Feng Shui 2010 According To Lillian Too

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For my latest feng shui post, FENG SHUI 2011 ACCORDING TO LILLIAN TOO, please click HERE.

WARNING! This is a very long post, but if you want to know...
1) three important tips to win at the casino,
2) which VIP's life will be in danger in 2010 and
3) which month you should stay away from the stock market,

....then you might want to continue reading : )

I have written about Feng Shui 2010 according to Joey Yap. Now it's Lillian Too's turn!

I attended Lillian Too's Feng Shui Extravaganza 2010 which was a whole day affair held at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre on January 10th 2010. Her feng shui talk was one week ahead of Joey's and it had been like that every year.

This year however, I noticed that the hall was only about three quarter full. I was not sure what happened but it seemed as if she's getting less popular now. Maybe some of her long time fans are switching over to Joey Yap?

Well, despite the drop in attendance, I still enjoyed her talk nevertheless. She had always been a good speaker and she still is. Her talk was so funny it was practically a laugh a minute! It's no wonder that my friend who did not believe in feng shui attended her talk every year without fail! Just to enjoy a full day entertainment, she told me. Haha!

Before Lillian started her talk, there was a lion dance performance all around the large hall and on stage. I took a few pictures but only this one turned out well.

Lillian then came out and went round the hall to shake hands with her audiences. I didn't get to shake her hands as I was sitting somewhere in the middle where she could not reach.

When she started her talk, I was amused to see that those lion dance workers had to stand there holding the dragon until the first part of her speech was over. That must be really tiring!

By the way, that giant book you see on stage is Lillian's latest book called Living With Good Feng Shui that she is no doubt promoting. The book gives readers an in-depth look into Lillian's home and office, which should make interesting reading!

So what did Lillian Too predicted for the year 2010, the year of the metal tiger? Of course she is no fortune teller. What she predicted was based on her analysis and interpretation of this year's Bazi. (or Paht Chee in Cantonese)

2010 Bazi Chart courtesy of Bazi Buzz

Lillian joked a lot about Tiger Woods this year. Look at Bazi Chart for 2010 above. Can you see Tiger Woods? There's Rabbit Wood, Rooster Metal, and then there are two Tiger Woods! Haha!

Oh, she also asked this question which I could not remember the answer to. The question was "What is the difference between a tiger and a lion?"

It was obviously a joke about Tiger Woods but I could not remember the answer although I remember laughing out loud! Anyone of you attended her talk and remember this joke? Do let me know the answer, please : )

And do you know what has 2012, Avatar and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon got to do with feng shui?

Nothing much really, except that Lillian mentioned about them during the seminar, haha! She had high praises for 2012 and Avatar and recommended both movies highly.

As for Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, I learnt it had something to do with the Bazi Chart this year! If you refer to the chart above, you can see the presence of rabbit and tiger. These two animals are symbols of Spring and when combined with the Dragon would create a trinity that produces a very strong seasonal combination of spring.

OK, you may not understand fully (neither do I, haha!) but according to Lillian Too, this Crouching Tiger can cause the Hidden Dragon to surface producing auspicious new beginnings! This is the actual source that gave birth to the phrase "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon". Interesting!

OK, back to more serious stuff. Looking at the Bazi Chart above, you will notice that it is not a balanced chart. When I say not balanced, I mean some elements are missing. In Chinese metaphysics, the world is made up of 5 elements, namely Earth, Metal, Wood, Water and Fire. A balanced Bazi Chart would have all these 5 elements present.

(FYI, the Bazi is made up of four pillars. From the left to right is the Hour, Day, Month and Year pillar respectively. Each pillar has 2 characters, the top character is known as heavenly stem and the bottom character is earthly branch. Below the earthly branches, are the hidden heavenly stems.)

However, in the 2010 Bazi Chart, there is missing fire and water elements although there is hidden fire under the month and year pillar. What does this mean?

According to Lillian Too, missing fire indicates a lacking of creativity and intelligence in 2010. You know, like burning churches and mosques, riots, political backstabbings and things like that.

And the hidden fire in the month and year pillar (not shown in English in the Chart above), indicates fire disasters like forest fires and volcano eruptions. So you are living near an active volcano? Be on the alert then for that volcano would most likely erupt this year!

