains.

Certainly if you are young and healthy, having a bedroom in the SW sector of your house won't pose much of a problem. However, if you are already suffering from some health issues, or you are over the age of 65, then the Illness Star will be problematic for you.

Joey Yap did not mention this, but in my opinion, you can also mitigate the Illness Star by placing the salt water cure here. Please google about how to prepare this salt water cure. Or you can place metal objects in this room to weaken the Illness Star.

Next, let's talk about the Five Yellow. Located at the centre of your house this year, it would be quite difficult to avoid it. Since Five Yellow is essentially an Earth element, it would be wise to use Metal to weaken it. Place a metal object here to mitigate the Five Yellow. Any metal object will do (size matters of course - if your house is huge, the metal object cannot be a tiny metal padlock for example)

What are metal objects? These are all considered metal - Gold, Silver, Pewter, Bronze, Copper, Iron, Aluminium. Take your pick. 

Fire element is a big no no in this area as Fire produces Earth. So a kitchen here would be problematic especially when you cook with fire everyday. One way to avoid in my opinion, is don't cook at all for this whole year. Lol! Just eat out or takeaway. Or if you really, really cannot not cook, then remember to place metal objects here. 

Joey Yap did not say this but no, the metal pots and pans already in your kitchen don't count. You have to place a new metal object with the INTENTION to weaken the Five Yellow. The intention part is very important. 

With the dreaded Star 2 and Star 5 out of the way, let's look at how to make more money with this year's Flying Star Chart next! Stay tune for Part 3! 

Feng Shui 2022 According To Joey Yap (Part 1)

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Hello, everyone! I am back blogging! 

When was my last post? I think it was back in 2019. Lol!

Today I will share a little bit of what I learnt from Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology 2022 which was held online just like last year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. No, I won't be sharing everything cos that takes too much time and effort. Besides, I paid for the seminar so it is not very fair to me if you get everything for free, right? Lol!

Anyway, I am more into Instagram these days, so do follow me on Instagram if you like. Yes, it's

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OK, let's go straight to the Joey Yap FSA 2022 seminar. Instead of writing an essay, I am going into point form for easy reading. Hate reading essays nowadays lol. Also there will be less photos in my blog. If you like to see photos more than reading, go to my Instagram. 

1. Period 9 will officially start in 2024, but the effects are already felt this year. 

2. Fire element is missing from the 2022 Bazi Chart, so the year will be erratic, scary and probably exhausting.

3. Birth of the Metaverse in 2022 not just in tech, but also spirituality. There will be a new age of spirituality.

4.  If you have Monkey in your Personal Bazi Chart, be prepared for a huge transformation! But only if you embrace change will you achieve breakthrough. Otherwise, it will be a difficult year for you.

5. Wood is dominant element in the 2022 Bazi Chart. Wood represents medicine, so there will probably be medical help for Covid-19 this year.

6. Water is second most dominant element in the 2022 Bazi Chart. Combining with wood, it indicates floating wood which represents people seeking directions. It could also mean more water-related natural disasters. 

7. According to the Mother Earth Oracle, there is indication that prices of food will be going up (signs of inflation) in 2022. Also, there might be a sudden major loss of wealth so aim to keep money that you earn and not spend everything. Also, don't depend on just one source of income. Aim for multiple sources of income.

8. To prepare for 2022, expect the unexpected. Prioritze cashflow over cash (get a side gig if possible). Stack the small wins - When doing well take the profits and save first. Don't aim for the big wealth. Take good care of your health.