Feng Shui 2013 According To Joey Yap (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Feng Shui is very real and potent but a lot of people still think it is either a superstition, a joke or a waste of time! It's unfortunate that a lot of people are very ignorant about feng shui. In the case of feng shui, ignorance is certainly not bliss!

During Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar 2013, he said that the easiest way to prove that feng shui works is to put it to the test. End of story.

Now we know that in feng shui, there are sectors or directions that are afflicted with bad energy. These afflicted directions, which change on an annual basis, are the Grand Duke (or Tai Sui), the 3 Killings, the Year Breaker and the 5 Yellow.

These are the directions of the said afflictions in the Year of the Water Snake (2013) ....

The Grand Duke - South East 3
The 3 Killings - East
The Year Breaker - North West 3
The 5 Yellow - Centre

Image taken from seminar's booklet handout

The shaded areas in the above diagram show the afflicted areas. If you notice, each of the 8 compass directions is further subdivided into 3. For example, the East is subdivided into East 1, East 2 and East 3. This means there are a total of 24 directions which are known as the 24 Mountains.

The Grand Duke is at South East 3, not South East 1 or South East 2. So you can see why in feng shui,  the compass is a very important tool. You really want to get your direction as accurate as possible!

To know the exact sectors in your house, just stand in the middle of your house and use a compass to get all the directions mapped out. For greater accuracy, superimpose the above diagram onto your house plan once you ascertained the North direction, and you will very quickly know which sectors in your house are afflicted in 2013.

These afflicted areas MUST NOT be disturbed - that means NO renovation, knocking, digging, drilling a hole in the wall or groundbreaking as doing any one of them will trigger the bad stars resulting in misfortunes ranging from cashflow problem, accidents, and robbery to loss of wealth, illness, and medical complications!

To the skeptics, you can try this test if you dare. This is also a test to prove to yourselves that feng shui is real and not some age-old superstition. The test is this - instead of leaving the afflicted areas in your house alone and undisturbed, you now purposely do some renovation, knocking, digging or groundbreaking there!

So find the Grand Duke area (South East 3) in your house, and start doing some renovations there. Or find the 3 Killings area (East) and do some knocking there. Or start drilling the wall in the center of your house to trigger the 5 Yellow. Then see what happens. Of course you must agree to do this at your own risk and I shall not be held accountable should anything happen to you.

Note : These afflicted directions officially come into effect on the 4th February 2013, so only perform the test on or after this date for best results!

However, I also discovered at Joey Yap's Seminar that every year there are also 4 directions that contain favorable stars which can be activated in the same manner to bring positive outcomes. These 4 stars are the Sun, the Moon, the Dragon Virtue and the Fortune Virtue stars.

These are the directions of the good stars in the Year of the Water Snake (2013) ...

The Sun - South 2
The Moon - South West 3
Dragon Virtue - North 2
Fortune Virtue - North East 3

Image taken from seminar's booklet handout

Activating these 4 good directions is akin to acupuncture. Just like acupuncture where the needles are used to stimulate certain meridian points in your body, renovating or just moving your furnitures at these 4 spots help activate the energy points in your house.

As you can see, it's all very simple. Trigger the bad stars and you get the bad effects. Activate the good stars and you get the beneficial effects!

But what are the benefits of these 4 good stars? Here's a brief rundown...

The Sun - this star helps to reduce the effect of you or someone accidentally activating your negative sectors. For example, if your neighbour did some renovation at your 3 Killings sector (either unintentionally because he knows nothing about feng shui or intentionally because he is jealous of you and wants to harm you!) then activating this star at South 2 this year will reduce the bad effects.

The Moon - this star helps with communication problems and breakdowns. It is mostly useful in situations where miscommunications will cost you your job or just bring you lots of misery!

Dragon Virtue - this star enhances your wealth luck and removes obstructions to your success. Obstructions in the form of people holding you back from climbing the corporate ladder or the bank not approving your loan can be solved by activating this star!

Fortune Virtue - this star helps you achieve happiness and satisfaction, in other words better quality of life. Having lots of money may not bring happiness - it is really having no worries, having good health and being able to self-cultivate that brings happiness.

Unfortunately, Joey Yap did not mention the time to activate these 4 stars. Or maybe I missed it. Or maybe you don't really need the exact time. I'm not quite sure. If anyone knows, please inform me. Thank you!

Image courtesy of Chinese Astrology

Towards the end of the full day seminar, Joey Yap gave us a list of date and time to activate wealth, relationship, marriage, academic success, spiritual development, nobleman. He said that if one were to consult him for these dates, he would be charging RM3,800 (USD1,234) for each date! Wow!

To activate the sectors, simply move the furniture around, clear up the clutter or play loud music.

3 dates to choose from ...

