2015 Chinese New Year Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

The Curve did something different this year. Instead of the usual Chinese New Year decorations, they set up a fishing village!

 photo P1270168_zpswnpkttzr.jpg

Called the Xi Yang Yang Fishing Village, it comes complete with sampan boats, fishes and a seafood restaurant!

 photo P1270170_zps3uyly4os.jpg

Yes, there were live fishes inside the man-made 'sea'.

 photo P1270171_zpsui6p0krh.jpg

I thought the fishing village theme was rather unique and interesting.

 photo P1270172_zpsiykzlqdq.jpg

Wooden platforms and houses with zinc roofs made this looked like a real fishing village!

 photo P1270175_zpsczc0uejv.jpg

 photo P1270177_zpskecji5lp.jpg

 photo P1270178_zpsaqvlf7cm.jpg

A seafood restaurant by the name of 'Prosperity'.

 photo P1270183_zpsro8vvcol.jpg

What do you think of the Chinese New Year decorations at The Curve this year?

 photo P1270188_zpsv8u3v5h1.jpg

I have to give The Curve top marks for this unique idea of a fishing village in the middle of the shopping mall!

 photo P1270197_zpsdutwhenk.jpg

Next, I went to Sunway Pyramid.

 photo P1270214_zps2nv19hi6.jpg

In line with the theme "Cheery Wooly Spring" there were lots of fluffy sheep in different sizes and colour!

 photo P1270216_zpsti3qvaqi.jpg

I saw some recycled items from last year, but I guess that was to be expected. Check out last year's Chinese New Year decorations at Sunway Pyramid HERE.

 photo P1270217_zpsyvs2cdqf.jpg

I was not particularly impressed with the decorations at Sunway Pyramid this year.

 photo P1270218_zps7evnvkdm.jpg

The sheep may look cute and all, but I really think only kids and small children will like them. What about you?

 photo P1270219_zpsvufuejzy.jpg

Lastly, I checked out the Chinese New Year decorations at One Utama. I was a little apprehensive as I was still reeling from the shock and disappointment of their extremely poor Christmas decoration last year.

 photo P1270293_zpsehl0jt8u.jpg

But I have to say, this year's Chinese New Year decorations were not too bad! Definitely can't beat the grandeur of Pavilion, or the uniqueness of The Curve, but I do think they are better than the sheep at Sunway Pyramid.

 photo P1270299_zps0bcaov17.jpg

At the centre is the God Of Prosperity and he is surrounded by four other deities which symbolize the four different seasons.

 photo P1270297_zpshmhdiwn0.jpg

A closer shot of the God Of Prosperity.

 photo P1270303_zps4kmawric.jpg

The decorations behind the God Of Prosperity.

 photo P1270306_zps7xx9aewy.jpg

The other two deities on the left and right of the God of Prosperity.

 photo P1270309_zpsi9o2e5y8.jpg

I thought the decorations this year were rather interesting but nothing too impressive.

 photo P1270312_zpsta3nxplk.jpg

It's too bad I did not have the time to visit all the other shopping malls in the Klang Valley. I did however visited Paradigm Mall and Tropicana City Mall but the decorations at these two malls were so bad that I did not bother to take any pictures.

 photo P1270318_zps59uvsb6x.jpg

You may want to compare this year's Chinese New Year decoration at One Utama with last year's HERE. Which one do you prefer?

 photo P1270316_zpseehkpci3.jpg

Out of the five major shopping malls covered in Part 1 and Part 2 - Pavilion KL, Suria KLCC, The Curve, Sunway Pyramid and One Utama - which one do you think has the best Chinese New Year decorations this year?

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2015 Chinese New Year Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 1)

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This year, I am a little late in posting about the Chinese New Year decorations in the Klang Valley. But better late than never, right?

Even though the Chinese New Year holidays are over for most people in Malaysia, the celebration continues till the 15th day. As such, I don't think it's too late to take a look at some of the decorations this year.

However, I did not get to visit many shopping malls unlike last year, so this time I shall cover just five major shopping malls in Klang Valley.

Let's begin with Pavilion KL. The Chinese New Year decorations here were impressively stunning as expected. Lots of red lanterns adorned the main entrance of this high-end shopping mall.

 photo P1270230_zpsgabtzm8c.jpg

As you step into the mall, you can see burgeoning flowers and red lanterns in front leading towards the Main Concourse.

 photo P1270267_zpshm007ux6.jpg

From the top of the stairs, the sight of a giant Golden Goat took centre stage.

 photo P1270233_zpsucgcyl6n.jpg

Dubbed the biggest goat replica in the Malaysia Book Of Records, this giant golden goat stands at 9.1 metres tall.

 photo P1270235_zpscfekduzq.jpg

I marvelled at the LED-lighted peonies as I walked down the stairs towards the Main Concourse.

 photo P1270237_zps2wgifjxf.jpg

The theme for this year is "Peak Of Prosperity". Standing majestically, the Goat signifies triumph and opulence.

 photo P1270245_zpslnly2arz.jpg

I circled round the Centre Court on higher floors to take different shots of the Goat and the beautiful red lanterns.

 photo P1270249_zpsrleuep7a.jpg

 photo P1270254_zpsb8ipagef.jpg

 photo P1270257_zpsbn9c6y6t.jpg

Is this God Of Prosperity?  So cheerful!

 photo P1270247_zpsrujecsgf.jpg

Lots of dazzling peonies!

 photo P1270242_zps2nab01w4.jpg

There's a big prosperity cat - Maneki Neko - at the main entrance, welcoming visitors to the shopping mall. Hopefully, this big prosperity cat will bring in even more customers and fortune to Pavilion KL!

 photo P1270270_zpsigrl9e0d.jpg

Overall, I think the decorations at Pavilion KL were pretty impressive! What about you?

Next, I went over to Suria KLCC.

 photo P1270271_zpsetslzy9w.jpg

I could not remember exactly the theme for this year but it definitely has something to do with drums.

 photo P1270272_zpstrxngjic.jpg

Maybe it was 'Rhythm Of Prosperity' or something.

 photo P1270275_zpsmam7muc4.jpg

 photo P1270276_zpsyhyrfsxf.jpg

 photo P1270286_zpszvxzmfov.jpg

A closer shot of one of the drums at the front pillar.

 photo P1270289_zpslgwpdu25.jpg

Outside at the Esplanade, there was a tall circular structure with red lanterns hanging.

 photo P1270282_zpsdmvjc3ji.jpg

I love the view of the red lanterns with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers in the background.

 photo P1270283_zps8w5jcn1q.jpg

Do you like the Chinese New Year decorations at Suria KLCC?

 photo P1270284_zpsphaavcan.jpg

You may want to compare this year with last year's Chinese New Year decorations at Pavilion KL HERE and at Suria KLCC HERE. Which did you prefer?

In Part 2, I shall cover the Chinese New Year decorations at One Utama, The Curve and Sunway Pyramid, so stay tuned!

To be continued ....

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