If you look at the Year pillar, there is a metal and a wood element there. In Chinese metaphysics, metal is said to destroy wood (refer to diagram below) indicating health problems pertaining to lungs and respiratory problems. So if you think that the H1N1 epidemic is over, you may be wrong. Beware of H1N1's second wave!

(For Cycle OF Elements 101, please read here)

Of course, Lillian Too has a preventive cure for H1N1 - wear her 4 Heavenly Kings scarf which contains powerful healing mantras!

The metal and wood conflict also means that war and fierce fightings will continue in 2010. International conflict and disharmony will go on and there will be political instability in many countries, especially in Southeast Asia.

With metal from the heavenly stem destroying the earthly branch wood, coupled with lack of water elements, it is going to be a very dry year. A dry year does not mean no rain. It simply means a year full of burglaries, fire hazards, pollution and car accidents. So there is a higher chance of road accidents in 2010. And I can just imagine the haze from Indonesia coming back again to haunt us in Malaysia! Not very good news!

Now take a look at the 2010 Bazi Chart again. To prevent you the hassles of scrolling up and down, I'm reproducing the Chart below for your convenience.

2010 Bazi Chart courtesy of Bazi Buzz

Do you see that the wood element makes up most of all the elements? There are also wood elements in the hidden stems. This dominant wood indicates strong competition. Lillian Too warned that even friends can become devious in the interests of surviving through a tough time, so be extra careful!

Now we all know wood needs water to grow. Since there is plenty of wood this year, but no water element at all, this means all the woods will be rotting woods! This indicates that anyone dealing in the wood industry (eg plantation, agriculture, publishing) will be in for lots of competitive pressures and a tough time!

In Chinese metaphysics, wood is said to destroy earth. Since wood element is dominant this year, that means earth energy will be unstable. Unstable earth energy leads to earthquakes! According to Lillian Too, earthquakes are likely to happen in the Northeast (China) and Southwest (South America) areas of the world.

Wow! Didn't the Haiti earthquake came a bit early? Perhaps that's an indication of more earthquakes to come throughout the year?

Earthquake aftermath in Haiti

The absence of water in the Bazi Chart means that we desperately need water elements this year. So anyone with water elements in his or her personal Bazi Chart will do better than those without. And water element businesses (eg banking, shipping, transport, fishing) will do well and therefore owners of such businesses can afford to take calculated risk.

If you are into stock market, Lillian said that water element stocks (eg oil, banks etc) will do well. Do take note of this!

To cure this absence of water, Lillian Too suggested that we surround ourselves with water! Wearing blue and black colour (which signifies water) clothings do help in changing the energy level so wear more of such colours this year. Guess I have no problem with this as blue is my favourite colour and it matches well with black!

Lillian also mentioned about the river from the Kunlun mountains in China which is believed to be the source of most rivers in South East Asian countries. It seemed that this river in Kun Lun was blocked thereby affecting the feng shui of South East Asian countries.

Kunlun Mountains courtesy of Cultural China

However, Singapore and Indonesia are spared as they are not connected to the river and besides, these two countries are surrounded by water! Now isn't that interesting!

Besides water industries, fire industries will also be doing well. This means most restaurants will be doing brisk business, entertainment industry will be reaping in the profits and the stock market looks promising for quick gains.

Talking about the stock market, the first half of the year will be better than the second half. Lillian Too warned that we should be careful during September and October when things would not look so good and advised us to stay away from the stock market during these two months. Western markets will do better than Asian markets, it seems.

Metal industries (eg jewellery, computers, airlines, mining) outlook is average for this year. Business approach would need creative strategies.

Earth industries (eg property, real estate, construction, hotels) does not look too good this year. There will be little wealth or profits, so there is a need to think at least of the medium term.

I have already mentioned about the Flying Stars in my post on Joey Yap's seminar, so I will not repeat it here. As most of you who are into feng shui would probably know by now, Joey Yap and Lillian Too differs in that Joey Yap is into classical feng shui whilst Lillian is more into new age feng shui. New age feng shui involves placing objects to cure afflictions or to activate good stars.

It will make this post too long if I mention about the cures so you may want to check out Lillian's recommendation here.