1. 25th January 2013, 12.30pm - South West 3 (except Rooster)

2. 22nd March 2013, 7.30am - South West 3 (except Snake)

3. 28th April 2013, 1.30pm - South West 3 (except Horse)

*Note : You can activate just one or all the 3 dates. The animals in brackets are those found in your Personal Bazi Chart, not just the animal sign you belong to. For example, if on the 25th Jan 2013, if you have a Rooster anywhere in your Bazi Chart, activating the South West 3 sector will not be beneficial to you, although it won't be harmful either. Thus, you will need to choose the second date or third date.

2 dates to choose from ....

1. 19th March 2013, 7.30pm - South East (except if your Target has Tiger)

2. 6th April 2013, 1.30pm - North 2 (except if your Target has Monkey)

*Note : Target here means your potential partner. To activate, you need to face the direction given and your intended target face the opposite direction. For example, to activate on the 19th Mar 2013, you need to face South East while your intended target face you ie. North West. And he or she must not have a Tiger in his or her Bazi Chart. So use a compass! And check his or her Bazi Chart beforehand!

3 dates to choose from ...

1. 16th January 2013, 6.30am - North 2 (except Rat)

2. 21st April 2013, 11.30am - North 2 (except Pig)

3. 3rd June 2013, 3.30pm - North 2 (except Horse)

*Note: These are dates and times to resolve weight problem or issues with friends. If your aim is to lose weight, you need to make sure you have the animal mentioned in the bracket above in your Bazi Chart. But if your aim is OTHER THAN losing weight, then you must make sure you DO NOT have the animal in your Bazi Chart.

For example, if you wish to lose weight then it is best to start on the 21st April 2013 at 11.30am and it is better if you have a Pig in your Bazi Chart. However, if you plan to resolve issues with friends on this date, then you MUST NOT have the Pig in your Bazi Chart.

2 dates to choose from ...

1. 28th May 2013, 6.30am - North East 3 (except Rat)

2. 20th July 2013, 7.30am - South East 3 (except Snake)

*Note : Academic success does not apply to just students but also working adults. You need to study or continuously learn to improve your value to your employer or business!

For the 20th July 2013 date, you may have noticed that the direction is South East 3 which is the Grand Duke sector. Although we should not activate the Grand Duke sector, it is however OK to activate ONLY on this date and time.

2 dates to choose from ....

1. 4th April 2013, 3.30pm - any direction (except Horse)

2. 10th May 2013, 9.30am - any direction (except Horse)

*Note : These are dates suitable for prayers and making your wishes come true. Joey termed it as a day where you have "broadband access" to God.

Chinese New Year is coming soon and most Chinese who celebrate always welcome the God of Wealth into their homes every year to bring in wealth. According to Joey Yap, the God of Wealth is not really a god, but is actually a star in the sky. It is a wealth star and to activate it, you can do what most Chinese do every year - set off loud firecrackers!

Joey provided the exact date and time to activate this God of Wealth star, which is on the 10th February 2013 (1st day of Chinese New Year) at 3.30am facing the West direction.

If you cannot stay awake till 3.30am then you can also activate at the second best time, which is 12.30am on the same day.

Joey also mentioned that if you open the door facing West at this date and time, you will be able to see the wealth star shining in the sky!

The Chinese like to choose an auspicious day to start work after the Chinese New Year holidays. This particular day is important as starting work on the right day will have good implications for the rest of the year!

1. 21st February 2013 (Day 12) - 6.30am (best) or 8.30am (except Rat)

2. 13th February 2013 (Day 4) - 9.30am (except Dragon)

3. 15th February 2013 (Day 6) - 9.30am (except Horse)

4. 18th February 2013 (Day 9) - 6.30am (except Rooster)

*Note : The BEST DAY is Day 12 ie. 21st Feb 2013 but if you have Rat in your Bazi Chart, then you will have to choose the other days.

This ends my post on Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar 2013. I hope you will find the information useful. Here's wishing everyone a Happy Year of the Water Snake! : )

Feng Shui 2013 According To Joey Yap (Part 1)

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This year, I attended Joey Yap's Feng Shui & Astrology Seminar 2013 at KL Convention Center on the 13th of January, one week after I attended Lillian Too's 2013 Feng Shui Extravaganza at Hotel Istana KL.

Initially, I had wanted to attend the English version (which was held the day before), but as I found the Cantonese version to be more fun last year, I decided to go for the Cantonese talk instead!

I had a hard time waking up that Sunday morning as it was raining. It's actually my very first time attending a feng shui seminar in rainy weather! All those years that I attended feng shui seminars, whether by Lillian Too or Joey Yap, the sky was always sunny! Perhaps the Water Snake was at work? LOL!

When I arrived at the KL Convention Center, the car park was full! So I had to find another parking place nearby and walk to the Convention Center in the rain. The hall at the Convention Centre was filled to the brim! It certainly looked as if Joey's Cantonese talk is getting more and more popular.

