My Visit To Phu Tay Ho In Hanoi

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If visiting temples during your travels is your kind of thing, then a visit to Phu Tay Ho in Hanoi should be included in your itinerary.

It was my last day in Hanoi and I was travelling solo. My friend had left the day before. Right after my tour of the Vietnam National Fine Arts Museum in the morning, I flagged down a taxi to take me to a part of Hanoi that I wanted to see badly - the West Lake area.

My first stop at West Lake was at Phu Tay Ho Temple.

 photo P1210892_zpso0guq2bt.jpg

That is the main entrance gate of the temple. My taxi driver did not stop in front of this temple but further off, and I had to walk quite a bit to reach here. It was OK as I did not mind walking and exploring the place.

Below is the same gate from the other side.

 photo P1210893_zps1jpsrx5q.jpg

Located on a peninsula in the middle of West Lake, the Tay Ho Temple was rather quiet during my visit. But I heard that it would get quite crowded during 1st and 15th days of each lunar month.

 photo P1210894_zpscsovqsul.jpg

The temple, also known as Tay Ho Pagoda, is not a Buddhist temple - neither is it a Confucius temple. It is actually dedicated to the Mother Goddess, Thanh Mau. 

 photo P1210895_zpskzprddba.jpg

Legend has it that sometime in the 17th century, the Mother Goddess appeared as a pretty girl to a fisherman on the lake, smiling and reciting poetry. However, she disappeared without a trace after that. The locals found out her real identity and decided to build Phu Tay Ho.

 photo P1210896_zpsdflpmovb.jpg

The main building of the temple, which is located on the left side after entering the main gate.

 photo P1210897_zpsgefhh846.jpg

Intricate carvings

 photo P1210898_zpsdlgkrnje.jpg

The Jade Emperor is also worshipped here, although he is deemed less important than the Mother Goddess.

 photo P1210899_zpsr4trg8gp.jpg

Not sure why, but I did not take any pictures inside the temple that day. Maybe that's a good thing because then you will visit this temple to have a look yourself rather than just reading from my blog haha!

 photo P1210910_zpskedtw5uy.jpg

I like the ambiance here - peaceful and quiet. Not many visitors and worshippers that day.

 photo P1210911_zpsyh4a9c4e.jpg

I like the shape of that roof with the dragon carvings!

 photo P1210913_zps78cdzbba.jpg

There were some Vietnam heritage trees in the temple compound, like this one.

 photo P1210902_zpseb5tqakf.jpg

It's called Ficus Benjaminal otherwise known as the Weeping Fig tree.

 photo P1210903_zpsnoyii5hb.jpg

 photo P1210904_zps09ufffkd.jpg

Look at this tree! It was slanting so much it needed supporting beams.

 photo P1210905_zpsi59imgnz.jpg

One good thing about this temple is you get to see the view of West Lake.

 photo P1210908_zpsazlxrdlb.jpg

Not sure what structure this is but it has two elephants at the bottom and two dragons at the top. Hanging from the middle is a bat-shaped axe.

 photo P1210917_zpsavtpla0v.jpg

Bats are regarded as auspicious objects as the word for bat and good fortune are homonyms in Chinese.

 photo P1210916_zpsfjbvefyb.jpg


 photo P1210920_zpsliapt30m.jpg


 photo P1210921_zpsgcp3lyxy.jpg

Walking towards the right side of the temple compound while enjoying the view of the lake.

 photo P1210923_zpsx2qcmpnx.jpg

Another heritage tree here - banyan tree.

 photo P1210924_zpskidoxsyd.jpg

This tree is so tall!

 photo P1210925_zpsdkt9inlh.jpg

Can you see a golden buffalo and its calf in the photo below?

 photo P1210928_zpsjhglca37.jpg

I forgot to take a close shot of the buffaloes! Apparently there's a legend surrounding these buffaloes but I was not too clear about it.

 photo P1210929_zpsonzc5tc0.jpg

Another temple building with lovely dragon carvings at the rooftop.

 photo P1210930_zpsm8xknjzs.jpg

Close shot of the rooftop carvings.

 photo P1210931_zpshrotyzcs.jpg

More photos ....

 photo P1210932_zpswtd9onbu.jpg

 photo P1210933_zpsimc1nkhy.jpg

 photo P1210934_zpsrxzhjmva.jpg

 photo P1210935_zpscrfklr3r.jpg

A giant bell and a carp. Not sure what they represents.

 photo P1210936_zpsp78v67mr.jpg

It was said that this giant bell is actually a replica of an even larger bell, which according to legend, when it was rung, the sound could be heard as far away as China!

 photo P1210937_zpsue0pkd3y.jpg

 photo P1210939_zpsbfqpizir.jpg

I took only about half an hour to complete my tour of Phu Tay Ho. Clearly, the temple was not very large but it was still a nice temple to visit.

 photo P1210940_zpsknp9pzai.jpg

There are actually many temples around West Lake. So expect me to go temple hopping! LOL!

 photo P1210942_zpsxgwmgyrb.jpg

Which temple would I be visiting next? Stay tuned!

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The Empress Of China Sub-Theme Song - The Secret Of Tears

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This is my piano version of the sub-theme song from Fan Bingbing's The Empress Of China (TVB version) called "The Secret Of Tears". Originally sung by Jinny Ng, I found this song to be extremely addictive! Hope you like it! : )

You can listen to my piano version of the main theme entitled Queen HERE.

If you like, do follow me on SoundCloud for all my other piano performances and recordings HERE.
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