My Visit To Fort Cornwallis

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Fort Cornwallis is a famous historical tourist attraction in George Town, Penang.

During my second day in Penang, I visited this fort which is the largest standing fortress in Malaysia. It is located near the Esplanade and next to the Victoria Memorial Clock. Some people may think it's not a place worth visiting, but I feel that I must visit it at least once in my life.

 photo P1220401_zpscf6108c3.jpg

If it is your first time in Penang, you should also give Fort Cornwallis a visit. Entrance fee is only RM2.

By the way, Fort Cornwallis is named after the late 18th century Governor-General in Bengal, Charles Cornwallis. The design of the fort is therefore similar to other British forts in India, albeit at a smaller scale.

Originally built by Captain Francis Light for the British military, Fort Cornwallis however, has never engaged in any battle.

This is the entrance drawbridge to Fort Cornwallis. It was originally surrounded by a moat as most forts are, but the moat is no longer there. Perhaps they have covered it up for some reason.

 photo P1220403_zps39581851.jpg

In the distance, I could see the Fort Cornwallis Lighthouse. It is the second oldest lighthouse in Malaysia - second only to the lighthouse in Tanjung Tuan, Melaka. Interestingly, the lighthouse resembles a ship's mast, and it is the only lighthouse in Peninsular Malaysia not serving any navigational purpose.

 photo P1220405_zps80e1ceee.jpg

Inside the fort, I could see an old white colour building - it's the Gunpowder Magazine.

 photo P1220407_zpsc0641d86.jpg

I went into the Gunpowder Magazine to take a snapshot.

 photo P1220413_zpsa54e0f42.jpg

The steps leading back outside.

 photo P1220414_zpsd5e8ec7c.jpg

There were several bronze cannons lining the perimeter of the fort.

 photo P1220411_zpsd450a67c.jpg

But the largest and most famous cannon is the Dutch cannon called Sri Rambai. Some locals believe that this cannon possess magical powers - women who place flowers on the barrel will improve their fertility!

 photo P1220409_zpsfb9f6dd1.jpg

Standing there, I could imagine firing this cannon at ships coming in from the sea.

 photo P1220410_zps8595c012.jpg

Another smaller cannon inside the fort.

 photo P1220412_zpsc36b66a5.jpg

I walked towards the lighthouse but it was all locked up. I thought I could climb the lighthouse but I guess I was not in luck.

 photo P1220415_zps785b25be.jpg

A statue of Captain Francis Light in honour of the man who built Fort Cornwallis.

 photo P1220418_zpsa3946e42.jpg

There was a tourist information kiosk, a history gallery and a souvenir centre here but I did not take any photos of them.

 photo P1220421_zps537c7f57.jpg

I had no regrets visiting Fort Cornwallis, but climbing the steps up to that lighthouse would have made my visit more complete.

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Walking The Streets Of George Town (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Walking along Love Lane, I soon reached the junction of Farquhar Street. On my right I saw a church. It's called the Church of the Assumption.

 photo P1220358_zpscbe1dfd0.jpg

Crossing over to Light Street, I saw the Convent Light Street on my left. It is reportedly the oldest girls' school in Penang and in Malaysia.

 photo P1220360_zps2be76b8f.jpg

This is the Court Buildings along Light Street. By the way, Light Street was named after Captain Francis Light, the founder of George Town.

 photo P1220361_zps83daeeed.jpg

Further along Light Street, I reached the Logan Memorial, a monument erected in the memory of James Richardson Logan.

 photo P1220363_zpsc2329b45.jpg

James Logan was a lawyer who championed the rights of the non-Europeans in Penang.

 photo P1220367_zpsab694a81.jpg

This is the Supreme Court building on the opposite side of the road.

 photo P1220369_zps38224a9d.jpg

Leaving the Logan Memorial behind, I turned left into Jalan Padang Kota Lama.