Just like last year, TV and radio personality Angel Wong (popularly known as Chui Ling) was there to host the seminar. I always enjoyed her funny banter with Joey - in fact, this is the exact reason I prefer his Cantonese talk. It's simply more fun!

To reap any real benefits from Joey's seminar, you would need to bring your Personal Bazi Chart with you. You can also have it printed out at the seminar for a fee, but why pay when you can print it out for free at home?

Not sure what is a Bazi Chart? Read HERE for a short introduction to Bazi.

Before I continue, you may want to get your Personal Bazi Chart ready. If you do not have it, you can download HERE.

Joey Yap started the seminar with a reference to this 2013 Bazi Chart of the Water Snake.

Bazi Chart 2013 (taken from seminar's booklet)

From the Bazi Chart above, you can see 2 Woods in the Month pillar. According to Joey Yap, Wood industry will be good this year. (Wood industry include education, publishing, logging, construction, medical practitioners etc.)

Now take a look at your Personal Bazi Chart. If there is Wood in your chart, then you will have money this year.

If you have no Wood, but have Fire in your Personal Bazi Chart, then you are still OK! The Fire industry (eg. IT, telecommunications, airlines, mass media) will do quite well this year. Of course, if you have both Wood and Fire, then it's better!

After Wood and Fire, Water is the next best thing to have in your Bazi Chart. Water represents intelligence so it's crucial to have this element. Now if you have all three (Wood + Fire + Water) elements in your Personal Bazi Chart, then you have the real opportunity to earn some dumb money this year!

What is dumb money? It is money you earn without having a clue as to how you earn it! The opposite is smart money, which means the money you make when you know exactly what you did to earn it. Most tycoons are rich because of smart money. But I definitely won't mind getting some dumb money - how about you? So will you be getting dumb money this year? Check your Personal Bazi Chart now and look for Wood + Fire + Water!

Metal industry (eg. automotive, legal profession, financial field) and Earth industry (eg. property, farming, real estate) are not so good this year. In the case of property, it's good to buy but not good to sell. Buy to rent out is good, but buy to sell is not. However, it's probably a good idea to buy this year and maybe sell off next year.

Next,  Joey Yap showed us the 2013 Flying Star Chart. Not sure what is Flying Star? Read HERE for a quick introduction.

2013 Flying Star Chart (taken from seminar's booklet)

If you superimpose the 2013 Flying Star Chart (the square with 9 numbers in the photo above) onto the world map, you will find that USA is located at the West sector where the Violent star number 7 is present. So expect more violence to happen in the USA, especially in the first six months.

If your house main door is in the West, or your bedroom is in the West sector, then you will probably not have a very good year. If in addition you also have sharp corners in your room, or if the main door faces a lamp post, then your situation is worse!

Note : To know the sectors in your home, use a compass and stand in the middle of your house.

Since 7 is known as the burglary star, you have a risk of getting robbed this year if your house main door or your bedroom is located in the West sector. But there are 365 days in a year - how do you know which day you will get robbed?

Now there is a Flying Star Chart each for the year, the month and even the day! If on that particular day and month, the violent Star 7 flies into the West, (meaning it's 7 in the West for the Monthly Flying Star and 7 in the West for the Daily Flying Star) then your chances of getting robbed on that day is extremely high! So make sure you do not sleep in the bedroom that day!

Look at the Chart again (repeated below). Can you see where Rooster is located? It's in the West. This means if you are a Rooster, your chances of getting robbed are much higher this year. And if you are a Rooster sleeping in the bedroom located at the West sector, or your main door is in the West sector, then your risk is doubled or tripled!

If you superimpose the Flying Star Chart onto the world map, you can see that China is in the East, where the Quarrel Star number 3 resides this year. So expect some arguments or quarrels to happen in China though the effect will be worse in the first six months.

If your bedroom is in the East sector, then expect lots of argument especially on the day and also month that the Star 3 flies into the East sector! Maybe it's better to move out of your bedroom on that particular day!

Now here's a piece of GOOD NEWS for all Malaysians! According to Joey Yap, The Grand Duke Jupiter (or Tai Sui) sector in the South East is the best sector in the world this year.  And we all know where Malaysia is located right? Yes, we are at the best place ie. in the South East region! And since Malaysia is a Rooster (based on Malaysia's independence on 31st Aug, 1957 which is a Rooster year) this is even better as this being a Snake year, Rooster and Snake (both allies) combine to make a really great year for Malaysians! So regardless of the outcome of the upcoming general election, Malaysia will be doing pretty well.

This year, the Wealth Star number 8 flies into the North East sector. If your house's front door is at the North East sector, then you are in luck as it's a matter of using this door often. Simply entering and exiting this door everyday will activate the wealth energy!

What happens if instead of your front door, it's your toilet that is in the North East sector? Will you see all your wealth flushed down the toilet? According to Joey Yap, this is unlikely to happen. In fact, you will need to use the toilet more often to activate the wealth energy! LOL!

