Cafe Hopping

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Cafe hopping is a trend in Malaysia nowadays especially amongst hipsters and young people. It simply means going from one cafe to another - practically trying out every cafe in town!

Is it any wonder that cafes are mushrooming everywhere to cater to these weird habits of young Malaysians? Even the not so young people are catching the cafe hopping fever. I would be lying if I were to tell you that I do not cafe hop. I do, but I don't do the extreme, that is, visiting several cafes in a day. I did that once though with a group of friends and it was fun! We visited 7 different cafes in a single day! Crazy! Not to be repeated any time soon!

I guess if you were to visit one cafe a day, you could still be considered cafe hopping. It's just that you hop from one cafe to another but on different days! Usually, I prefer to spend a few hours in one cafe to make my money worth it LOL! What about you?

Anyway, whether you cafe hop or not, I have decided to compose a song about cafe hopping! Am I the first person in the world to write a song on cafe hopping? I think so and I hope so too. Haha! I am not sure that when you listen to this song, you  will be able to imagine yourself hopping from one cafe to another.

If you do, great. If not, then just enjoy the music! :)

Note : This work and recording is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. 

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Searching For Nuttaporn Ice Cream In Bangkok

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Looking for old-fashioned, Thai ice cream in Bangkok not found in trendy shopping malls? Let me introduce you to Nuttaporn ice cream - the ice cream worth traveling all the way for!

I have been to Bangkok so many times that I no longer get excited with popular tourist places (although I don't mind visiting them again).  Instead for my last few trips, I had been going off the tourist trail quite a bit.

One example of this is the amazing Erawan Museum (I'm still surprised no one ever mention about this museum to me before) and the other is Wat Ratchabophit which I visited before I went on this search for the Nuttaporn ice cream shop.

Anyway, I could not remember exactly how I find the ice cream shop, but walking from Wat Ratchabophit, my friend and I crossed a canal.

 photo P1250459_zpswhov6x1k.jpg

Maybe we did not have to cross the canal (haha!) but we did anyway and we walked alongside the canal until we came upon this road junction with some kind of construction work going on at the building in front. It so happened I took this shot of the tuk tuk passing by.

 photo P1250464_zpsfix3zqtf.jpg

Following a map that I was carrying with me, we reached Phraeng Phuthon.

 photo P1250473_zpsbgckhnql.jpg

With the sight of this sign board, I was sure we were on the right track.

 photo P1250474_zpsdsagnoha.jpg

Walking along the alley, we seemed to be transported to a quiet place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Bangkok.

 photo P1250472_zpsfe4iyyco.jpg

At the end of the alley we turned left. There was a row of shophouses here - all of them mostly with yellow painted walls and dark green windows. Some of them looked like shops selling noodles. Others seemed to be selling other wares, but none of them fit the image of an ice cream shop, at least to me.

 photo P1250471_zps6x5urgeu.jpg

And then we found it!

 photo P1250470_zpslwchae3b.jpg

How did we know? Well, I saw this chalkboard hanging on the front wall. Bingo!

 photo P1250469_zpsemqgdwnz.jpg

It's actually a corner shop lot. The building looks old and run down, but that did not deter us from asking for the ice cream.

I learnt that it was a family business and they have been selling ice cream for more than 60 years, or about 3 generations! Wow.

 photo P1250468_zps7zjxcrpw.jpg

Nuttaporn ice cream are no-frills ice cream and they come in limited flavours - coconut milk, mango, chocolate, coffee, Thai tea, and durian. So please do not expect a Haagen Dazs or Swensen type of ice cream here.

My friend and I decided to go for the coconut and the mango ice cream. I wanted to try the durian but was told it was not in season. Damn!  We could add toppings like peanuts, corn, lotus seeds, red beans and more for 5 baht per topping, but we decided to go without the toppings so as to be able to taste the ice cream plain.

 photo P1250467_zpsjr4gfslx.jpg

The coconut milk ice cream was yummy! Priced at 20 baht, it was made completely from fresh coconut milk - no cow milk added.

 photo P1250466_zpsma0cm4nv.jpg

The mango ice cream was super delicious! Priced at 30 baht for 4 scoops, it felt as if one was eating mango smoothies!

Definitely no regrets coming all the way here to taste old fashioned Thai ice cream! If you are like me, and want to go off the usual tourist spots, I highly recommend a visit to Nuttaporn ice cream shop!

 photo Map_zpsxcavwaxh.png

Nuttaporn Ice Cream
94 Phraeng Phuthon Square,

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