Now I have reach the exciting part. The part where Lillian reveals which VIP's life will be threatened in 2010. To do that, let's take a look at the Flying Star Chart 2010 below.

2010 Flying Stars Chart courtesy of wofs.com
Notice the number 9 at the Northwest sector. In Flying Stars, number 9 represents fire. The Northwest sector represents heaven's gate. This combination means fire at heaven's gate which is not auspicious.

According to Lillian Too, this combination also means danger to a leader. And since it's the Northwest sector (if you look at the world map, USA is at the Northwest sector), the leader in question would be none other than the current President of USA Barack Obama!

Lillian went one step further to check on Obama's life force and spirit essence. She was dismayed to find that Obama, whose astrological animal is Ox, has low life force and spirit essence this year!

For the uninitiated, life force indicates danger to one's life. If one has low life force, this means the danger to one's life is high. As for spirit essence, this indicates one's personal cosmic strength whether one will encounter spiritual obstacles. If your spirit essence is low, it is easy for you to be hurt by bad spiritual energies.

So will anything happen to Obama in 2010? Your guess is as good as mine.

But Lillian had this hope that Obama knew a little about feng shui and would probably have in his possession a few talismans or cures to protect himself from his life threatening afflictions. She even mentioned (or probably boasted a little) that he actually owned a talisman that came from her online feng shui mall! How about that!

Finally, the tips on how to win at casinos! Most casinos especially in Asia are heavily feng shui-ed to give advantage to the casino owners. In other words, once you go in there, you are almost guaranteed to lose money to them! Lillian gave us 3 tips. Now read carefully...

Tips #1 - DO NOT ENTER THROUGH THE FRONT MAIN ENTRANCE OF THE CASINO. You will most probably notice the fu dogs statues placed at the front entrance - these giant fu dogs are meant to eat you up! Lillian advised to enter via other entrances probably from the back. So if you take a cab to the casino, make sure you tell the cab driver not to drop you off at the main entrance. Instead instruct him to drop you at the parking area.

Tips #2 - When you gamble, DO NOT SIT DOWN! If you notice, the chairs inside casinos have holes at the back. This signifies no proper support. And the holes allow money to flow out! So when you gamble, stand up!

Tips #3 - Face your personal best direction. To know your good directions, you will need to know your KUA number. You can get your KUA number here. Your best direction is usually your success direction. In other words, when you go to the casino, please bring along a compass so that you know which direction to face when gambling!

So there you have it, 3 tips on how to win at casinos. However, Lillian gave us one last tip. Do you want to know what is her last tip? She called it bonus tip : )

Here it is....

Tips #4 (bonus tip) - The moment you win.......RUN!!! Haha.

Most gamblers continue to gamble even after winning hoping to win even more. However this rarely happens so leave the casino as soon as you win big. Good advice indeed.


Boat Paddling And Dead Trees At Lake Kenyir (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

It was time like this that I was really glad I wore a life jacket! But even though the life jacket could save my life, my camera and my handphone would never survive the water!

My friend saw the pool of water and assured me it was not the boat leaking. I could not believe he was that calm! I knew he could swim and I could not, but he did not have to be so damn calm about it.

I mean, we were somewhere in the middle of Lake Kenyir and I could not even see where the jetty was!

Look! I was so nervous I could not even take a decent picture. My thoughts were as blurred as this picture.

OK, I have to admit I may have over reacted a little bit, haha! The pool of water was not that big actually, and after paddling for some time, I noticed the water seeped in through a small hole at the side of the boat where my pedal was joined to my friend's pedal on the other side.

But that did not stop me from thinking that if we paddled long enough, the water leaking in would be enough to sink us. Of course, we could always bail the water out and judging by the slow rate of water leaking in, I would have no doubt about keeping the boat afloat. Haha, those were comforting thoughts indeed.

We reached the island we saw earlier and paddled round it.

Reaching the other side of the island, the Dead Trees were no longer in sight.

I noticed that the sun was about to set.

As we left the island behind us, I checked on the pool of water at my feet. I thought the pool was slightly bigger now though I could not be sure.

We saw another island ahead of us and my friend asked me whether I wanted to circle round that island as well.