Besides star number 8, star number 9 in the South is also good for wealth, especially to find opportunities so make sure you activate this sector too.

Like in his past seminars, Joey Yap reiterated that there is no need to place any objects to cure or enhance the feng shui in your home or office. He said that there is no indication of placing objects in the classical feng shui texts. This object placement fad only started in the 1980's, and of course it's popularized today by none other than famous feng shui writer, Lillian Too.

Joey Yap also mentioned that there is no need to believe in feng shui for it to work. The easiest way to know whether feng shui really works or not is to simply test it out!

The North sector contains the Nobleman Star this year, so to activate it,  place water either inside or outside the house in this sector. Joey Yap said it's preferable to place water outside the house, like a swimming pool for example. Or, you may ask your neighbor to build a swimming pool instead, he jokingly added. (Note : The swimming pool your neighbor build must be in the North sector).

By the way, the water must be at least 3 feet wide and 2 feet deep for it to be effective. Also, it must not be covered. Fishes are not necessary, unless of course if you think of building an aquarium instead of a swimming pool.

This year, Wood is equivalent to cash. If your Personal Bazi Chart has Wood, then you can save some money. Do not fret if you have no Wood as you can simply activate the East sector to improve cash flow.

If there is Water in your Personal Bazi Chart, you can sell assets. If have Fire, then you will make a good profit. However, if you have Wood but no Fire, then the money you have are probably accumulated from last year.

Of course, if you have both Wood and Fire, you will earn some pretty good money this year. And if you have Water as well, you can sell property and earn a good profit!

What if you have no Water in your Bazi Chart? No worries. Just place water in the South West sector of your home, preferably outside the house. The bigger the better and the water must be deep enough, at least 2 feet deep.

Now if you have a brilliant idea and want it to work, then you might want to activate the North West sector.

2013 Flying Star Chart with the 24 Mountains

This year, the dreaded 5 Yellow is back at the centre following the original Lo Shu Square. In fact, the numbers in the Flying Star Chart for 2013 is in the same location as the original Lo Shu Square. What does this indicate? Joey Yap said that there will probably be big changes in the climate, government and environment. He reminded us the last time this happened was in the year 2004 when the Indian Ocean earthquake and the devastating tsunami happened. Will something 'Big' happen again this year?

Joey warned it's best not to have the kitchen and bedroom in the center of the house which is being afflicted by the 5 Yellow. Also, no renovation, digging or knocking in this sector to prevent any serious misfortunes. But the good thing is, you can do renovation everywhere else so this year is probably a good year to renovate your house - just don't touch the center part!

For those interested to be a Feng Shui consultant, here are two requirements - you must have Yin Water and Yin Fire in your Personal Bazi Chart. In addition, there's a third requirement - you must have a bone protruding at the back of your head. Go check now to see if you qualify!

Guess what? I have ALL the 3 requirements! Should I go into feng shui seriously and maybe become a Feng Shui Master? Joey said a good feng shui consultant can make at least RM60,000 (USD19,700) a month! Certainly something to think about. Haha!

In Part 2, I shall reveal the dates and times to activate your wealth, relationship, academic success, and nobleman star as provided by Joey Yap during the later part of his seminar. Also, when is the best time to welcome the God Of Wealth during Chinese New Year and best days and times to commence work after the Chinese New Year.

To be continued ....

Feng Shui 2013 According To Lillian Too (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

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The 2013 Flying Star Chart is especially special because the stars (or numbers) are back to their original positions in the Lo Shu Square. This happens every 9 years, the last time being the year 2004. This phenomenon may mean that the positive stars will vibrate more strongly, but it also means that the negative stars will take on more power!

Interestingly, the Mayan calendar also ended its cycle around this time, ie. December 22nd last year.

2013 Flying Star Chart courtesy of wofs.com

Another interesting thing is that if you look at the Flying Star Chart closely, you will notice that every row (whether vertical, horizontal or diagonal) adds up to the number 15!

Not only that, if you add up the numbers that sit across opposite ends, they arrive at magic sum of 10!

Lillian Too said that this unique pattern is extremely auspicious! Even zodiac enemies can partner together to create fruitful results this year! As such, developing friendships and networking are particularly important in the year of the Water Snake.

Before we go into the study of this Flying Star Chart, make sure you know how to identify each of the 9 sectors in your home. Have your house plan ready. Use a compass and stand in the center of your house to identify the directions and all the sectors accurately.

The first thing when we study the Flying Star Chart is to take note of all the sectors with the negative stars and find ways to dissolve the effects of these bad stars. The negative stars are numbers 5, 3, 7 and 2. (Notice that 3, 5 and 7 are all in one row from East to West, making the East-West row bad this year. Houses with front door facing East or West are deemed unlucky this year).

