My First Day In Hanoi With Hanoikids (Part 3)

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Continued from Part 2

By the time we left Hanoi Soul Cafe, the rain had already stopped. Son, my guide from Hanoikids took me for a walk around Hoan Kiem Lake.

I enjoyed walking around this lake very much but we did not cover the entire lake, so I promised myself to come back again the next morning. I will share photos of this beautiful lake on a separate post.

We reached the Ly Thai To Park, a concrete open space that faces the lake. Here, a statue of Ly Thai To stands majestically overlooking the park.

 photo P1210078_zps42183b6e.jpg

Ly Thai To was an Emperor who reigned from 1009 - 1028 AD. He was also known as the founder of the city of Hanoi, having moved the capital to Hanoi in 1010.

There were many locals and some tourists at the park that evening. It appears to be a favourite place for the locals to hang out in the evenings.

 photo P1210079_zps51388f0e.jpg

We walked along Le Thach Street and reached the French Quarter area. Opposite is the
State Bank Of Vietnam Building.

 photo P1210080_zpsc3a42643.jpg

Then we turned right into Ngo Quyen road and I saw this yellow colour building on the right. It is the Government Building of Vietnam.

 photo P1210082_zps335fc399.jpg

The majestic front gate of the building.

 photo P1210083_zps858f2c67.jpg

Walking a little further, we reached the most expensive hotel in Hanoi on our left. It is the Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel.

 photo P1210084_zps6fb48ed1.jpg

If you can afford this expensive hotel, do make it a point to stay here. Many visiting dignitaries and famous celebrities have stayed in this hotel.

 photo P1210085_zps04d834bd.jpg

Built in 1901, the building itself is a colonial classic, with timeless charm and stunning rooms. Son brought me inside to have a look around. I however did not take any photos of the interior.

 photo P1210086_zps96ba6c1b.jpg

The photo above was taken inside the hotel compound.

 photo P1210088_zps49485a3a.jpg

I definitely cannot afford to stay in this high class hotel, so just visiting it was good enough for me. LOL!

 photo P1210089_zps04b5f32e.jpg

Oh look at these classic cars parked in front of the hotel! I am pretty sure every visitor to this hotel would not miss the chance to pose in front of these vintage cars.

 photo P1210090_zpse22ecaa9.jpg

A stone's throw away from the hotel, near a roundabout stands another grand building - the Hanoi Opera House.

 photo P1210092_zpscadfa16d.jpg

Besides Western operas, this Opera House also features performances by classical orchestras, as well as local puppet shows and traditional Vietnamese songs and dramas. However, I did not watch any shows during my stay in Hanoi.

 photo P1210093_zps7e25c69e.jpg

Lastly, Son brought me to visit another famous hotel in Hanoi - the Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel.

 photo P1210094_zps09303a9d.jpg

Located near to the Hanoi Opera House, this hotel is another high class hotel in the French Quarter.

 photo P1210095_zps9a67f16d.jpg

I went inside to have a short tour then came out again. There were many high-end restaurants around French Quarter but we did not visit any of them.

 photo P1210096_zps2e282af2.jpg

It was already past 6pm when we left the French Quarter and headed back to the Old Quarter. On the way back to my hotel, we passed by this souvenir shop.

 photo P1200964_zps78c704fd.jpg

So many masks! I regretted not buying any of them.

By the time we reached my hotel, it was almost dark. I felt a little sad bading farewell to Son. It had been a great day going out on a tour of Hanoi's chaotic Old Quarter and high-end French Quarter with him.

I highly recommend Hanoikids. If you like to book a tour with them next time you visit Hanoi, check out the Hanoikids website.