I was thinking maybe we should head back to the jetty (wherever that was!) instead of paddling further away. I did not know how far we would have to travel going around that island!

Besides, we had clearly exceeded the one hour limit paddling on Lake Kenyir. Although we were given some flexibility on the time, thanks to the man who prepared our boat for us earlier, I did not know if he would be waiting at the jetty for us. It would not be so nice to keep him waiting too long, right?

And so we decided not to circle that island and headed back to the jetty although I was not quite sure if we were heading at the right direction. My sense of direction was pretty bad! LOL!

But along the way, both me and my friend were awed by the beautiful scenery of the lake.

Click on the photos for enlarged version.

The reflection of the sunset on the waters took my breath away! We paddled slower and took in the scenery.

In the beauty of that moment, I have forgotten about the boat leak. Even the thought about the man waiting for us at the jetty was no longer in my mind. I only knew there I was, with my friend and the whole of Lake Kenyir with the beautiful sunset in the sky.

My friend and I chatted about our blogging experience and our conversation extended to the topic about several bloggers we knew. If any of you bloggers wonder whether we talked about you, keep wondering 'cos I am not telling, haha! And please don't ask me who my blogger friend is 'cos I have promised him that I will not reveal his identity.

Soon, we saw the jetty ahead of us. I was a little sad that our boat paddling adventure was coming to an end.

I think I have bonded with my good blogger friend here. This must be one of my most memorable experience during my Lake Kenyir trip and the happy memories shall reside forever on this blog.

Coming Soon : My Paranormal Experience At Lake Kenyir (not for the faint hearted!!)


Boat Paddling And Dead Trees At Lake Kenyir (Part 1)

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After our enjoyable massage and late lunch of sandwiches, my friend and I decided to go for boat paddling at Lake Kenyir.

From Kenyir Resort, we took the buggy ride to a nearby jetty. Unlike my experience in Guilin, China, we were given life jackets to wear. Thank goodness! : )

This is the area where we wore our life jackets.....

.....while we waited for our boat to be ready.

We paid RM15 for an hour of boat paddling. We asked the man who was preparing our boat whether we would be charged if we exceeded the time limit, and he was kind enough to allow us to paddle longer than an hour without extra charge!

OK, here's another photo of my legs! Haha! There will be more in upcoming posts, so better get used to it! LOL!

My friend did the navigation and steering as I found that I was not very good at it! I tried to go forward but found us going reverse instead. I tried turning right but we turned left instead. Haha!

Well, better he navigate while I busied myself taking photos!

There was no one on the lake except us! Actually, I was kind of glad we had the whole lake to ourselves!

I saw an island and wanted to go round it!

But as we paddled further away from the jetty, we could see the famous Dead Trees of Lake Kenyir!

I wanted to go there! I have seen pictures of these Dead Trees before and had dreamed of visiting them, so finally my dream came true! In fact, I wanted to touch those trees with my hands!

So go island first or go Dead Trees first? We decided to go to the Dead Trees first!

I just realised that if we were to stop paddling, our boat would still move due to the movement of the water. Unfortunately, we were drifting away from the Dead Trees! So we had to paddle hard to get back on the right direction! That's a lot of hard work! Haha!

And then, I sighted something ahead.

It was a log! On no, we were approaching this giant log! My friend quickly tried to navigate away from this log.

But we were fast approaching it! The current seemed to be pushing us towards the log. Will we hit it? Oh no!!!

We paddled furiously and missed the giant log by one or two metres! I wondered if our boat would go the 'Titanic' way if we were to hit it! Phew!

And then, right before our eyes were the amazing legendary Dead Trees of Lake Kenyir!

The sight of the dead trees protruding above the water had a haunting effect on me. Even more so as there was no one around save for the two of us!

I wondered if we could go up close to those trees. Some of these dead trees were just below the water surface and they could make a dent to the bottom of our boat.

In the end, we just threw caution to the wind and navigated our boat closer.

I could almost touch this tree!

I touched this tree! Finally! I got to touch the Dead Trees of Lake Kenyir! Yay!

The Dead Trees were indeed a sight to behold! It seemed that these dead trees serve as a breeding ground for fresh water fish here as the algae growing on the trees act as food for the fishes.