Let's start with the dreaded 'Wu Wang' or 5 Yellow - the most dangerous of all the negative stars. If you look at the 2013 Flying Star Chart, you can see that the 5 Yellow has flown (from the South East sector last year) into the Center, bringing danger to everyone in the household. The 5 Yellow are known to cause reversal of fortunes, severe cashflow difficulties, accidents, severe illnesses and in serious cases, even death.

The best way to deal with the 5 Yellow is to avoid using this sector and keep it as quiet as possible with no renovation, knocking or digging. However, since it's located in the center of the house this year, avoiding it will be a real challenge unless you have a room in the middle of your house which you can then lock up and not use throughout the year, effectively trapping the star.

The next best thing of course, is to get Lillian Too's recommended cure - the Kalachakra Stupa. Place this stupa, which is filled with mantras, in the center of your house. It will help transform all bad energies into beneficial energies.

Image of the Kalachakra Stupa on the front cover of Feng Shui World magazine 

Lillian Too also suggested getting a pair of camels (not real camels but her feng shui camels! haha!) to stabilize finances. Camel with a single hump protects your assests whilst camel with double humps protects your cash-flow so that you will have regular source of income.

The Violence and Robbery Star (number 7) resides in the West this year. If your bedroom or your front door is located in the West sector, you run the risk of being robbed.

Those born in the year of the Rooster will be affected by this star more than anyone else. Lillian Too suggested that Roosters carry the Night Safety Amulet for added safety. Placing the Blue Elephant and Rhinoceros Water Feature or the Anti-Burglary Plaque in the West sector will also help to prevent violence and robbery.

The Illness Star (number 2) in the South West sector affects mothers and elderly ladies and especially those born in the year of the Sheep or Monkey. Elderly ladies and pregnant women are advised to move to another room. If this is not possible, then placing the Anrensui Wu Lou or the Wu Lou with crane and bamboo will keep illness at bay.

Anrensui Wu Lou

Also, remove fire energy in this sector. This means no bright lights as lights can activate the illness star.

The Hostile and Quarrelsome Star (number 3) flies into the East this year, bringing misunderstandings and even litigation. The eldest son will be mostly affected. Those born in the year of the Rabbit will also be adversely affected and Lillian Too recommended that they wear the Peace and Harmony Amulet. Placing the Red Flaming Wheel with Sword in the East also helps.

However, if you do not want to buy any these products, you can place strong fire energy to remedy this hostile star. Or simply paint the wall red! If your front door faces East, then a good solution will be to paint the door red!

Now that we have taken the defensive strategy and are done with the negative stars, it's time to enhance the good stars to attract all the good luck! The positive stars are numbers 8, 6, 1, 4 and 9.

I almost bought this Wish Granting Tree! 

The Wealth Star (number 8) brings abundant wealth to the North East sector. It is most beneficial to the youngest son and to those born in the years of Ox and Tiger. Enhance this sector with a 8 Rod Windchime or Dzambhala water feature.

But if you want to save money, you can also activate this Wealth Star simply by using the North East sector more often through activities and lots of movement! Bright lights and sounds will also help to activate, so keep this area busy!

The Heaven Star (number 6) is located in the North West. It benefits the father and is excellent for leaders, tycoons and CEOs! It brings speculative and windfall luck. Those born in the years of Dog and Boar will benefit from this star. Display the Metal Windchimes or if you want to activate mentor luck (especially for young people), place the Precious Minister holding Windchime here.

The Victory Star (number 1) flies to North this year. It brings victory and education success. It benefits the middle son and those born in the year of the Rat. Activate this sector with the Victory Warrior Flag.

Lillian said you can also display the Malaysian flag or your country's flag especially if the country is doing well. Maybe Barisan Nasional should use this method to win the next election! LOL!

The Romance and Scholastic Star (number 4) is located at the South East sector. It brings romance and good examination luck. It benefits the eldest daughter and those born in the years of Snake and Dragon.  Enhance romance luck with a Double Happiness with Peony and study luck with a Crystal Globe.

Lastly, the Completion Star (number 9) which brings happiness, recognition and good reputation flies into the South this year. It benefits the middle daughter and those born in the year of the Horse. Enhance the power of 9 with a 9 Rings Dragon Sword. You can also activate with plenty of bright lights!

Do take note that the 2013 Flying Star Chart will only take effect starting from 4th February 2013. So make sure all the cures and enhancers are in place BEFORE this date. However, the energy are already moving in that direction, so some of you may have already started feeling the effects! 

Note : All the feng shui cures and enhancers mentioned in this post can be purchased online from Lillian's Feng Shui Megamall

Image taken from wofs' 2013 Feng Shui Almanac

Besides the 4 negative sectors shown in the Flying Chart, there are two more very important afflictions that must be addressed. The first is Three Killings and the second is The Grand Duke Jupiter (or Tai Sui).

