Feng Shui 2018 According To Joey Yap (Part 5)

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Part 1 : Outlook 2018
Part 4 : 2018 Afflictions And Activation Dates

Part 5 : Auxiliary Stars In The 12 Animal Signs For 2018
In this final part, I will be sharing about the auxiliary stars found in the 12 animal signs. Every year, different stars reside in each of the 12 animal signs.

Before proceeding further, you might want to get a better understanding on how to find the animal signs in your Personal Bazi Chart and what each of the 4 pillars of the chart represent. Since I have written about it last year, I won't be repeating it this year.  Read about it HERE.

Now let's take a look at the various stars in different categories and the animal signs they reside in the year 2018.

Found in Ox, Goat, Horse, Dog and Monkey

1. Moon (Ox) - Great for those who want to start their own business. If you are currently working for others, you might want to consider starting your own business this year.

2. National Treasure (Ox) - Having this star means you have the ability to control your finance and budget.

3. Jade Hall (Goat) - This star represents increase in the value of your assets. If no asset, then it's a good time to acquire asset this year. If the Goat is in your Year or Month pillar, buy commercial related property. If the Goat is in your Day or Hour pillar, buy residential house.

4. Golden Chest (Horse) - Having this star means people will trust you. Trust is the most valuable commodity in business. So if you are in business, or you are doing sales, teaching, or any kind of leadership role, this star is excellent.

5. Elegant Seal (Dog) - Good for artists and those in creative line.

6. Sky Horse (Monkey) - Good for traveling. What this means is that you can do business overseas, either by flying to another country or doing an online business.  Also if you have this star, you have the ability to successfully change to a different industry.

Found in Pig, Snake and Rabbit

1. Sky Happiness (Pig) - If you are single, you have a good chance to find someone. If you are married, there is a possibility of a new addition to your family.

2. Red Matchmaker (Snake) - This star represents love at first sight as your likeability increased. If the Snake is in your Year or Month pillar, people will find you a very good company. If the Snake is in your Day or Hour pillar and you are single, you will suddenly fall in love. Or people will fall in love with you.

3. Salty Pool (Rabbit) - Passion and desire increase if you have this star. May attract unwanted relationship, so be aware. If the Rabbit is in your Year or Month pillar, you get easily distracted in your business and career. If the Rabbit is in your Day or Hour pillar, you get easily distracted in your relationships.

Found in Horse, Dog and Dragon

1. The General (Horse) - With this star, you tend to be in charge by taking on two or more roles in your work. This does not mean you have a pay increase, but you will have more power. If you are someone who do not like to do more, this star is not for you.

2. The Duke's Arrival (Dog) - This star gets you more attention. A lot of people will look at what you do and comment or criticize you. Only good for those who like attention. If you are someone who like to keep a low profile, having this star will make you more stressful!

3. Heavenly Power (Dragon) - Denotes authority and responsibility. With this star, you can be more proactive in your career or relationship and make major decisions and take on new responsibility.

Found in Dog, Rooster and Dragon

1. Dog -  Dog in a Dog Year is definitely offending the Grand Duke. You will most likely suffer emotional setbacks like sudden bouts of depression and some slight pessimistic feelings.

2. Rooster - Not a peaceful year. You will feel somewhat uneasy.

3. Dragon - Clashes with Grand Duke - this means big changes which can be good or bad.

Found in Ox, Goat, Rat, and Pig

1. Heavenly Yi (Ox) - This star brings mentor into your life. It's the only one that people will come into your life and force to help you, so do not reject, but accept and say thank you!

2. Fortune Virtue (Goat) - A fortune star where you get to enjoy life, have lots of good food and parties. If someone invites you to a party, go!

3. Advisor (Rat) - If you have this star, go find the right teacher or guru. It's good time to learn under a guru.

4. Sun (Pig) - Having this star means you become the helpful person to others. Helping others is a good thing!

Found in Horse, Rabbit and Pig

Advice from Joey Yap - Get a partner to help you achieve what you can't do yourself. Never get a partner just because both of you are compatible with each other.

1. Horse - Lots of partners

2. Rabbit - One partner

3. Pig - Hidden partner. This means someone invest in you but he or she is hidden behind the scenes.

Found in Dragon, Ox, Dog and Goat

We are moving into the 24 years of spiritual trend since 2017.  If you have any of these 4 animal signs, it is advisable to pursue spiritual studies.