It is no wonder that Lake Kenyir is well known for its abundance of fresh water fish!

I took a few more photos. I thought this tree below looked different from all the rest as it had stems and branches sprouting out.

After seeing enough, we decided to leave the Dead Trees area and circle the island we saw earlier.

As we headed towards the island, I noticed a pool of water below my feet. I was shocked. Was our boat leaking? Oh no!!!

To be continued...


Feng Shui 2010 According To Joey Yap

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To read my latest post FENG SHUI 2011 ACCORDING TO JOEY YAP, click HERE.

Warning : This is a very long post! But it is full of very useful information about what 2010 holds for you. You may want to take your time to read this very slowly especially if you are into feng shui!

Believe it or not, I attended both Lillian Too and Joey Yap's feng shui talks this year!

Although Lillian's feng shui talk was held one week earlier than Joey's, I decided to blog about Joey Yap's talk first as it's a matter of urgency.

Why so urgent? Well, that's because Joey had revealed a set of dates for you to activate your wealth stars and there is one date that is as early as next Monday, January 25th! So I do not want you, my dear readers who did not attend his talk to miss out!

Aptly titled "Succeeding In Turbulent Times", this one day seminar was held at Plenary Hall, KL Convention Centre on January 16th from 10am - 5pm.

The hall was packed to the brim! Joey Yap must be getting more and more popular because when I compare the same hall where Lillian Too held her seminar a week earlier, hers was barely three quarters full!

This is my first time attending Joey Yap's seminar and I must say I enjoyed it! Although he's not as funny as Lillian Too, he still made me laugh a lot with his jokes which were frequently peppered with Cantonese idioms and proverbs.

Now what is different with Joey Yap's seminar compared to Lillian Too's is that Joey also teaches us face reading which was rather interesting!

It would be impossible for me to mention everything that Joey talked about in his whole day seminar so let me first summarize the good and bad directions for 2010, the year of the metal tiger.

All the directions will take effect starting from February 4th 2010, so make sure you remember them! Why Febuary 4th? Because in feng shui practice, we follow the Chinese Solar Calendar and not the Lunar Calendar.

According to the Lunar Calendar, the first day of the new year which is celebrated as the Chinese New Year is on February 14th 2010. But in the Solar Calandar, February 4th marks the starting of spring called Li Chun.

2010 Flying Stars Chart courtesy of wofs.com

The Five Yellow which is highly feared, will fly into the Southwest sector of your house this year, so do not do renovation or make a lot of noise here. Doing so will activate the Five Yellow which will bring illness, misfortune, loss of wealth and even death.

If your bedroom is located in the Southwest or if you spend a lot of time in the Southwest corner of your home, then you will have to move out of that bedroom or at least spend less time there. If this is not possible, you can neutralise the negative energy by using more metal items in the area.

(To know the exact direction and sector in your house, stand in the middle of your house, and use a compass. Do not rely on the sun setting or rising as your direction as it is not accurate).

The Grand Duke (or Tai Sui) resides in the Northeast this year. Facing the Grand Duke will bring you misfortune so do not face Northeast especially when you are negotiating or having a very important meeting. You are sure to lose!

However, facing Southwest with Grand Duke behind you gives you good support! According to Joey Yap, if you want to have the upper hand in any negotiation, make sure you are standing or sitting with the Grand Duke behind you (facing Southwest) and let your rival or competitor faces the Grand Duke (Northeast) instead! Now isn't that wicked! Haha!

The Three Killings which bring bodily harm and robberies, accidents and health problems, reside in the North this year. You are supposed to face the Three Killings head on, so it is good to face North and not sit with the Three Killings behind you (ie facing South).

Also, avoid any form of renovation or groundbreaking in both the Grand Duke sector and The Three Killings sector to prevent any misfortune.

Of course, to skeptics and disbelievers, these may all sound like bullshit. The good news is you don't have to believe any of these at all! Just test it out for yourself! Instead of following the advice given above, you purposely do the opposite!

Go do some major renovations at the Southwest (Five Yellow), face the Northeast (Grand Duke) in all your negotiations, and purposely sit with the North (Three Killings) behind you during your working hours. And then let me know the result! Here's a warning though - do these at your own risk! I shall not be held responsible if anything happens to you. Haha!