The Three Killings is located in the East this year. Do not renovate, dig or cut here or you will suffer from loss of wealth, accidents, and illnesses. Always sit facing the Three Killings and never sit with the Three Killings behind you. This means you must make sure that all the chairs in your house or office do not face the West! This is because sitting facing West means the Three Killings is behind you!

You can also suppress this affliction by placing the 3 Celestial Guardians in the East sector of your home or office.

The Grand Duke Jupiter resides in the South East this year, or more accurately South East 3 (ie. between 142.5 degree to 157.5 degree). Do not disturb this sector by digging, chopping or doing any kind of renovation. Doing so will bring severe bad luck, loss of wealth, and illness.

Also DO NOT sit facing the Grand Duke! This means in 2013, you must never sit facing South East 3! Instead sit with the Grand Duke behind you and you will gain the upper hand in all your negotiations!

Those born in the year of Snake, Boar, Monkey and Tiger are advised to carry the Tai Sui Amulet for protection.

Lillian Too also mentioned about The 24 Mountains and how it affects all the 12 animal signs. I find it too tedious and long to share the information in this post. As such, if you are interested to know about  each of the 12 animal sign and their luck for this year, perhaps you may want to read HERE.

Coming Up Next : Feng Shui 2013 According To Joey Yap

Feng Shui 2013 According To Lillian Too (Part 1)

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Two weeks ago, I attended Lillian Too's Feng Shui Extravaganza 2013 at Hotel Istana in KL.

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It was the first time that her annual feng shui talk was held at Hotel Istana, the previous years being held at the KL Convention Centre, which was bigger and could accommodate more people. Perhaps she chose the smaller venue this year due to the dwindling crowd?

Notice my auspicious ticket number? LOL! Too bad didn't win the lucky draw!

In any case, I prefer the KL Convention Centre as the seats were more comfortable. And you do need comfy seats for a full-day talk like this. So it was hardly surprising when Lillian asked the audience if they like the new venue and she was greeted with a resounding "No!"

It was amusing to see that despite Lillian's attempt to persuade the audience to like the Mahkota Ballroom, saying it was cozier, newly renovated, and the huge crystal chandeliers in the centre of the ballroom were a great source of good energy creating auspicious feng shui, no one was on her side, at least from what I saw.

Oh well, hopefully we'll return to the KL Convention Centre for next year's feng shui talk but I have a feeling it will not happen. I guess with less and less people attending her talk in recent years (a lot have probably jumped ship to Joey Yap's) it does not make business sense to hold the talk at a huge venue like the KL Convention Centre. A hall with half empty seats also would not make her look good, would it?

Lillian had hinted at the possibility of Mandarin Oriental, the venue that she used those days before she moved to the bigger KL Convention Centre, so we shall see. But enough about the venue! Let's go straight to what Lillian shared with us at this year's annual Feng Shui Extravaganza!

Before I begin, I would like to thank all my loyal readers who keep coming back to my blog each year just to read the annual feng shui updates and my reviews on both Lillian Too and Joey Yap's feng shui talks - You have made writing this post worthwhile. To those who have emailed me asking when I will be posting about either Lillian or Joey's feng shui updates, thank you for your patience!

Lillian Too started the Extravaganza by saying that the year 2013 is the year when good luck comes, it comes in doubles. But when bad luck comes, it also comes in doubles! Our country Malaysia seems to benefit from the Year of The Snake as we have good feng shui! Does this mean that no matter how the election results turn out this year, Malaysia will continue to prosper?

Lillian's feng shui talks almost always centered around her huge number of feng shui products, and this year it was no exception. Her method is simple - identify the bad sectors in your home and buy her products to cure the afflictions in those sectors. This is where some people think her talk is too commercialized.

Joey Yap, the classical feng shui practitioner, had many times shot down this method of curing bad feng shui. However, he had never once mentioned Lillian Too's name. Similarly, Lillian had never mentioned about Joey Yap. I guess they are true professionals? : )

However, during this extravaganza, Lillian emphasized the power of symbolism as the true secret of feng shui. Everything in life, according to her, is symbolic. Certain types of symbols have certains types of power. As such, objects or symbols have the power to remove or reduce the bad feng shui afflictions. In the same manner, certain objects have the power to enhance good feng shui.

Carry the pagoda and camel keychain to overcome financial difficulties and bad luck! 

To know whether the year 2013 is good or bad, feng shui practitioners usually analyze the Bazi Chart and the Flying Star Chart for 2013. Don't know what is Bazi and Flying Star? Click HERE for Bazi 101 and HERE for Flying Star 101.

To know how to read the Bazi Chart, you must first understand the relationship between the 5 elements (ie. Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal). Here's a quick rundown on the 5 elements.

Now the good news. According to Lillian Too, the Bazi Chart for 2013 is a pretty good chart - well balanced with all the 5 elements present. Can you see the presence of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal in the 2013 Bazi Chart below?

Bazi Chart 2013 (taken from Extravaganza's booklet handout)

Another good news - only 2 out of the 4 pillars are clashing. The Year Pillar with Water putting out Fire, and the Hour Pillar with Earth controlling Water.