Found in Snake, Rat and Dragon

1. Dragon Virtue (Snake) - This is a good star to have as you will be able to solve other people's problems and get paid for them!

2. Relief God (Rat) - This star enables you to solve your own personal problems eg, health, relationships etc. Also a good star to have if you are going for surgery as it helps solve your health problem.

3. Month Emptiness (Dragon) - This star will help dissolve your problems, it makes your big issues (problems) reduced into small issues, and the small issues reduced to no issue.

Found in Horse, Tiger and Ox

1. Earth Relief and Golden Chest (Horse) - With this stars, the right offer and property comes to you.

2. Earth Star (Tiger) - This star enhances your ability to find a property.

3. Jade Hall (Ox) - Your assets will appreciate, but only if you have assets!

Found in Rat, Tiger and Horse

1. Eight Seats (Rat) - Excellent for artists and anyone who is trying to be famous and popular. Your posts on social media (eg. Instagram, Facebook) can also have a higher chance of going viral.

2. Three Stages (Tiger) - You will be popular only in your industry.

3. Heavenly Grand (Horse) - Good for opening of new market and for pioneers. If you have this star and is launching a new business, make sure you promote yourself or your business on social media.

Found in Ox, Dog and Monkey

1. Heavenly Benevolence (Ox) - Generally have good memory and can get good grades.

2. Elegant Seal (Dog) - Good for artists and those in artistic fields.

3. Intelligent Star (Monkey) - With this star, you have the ability to learn new things easily. Make sure you learn a new subject in 2018!

Found in Snake and Pig

1. Death God (Snake) - People with this star tend to be forgetful this year. Good for those who are holding grudges and are depressed.

2.  Sky Emptiness (Pig) - People with this star tends to plan a lot, but nothing seem to happen according to plan. The solution for this would be do what is right next. Plan your next step and avoid long term planning.

Found in Tiger, Dragon and Ox

1. Back Poking (Tiger) - Having this star means you will get poked in the back by people this year.

2. Leopard Tail (Dragon) - This star causes you to step on other people's tail, in other words, you tend to offend others.

3. Curl Tongue (Ox) - People argue with you and say you are no good.

Found in Rabbit and Dragon

1. Lesser Consumer (Rabbit) - You tend to spend a lot on things you like.

2. Greater Consumer (Dragon) - Indicates abrupt change which means you will suddenly spend a huge sum of money which affects you financially. To counter this, don't keep so much money at hand and instead invest in property or assets so that even though you are spending huge sums of money, it is more beneficial to you in the long term.

Found in Pig, Horse, Rat, Ox and Monkey

1. Robbery Sha (Pig) - Likely to get robbed or cheated.

2. White Tiger (Horse) - Injury and bleeding due to fight. Avoid joining any fights or riots!

3. Calamity Star (Rat) - Get caught in natural disasters like earthquake, typhoon, tsunami etc.

4. Broken Star (Ox) - House or car get broken into.

5. Sky Dog (Monkey) - Sports related accidents like scars and bleeding on the skin.

Found in Rooster, Rat, Dog and Dragon

1. Sickness Charm (Rooster) - Sickness and bad health this year. Any health problem from last year may worsen this year. Avoid sleeping in the West sector as it's the illness sector in 2018.

2. Funeral Door (Rat) - Weak immune system.

3. Hidden Corpse (Dog) - Problems with internal organs

4. Month Emptiness (Dragon) - If you have been suffering from ill health, this is good news as your illness will suddenly disappear this year.

Feeling overwhelmed and confused with all the information about the stars and the animal signs? Perhaps it will be easier if you just focus on the 5 animals signs that you find in your Personal Bazi Chart (4 animals in your Bazi four pillars and 1 animal in your 10-Year Luck Pillar).  Instead of reading through all the good and bad stars mentioned above, just watch the short videos of each of the 5 animal signs you have in your Bazi Chart.

These videos are prepared and hosted by Joey Yap himself. There are 12 videos overall, each video focusing on one of the 12 animal signs. In each video, Joey explains about the good and bad stars found in the animal sign for 2018.  WATCH THE VIDEOS HERE.