By the way, the Grand Duke is not a deity as most people assumed. It is just a name given to a star which changes location every year. Thus, we have the name Flying Stars in feng shui. In the olden days, people are not exposed to science so they cannot understand about flying stars. To make it easier for them to comprehend, the word Grand Duke was used so they could relate it as a deity that they need to respect. They are advised not to face the Grand Duke or suffer the consequences!

I found Flying Stars to be very scientific and it is a very accurate way of predicting and measuring the good and bad energy of the house or building you stay in. However, the interpretation of the outcome is not as easy and that requires skills and practice. That's why feng shui to me, is as much science as it is art!

Now take a look at the Flying Stars Chart for 2010 again.

Do you notice the numbers 6, 8 and 1 from East to West? These numbers represent good name, wealth and recognition respectively. These are good numbers meaning for this year, any house that faces East or West enjoys good feng shui. If your house does not face East or West, you can still activate these good stars by placing water elements at any of these sectors.

Joey Yap took this a step further by getting us to superimpose the above chart onto our faces. If you do that, you will notice the number 8 will be right at your nose area. According to Joey, anyone with big or prominent nose will be able to gain wealth this year.

The only difference is if you have a big nose (like Jackie Chan), you will gain direct wealth by working and saving lots of money. If your nose is tall and fleshy, you will gain indirect wealth by investing your money. If your nose is flat and not prominent, sorry, better luck next time! Haha!

All is not lost however. You can always activate the star number 8 by placing water elements in the middle sector of your home.

Next, let me tell you about what Joey Yap mentioned about the year 2010. To do this, you will need to know a bit of this year's Bazi Chart.

A Bazi Chart is made up of 4 pillars (Hour, Day, Month, Year) which contain 8 characters. The top row is known as Heavenly Stems, and the second row is Earthly Branches. Below these two rows are what we called Hidden Stems.

2010 Bazi Chart courtesy of Bazi Buzz

In Chinese metaphysics, the world is made up of five elements namely, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood and Fire. From this 2010 Bazi Chart, you will see that there is no water element - not even one! Since water is in short supply in 2010, anyone with water element in his or her personal Bazi Chart will be better off this year than those who don't!

This also means that water element industry like banking, shipping, transportation and tourism will do well this year.

To know your personal Bazi Chart, you can either download it from Joey Yap's website or Lillian Too's website. You just need to enter your date and time of birth and the rest will be done for you! Remember to keep your personal Bazi Chart under lock and key - you are not supposed to reveal your chart to anyone!

So what does 2010 holds for us Malaysians according to Joey Yap? Read here as reported by The Star.

Finally, here are the important dates and times you will need to activate the chi or energy. Make sure you note these down and remember to act on them!

First, to activate the God Of Wealth star on Chinese New Year Day on February 14th 2010. Usually, Chinese people will invite the God Of Wealth on this day. However, Joey Yap said you can do the same thing without resorting to prayers and firecrackers if you don't want to.

All you need to do is to make a lot of noise like holding a party or switch on the music at the correct sector of your home and at the right time! Why does this work? Because God Of Wealth is not really a deity you invite to your house, but it's actually a star that you need to activate!

So the Chinese way of prayers and firecrackers in fact helps to activate this star!

This can be done by activating Southeast 3 or Northwest 3 sectors at any of the following time

11pm (Feb 13th) - 1am (Feb 14th)
3am - 5am
5am - 7am

The best time is 3am - 5am which is the Tiger hours.

Refer to the compass chart below to know where exactly is Southeast 3 and Northwest 3.

Compass direction courtesy of HenryFong.com
For more information on compass directions and its sub-divisions, read here.

Next, to activate wealth stars for money luck, there are three suitable dates.

1. Jan 25th 2010 3pm - 4.59pm Southwest 1 or Southwest 2 (except if you have Snake in your Bazi chart).

If you have Goat or Ox in your Bazi chart, you cannot activate Southwest 1. Go for Southwest 2 instead.

Warning! Activating this is extremely powerful and dangerous! This date is only suitable for those of you who are very sure you got your direction correct. If you are not sure, do not activate. Doing this wrongly will result in extreme calamity for you! In fact, I do not dare to attempt this - too risky! I think it's better to play it safe and choose options 2 or 3 unless you have nothing to lose in which case, go ahead!

