Good Bye Hanoi!

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This is my last post on my Hanoi trip back in 2013. I love Hanoi so much I visited this charming city again early this year. Hopefully I will be able to blog about my 2015 Hanoi trip soon!

For this final post, I shall just show some photos I missed out earlier. This is a road very near to Hoan Kiem Lake. Roads are not easy to cross in Hanoi unless you know the trick, but surprisingly this road was pretty easy to get across.

This photo is a little blur but I just want to bring your attention to the word "Pho" on the road sign. This word "Pho" has nothing to do with the famous Vietnamese noodle soup although it is spelt the same. This "Pho" means street and it is pronounced as 'foh' with an uptrailing accent, whereas the noodle soup "Pho" is pronounced differently as 'fur' without the r.

This is a huge bookshop located along Trang Tien Street. I went inside and browsed for half an hour. Yes, only half an hour as most of the books were not in English. LOL.

Kem Trang Tien is an ice cream shop - an extraordinary one, because I felt it was more like a car workshop than an ice cream shop! This is where the locals go for their ice cream. I did not get to taste the ice cream during this trip, but managed to do so during my 2015 trip, so expect a blog post on Kem Trang Tien in the future.

By the way, can you see a panda image on the Kem Trang Tien signboard? Now you know why I must return to this shop on my second trip to Hanoi? LOL!

The Hotel Metropole Hanoi, one of the high class hotels located at the French Quarter. Perhaps one day I will stay inside this hotel, maybe for just one night. It will definitely burn a hole in my pocket, but it might just be worth it!

Initially, I wanted to blog about this nice little cafe called Joma Bakery Cafe but all the photos I took did not quite make the cut due to the dim lighting inside. Oh well, I visited lots of cafes during my 2015 Hanoi trip (although I did not revisit Joma Bakery Cafe) so I shall blog about Hanoi cafes in future - stay tuned!

The Hanoi Central Post Office known as Buu Dien Ha Noi. I did not go inside. Maybe I should have.  Looks like there are still many places to explore in Hanoi. Perhaps I will make another trip to Hanoi again next year. Who knows?

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