If you recall, the year 2011 has all the 4 pillars clashing making 2011 a very destructive year. The world experienced tsunami in Japan, forest fires in Arizona, tornadoes in USA, riots in Britain, economic crisis in Europe, floods in Thailand, just to name a few. Click HERE for the 2011 Bazi Chart.

In 2012, the number of clashing pillars were reduced to 3 - still pretty bad. There were earthquakes, floodings and other calamities, but of course, the much anticipated 'Doomsday' did not materialize. (If you compare the 2011 and 2012 Bazi Chart, you will know Doomsday is more likely to happen in 2011 instead of 2012 haha!) Click HERE for the 2012 Bazi Chart.

Now in 2013, there are only 2 clashing pillars, so the situation is definitely much better.

The clash in the Year Pillar suggests that intelligence, mental capability and creativity is needed to overcome the raw use of power in the beginning of the year. The clash in the Hour Pillar indicates that strong availability of resources is more important than intelligence or creativity towards the end of the year. Also, the end of the year favours the very rich!

This year's Bazi Chart also have one productive pillar in the all-important Day Pillar which sees Earth producing Metal. This actually suggests the year benefits those who have the goals and determinations to strive for success.

The appearance of Rat and Ox in the Chart (they are 'secret friends' by the way) suggests a strengthening of goodwill and tolerance. As such, international conflicts will ease and diplomacy will work well to bring peace in 2013.

US President Obama being an Ox, will have a good year, it seems.

The presence of 2 Woods in the Chart bring wealth and success. It's an excellent year for businesses to expand and refocus. It looks like everyone has the chance to see better times during this year.

Water destroying Fire in the Year Pillar also indicates problems related to the heart and eyes. It is therefore necessary for those with heart conditions to take things easy. I guess this also means heart and eyes specialists will have better business?

Employment and stock market will rise this year. There will be plenty of buying opportunities. The second and third quarter of the year looks very bullish.

The wood in the Month Pillar strengthens the 'Wind Horse' which brings success. Lillian suggested that everyone gets the Wind Horse Plaque (below) for victory and success.

Image taken from Feng Shui World Magazine Jan/Feb 2013 issue

This powerful house amulet made as a ceramic plaque is printed with the image of the magical Wind Horse together with the 4 Great Kings and 4 celestial protectors. Around the images are powerful seed syllables and mantras. Display anywhere in the home and it should activate the success luck of the year.

Another alternative is to wear jade as jade helps to strengthen the wind horse and wealth luck.

Placing the Jewel Sprouting Mongoose Wealth Bowl in the centre or the North East sector of the house also helps to activate the wealth luck for the year.

Image taken from Extravaganza's booklet handout

If you look at the Bazi Chart, you will see there are hidden elements at the bottom of the chart. Here are some of the meanings of those hidden elements that Lillian Too shared with us.

Yin Water and Yang Earth bring hidden fire, which suggests hidden power. Rat and Ox being secret friends bring hidden resources.

2 major stars make their presence in this year's Bazi Chart. One is the Powerful Mentors Star which indicates the help of someone influential in the career path of young people. Lillian suggested (jokingly perhaps?) putting a picture of Malaysian Prime Minister Najib in the home to activate the powerful mentor star! Haha! The picture must be someone of power so if you don't like Najib, you can put Obama or anyone who is currently in power.

The presence of the Scholastic Brilliance Star in the Chart indicates intellectual pursuits of all kinds will bring satisfaction. Placing a crystal globe in the bedroom will boost the power of this star.

2013 is also a year with missing 'lap chun'. Lap chun is the first day of spring in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Since the New Year starts without spring, this indicates slow economic growth at least in the first quarter.

The second quarter will be slightly better since there are yang wood in the Month Pillar. The third quarter sees a productive Earth creating Metal so world economies should recover at this period and it will be the best time to expand and to look for strategic alliances. The last quarter sees Earth destroying Water - it's best to stay calm and not make any rash decisions during this time.

Overall, the Snake Year 2013 looks pretty good with opportunities for wealth creation but it is also what spiritual masters refer to as a NAGA year. NAGA is a Sanskrit word for hooded snake and this year, the NAGA spirit is at full strength. Therefore, Lillian advised everyone to be careful and reminded us to wear our personal amulet protection at all times to protect against bad luck and disasters.

So far, we have only looked at the 2013 Bazi Chart. In Part 2, we shall look at the 2013 Flying Star Chart to discover the good and bad sectors in our home and how to remedy the bad stars and enhance the good ones!

To be continued ....

Random Notes 32

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1. I have just attended 2 feng shui talks - Lillian Too's Feng Shui Extravaganza at Istana Hotel KL on 6th January 2013 and Joey Yap's Feng Shui and Astrology at KL Convention Centre on 13th January 2013. If you are waiting to know what both of these feng shui experts talked about, good news! I will be blogging about it soon, probably as early as next week, so stay tuned!