2. Mar 26th 2010 5am - 6.59am Northwest or East (except if you have Snake in your Bazi chart)

3. June 9th 2010 7pm - 8.59pm Northwest, East or Southeast (except with Monkey in your chart)

To activate Nobility Star (ie helpful people) there are three dates you can choose.

1. Apr 4th 2010 7pm - 8.59pm East 2 or Northwest 3 (except with Tiger in your chart)

2. July 5th 2010 5pm - 6.59pm Northwest 3 or East 2 (except with Dog in your chart)

3. May 20th 2010 3pm - 4.59pm East 2
Only activate this third option if have serious problems to be resolved and you need a breakthrough in your life, otherwise choose option 1 or 2.

To activate Peach Blossom (ie relationship luck)

Apr 20th 2010 3pm - 4.59pm North (except with Horse in your chart)

Whether you need to activate the wealth star, the nobility star or the peach blossom, you can do so by simply rearranging your furnitures, redecorate the area or create some kind of activity or movement. The point is to move the chi and trigger the stars concerned.

You can also place water features at these areas but it is better to place them outside the house rather than inside. The water does not have to be moving water. It can be still water in a large urn or container which is deep, wide and exposed. Yes, the water need to be exposed to collect the chi so do not cover the urn or container.

By the way, you can even put in some fishes to eat up mosquitoes larvae if you do not want to be fined for breeding aedes mosquitoes. Either that, or change the water often.

Now if you are unlucky enough to have all those animals (highlighted in red) in your Bazi chart and therefore, cannot activate the stars as recommended, then sorry to say you would need to pay Joey Yap to help you choose other suitable dates! Haha!


All About Fast Food

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1. I don't like fast food. So don't ask me to eat McDonalds, KFC, PizzaHut, A&W, Dunkin Donuts, etc. etc. Well, I can still eat them once in a while since I'm a pretty flexible person, haha! But not every week please!

2. I have not eaten KFC for the past 10 years, believe it or not! Then that day, I broke my record and went to KFC for lunch! And I still didn't like it. I mean, their fried chickens were so small and simply not nice at all! I don't think I'll ever go there again!

3. Talking about fast food, I think I still prefer McDonalds although I hardly eat there. Well, I do like their curly fries and delicious sundae cone. And if I ever eat their fries, I always dip the fries NOT into the chili or tomato sauce....but into the sundae ice cream! If you have not tried my method of eating McD french fries, try it and tell me what you think! Just don't blame me if you get addicted to it! Haha!

4. By the way, do you know the six worst fast food burgers in the USA? McD is not in the list, thank goodness! Anyway, read about it here.

5. The only thing I like about A&W is their root beer and their ice cream waffles. Absolutely nothing else! Their coney dogs are fit for dogs, not humans! (Sorry for my sarcasm!)

6. I don't fancy donuts. And that's a huge surprise cos I have sweet tooth! I am simply not impressed with J Co or Krispy Kreme and I totally hate Dunkin Donuts! I wonder why Dunkin Donuts are still around! Give me cakes or toast with butter and kaya anytime! By the way, eat more Krispy Kreme if you fancy getting diabetes.

7. Cupcake chic? They are nice and delicious but totally not for those looking to lose weight! Although I'm not one of them but still, no thanks!

8. Pizza Hut is totally overrated. I don't really fancy pizza by the way, and they are so calorie laden they do absolutely nothing to reduce your waistline. Between Pizza Hut, Domino and Shakeys, I think I rather choose Domino. What about you? By the way, go for Shakeys if you want to increase your sodium intake and your blood pressure as well.

9. Would you dare to eat nothing but fast food for the next 30 days? A guy actually did it and was featured in the award winning documentary Super Size Me. As a result, he gained weight, increased his cholesterol levels, and experienced mood swings and sexual dysfunction! After that, he took 14 months to lose all the weight he gained from his experiment! Read all about it here.

10. I know a lot of people will hate me for this post especially the fast food industry people! But this is my blog and I think I have the right to say what I feel! You may not agree but please respect my right to express my opinion. Well, I used to like fast food when I was younger. Maybe, just maybe, it's because I am getting older. Either that, or I'm more health conscious nowadays. Oh well.... ; )


My Massage At Ulik Mayang Spa

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Looking at the Ulik Mayang Spa brochure, I was instantly captivated by its tagline "...where tranquil ambience rejuvenates the new you..."

The price was quite reasonable for a four-star resort too, so my friend and I did not hesitate to book for a session of body scrub treatment using lemongrass!

We were indeed fortunate that the Ulik Mayang Spa was just a short distance from our chalet. And the rain that poured for almost two hours stopped just in time for us to walk over there!

Waking up my friend from his enjoyable nap was not too difficult as he was eager to go for the massage. Haha!

This is the front entrance of Ulik Mayang Spa.

We were asked to leave our shoes outside. Stepping in, we were asked to sit down while they prepared the room.

The interior looked really comfortable to me.

By the way, I learnt that the name Ulik means to sing or murmur in a soft, calming way while Mayang is tied bunches of coconut blossoms that are used in traditional Malay treatment as a medium to free your mind and soul from evil spirits.

In other words, Ulik Mayang Spa is the place for you to ease your physical, mental and spiritual stress. What a lovely description!

I liked the intricate design of this wooden carving on the wall.

I could not wait for the body scrub treatment to start!

A while later, we were ushered into the massage room. We were each given a large towel and a disposable see-through underwear. I wondered why we need to wear that underwear when you can see through it. Haha!

As I was changing in the changing room, I was surprised to see my friend coming out of the bathroom clad only in his towel tied round his waist, and holding the underwear.

I asked why he was not wearing it. Guess what was his reply? He could not fit into that underwear. Haha! I could not help laughing! Hahaha!

He went out and requested for a larger underwear but unfortunately they only have one size fits all. So he had to make do without wearing any. Haha! Sorry my dear friend for laughing at you, but I could not help it - it's too amusing!

Jokes aside, I actually don't see what's the point of wearing that underwear. By wearing it, my butt would not get scrubbed! So maybe I should have asked for a discount since my butt was left out of the scrubbing exercise and was not as smooth as other parts of my body. LOL!

For the next 45 minutes, it was absolute bliss as we were scrubbed and massaged while soft, relaxing balinese music were being played.

The massage therapists were good with their hands. I could even smell the lemongrass which was one of the ingredients used in the scrub.

For those of you who have never gone to a spa before, do not worry about nudity. Only the body part that is being massaged will be exposed. The rest is covered with towels. Normally, the massage starts with your back and when you are requested to turn over, the massage therapist will hold the towel or sheet so you are covered when you turn over.

After the body scrub treatment was over, we went to take a shower to clean ourselves up and changed back to our clothes before being ushered to an area in the waiting room.

Here, we sat down on the comfortable chairs provided facing the lovely Kenyir Lake while sipping hot, soothing ginger tea.

Didn't I tell you there will be more photos of my legs? Haha!

And if that is not annoying enough, below are my friend's legs as well! LOL!

It was really nice sitting there enjoying my cup of ginger tea!

I thought the ambience was really nice here. The balcony overlooking Lake Kenyir was soothing to the eyes and to the senses. Now if only our chalet's balcony had a similar view!

We paid RM90 per person for this 45 minute body scrub treatment, which I though was quite reasonable.

We enjoyed it so much we decided to come back again the next day. They had a special herbal sauna and back massage promotion priced at RM75, and we did not hesitate to book for that! I will blog about our second massage in a future post.

After leaving Ulik Mayang Spa only did I realise that I was hungry! So we walked to Tembat Restaurant for our very late lunch.

We both ordered this sandwich dish which was not too bad, considering the horrible dinner we had the night before.

The plate of sandwiches and fries with mayonnaise sauce was however, quite pricey at RM19 but as long as it was tasty, I would not want to complain too much about the price!

After lunch, my friend and I went over to the counter and requested (no, insisted) for an a-la-carte dinner for the night. We did not want to pay RM45 again for the buffet like the night before.

The girl at the counter said she would talk to the manager about it and get back to us, so we just kept our fingers crossed!

Coming Up Next : My Boat Paddling Adventure At Lake Kenyir