2. Presently, I am on a 5-day holiday break in a neighbouring country. Can you guess where I am? : )

3. I have not prepared any scheduled post so this is the only post until I return from my holidays. If you miss me, you can still follow me on Twitter and maybe, Facebook, although I will only tweet or facebook when I have access to free wifi ; )

4. What do you hate most about traveling? For me, it's checking in my luggage at the airport and going through the immigration.

5. This is a question for guys - How many cards do you keep in your wallet? Cards include your IC, credit cards, driving licence, discount card, medical card, etc. etc. I actually have 23 cards and I think my wallet will burst soon! So I'm planning to take out some cards to save my wallet! What about you?

6. I seldom play games on my iPhone, but if you are keen to play Scramble With Friends, then do add me! My username is foongpc : )

7. Chinese New Year is coming soon but I am not really looking forward to it. I dread the house cleaning chores that I need to do before the day comes! But I guess all the angpows will be worth it!

8. Last year, it was reported that Malaysia is the second happiest country in South East Asia. Singapore is the happiest. Do you agree with this report? I thought Malaysians are happier than Singaporeans?

9. Do you think 2013 will be a better year than 2012? I think it will be. I mean we survived the Doomsday didn't we? What can be worse than that?  : )

10. I can't imagine living without my laptop and smart phone. These two gadgets play a huge part in my life! But when I am traveling or on holiday, I guess the laptop can take a back seat. But my smart phone is still very necessary. I need it to keep tab on time, since I don't wear a watch. LOL!

My Visit To Legoland (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Legoland Malaysia has 7 themed areas of attractions. My friend Jim and I started at The Beginning, proceeded to Miniland, then moved on to Lego City and Land Of Adventure.

By this time, I did not where Jim was. We were separated. I decided to go on exploring Legoland on my own.  I entered the next theme area called Imagination.


There was a Musical Fountain in front of me!


Can you identify all the musical instruments here?


Then I came upon a large Lego giraffe at Baby Care.


The huge giraffe's head.


Another giraffe nearby.


A Lego hippo pulling something.


What is it pulling?


Giraffes playing football?


A huge Lego dinosaur with a Lego girl sitting on top!


Female giraffe with long eyelashes.


The girl on top of the giant dinosaur shooting water.


Green dinosaur.


A Lego man on the ladder.



I entered DUPLO Playtown and saw this acrobatic act by 2 Lego clowns.


A funny looking lion. Children loved to take picture with it!


Nearby, is Lego Studios for watching 4D movies.


Since I hate to line up, I did not go and watch the movies.


Saw a huge tall structure in front of me. It's the Kid Power Towers. I could see people pulling themselves up to the top of the tower.


Some of the Lego characters on top of the Tower.


If you like a bird's eye view of the entire Legoland, then riding the Observation Tower would be a great idea! But the thought of queuing up for the ride put me off immediately.


Build and Test - this one is interesting as you can experiment and build vehicles and other stuffs using Lego bricks by using your creativity and imagination! I forgot to take pictures here!

Finishing my tour of Imagination, I entered the next themed attraction - Lego Kingdoms.

Royal Joust is a place for children to ride on Lego horses through what looks like a forest during medieval times.

There were many game stalls here.

Do you know what is this man doing?

A medieval castle that is also the place to queue up for the roller coaster ride called The Dragon.

Located in the castle's courtyard is The King's Market where you can buy a variety of Legoland souvenirs, including role-play and dress-up costumes.

Perhaps you want to be a warrior or a princess like these two girls standing outside the entrance of the King's Market?

The bridge leading into the castle.

More photos in and around the castle.

Lego wolves outside The Dragon roller coaster.

The Dragon roller coaster for adults and children. I think the roller coaster is pretty tame.

Wolves made from Lego bricks.

The Forestmen's Hideout - I did not enter this one. It looks like a place for children to climb up some structures for a hideaway.

Cute Lego owls!

The Dragon's Apprentice is another roller coaster - you can say it's for younger children while The Dragon is for older children and adults. I did not take a picture of The Dragon's Apprentice though. Instead I took a photo of this tower with cute green dragons.

I love this Lego rat! Wish I could bring it home with me!

That rounds up the Lego Kingdoms. I took this photo below as I left.

Next I went to Lego Technic - one of the 7 themed attractions at Legoland. I very quickly browse through the area but did not take any photos. There is a Lego Workshop for children and more children rides here.

After visiting the whole of Legoland, I can safely conclude that Legoland is really more of a place for children than it is for adults. Children will definitely love it here. As for adults, I think visiting Legoland once is enough.

For me personally, I enjoyed the Miniland most. That's the place where you can see some of Asia's best known landmarks built using Lego bricks! And that is what I am going to blog about next, so stay tuned for Part 3! : )