 photo P1220370_zpsb5cad9b8.jpg

Here, I saw the Town Hall building which faces an open field known as Padang Esplanade.

 photo P1220373_zps21eda34d.jpg

Next to the Town Hall, I saw this weird looking structure.

 photo P1220374_zpsaa8e709d.jpg

The structure, made from bamboo poles, resembles a ship. Or does it look more like a wicker basket?

 photo P1220376_zps0af4cf95.jpg

I soon learnt that it was an art installation called The Theatre Of Ships by Indonesian artist Joko Dwi Avianto. It celebrates the glorious past of theatres and the performing arts in Penang. It's also part of the George Town Festival 2013 project to commemorate the inscription of George Town as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 photo P1220377_zps996f3b5e.jpg

I took a closer look at the bamboo structure. Quite unique looking, no?

 photo P1220378_zpsbee75aa1.jpg

It was actually built over the City Hall's canteen between Town Hall and City Hall.

 photo P1220379_zps7822b0aa.jpg

Do take note that this structure may be gone by now as these photos were taken during my Penang trip back in July 2013. Any Penangnites reading this know if it's still there?

Next to the Theatre Of Ships is the City Hall of George Town. There seemed to be some kind of renovation going on.

 photo P1220384_zps7825c5f7.jpg

In front of the City Hall building is the gate entrance to Padang Esplanade.

 photo P1220385_zpsb22ac6ef.jpg

MPPP stands for Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang or Municipal Council Of Penang

 photo P1220390_zps534ff680.jpg

Nearby at the Esplanade, is the Cenotaph, a war memorial erected by the British to remember those who died in World War I.

 photo P1220391_zps705fcb49.jpg

Did you know that the Cenotaph was destroyed in World War II and was rebuilt after the war?

 photo P1220392_zpsf14a8861.jpg

I walked along the esplanade enjoying the sea view and the waves lapping on the shore.

 photo P1220397_zps6cc5d9f9.jpg

The weather was a little hazy. And I thought I had escaped the haze in Kuala Lumpur!

 photo P1220400_zps8f10246e.jpg

A solitary boat in the sea.

 photo P1220399_zps9f26afcf.jpg

I visited the nearby Fort Cornwallis, a tourist attraction in Penang, but since that will involve a whole post by itself, I will not mention about it here.

After leaving Fort Cornwallis, I walked towards Pengkalan Weld. I passed by the Swettenham Pier.  It is the berthing place for cruise liners that call on George Town.

 photo P1220426_zps661e8b72.jpg

I could not believe I walked the whole stretch of Pengkalan Weld! Well, not really the whole stretch but a big part of the stretch. Soon, I saw another pier - the Church Street Pier.

 photo P1220427_zps9981c061.jpg

Built in 1897, the Church Street Pier is a heritage pier.

 photo P1220428_zps68726595.jpg

Beside the pier is a Nyonya and Hainanese cuisine restaurant. Did not step into this restaurant - wonder if it's any good.

 photo P1220431_zps67fa284f.jpg

There is a marina connected to the Church Street Pier - it's known as Tanjong City Marina. However, I think it was no longer in use. Wonder what happened to it.

 photo P1220432_zps935ecc43.jpg

Opposite Tanjong City Marina is Wisma Kastam, previously known as the Malayan Railway Building.

 photo P1220433_zps73823b46.jpg

There is a very interesting story behind this building and it's something to do with feng shui. It appeared that when the British built the Malayan Railway Building, it blocked the sea view from the Kuan Yin Teng Temple, thus disrupting the prosperity of the Chinese community at that time.

And to make things worse, a clock tower was built atop the building facing the temple. This was a very inauspicious sign to the Chinese, as if telling them that their time is up!

This green colour building attracted my attention. It's Wisma MTT which houses the income tax office if I am not mistaken.

 photo P1220434_zps3660c0a8.jpg

It was almost time to check out of my hotel so I had to stop admiring any more buildings in George Town and rush back. I did not know how I ended up at Magazine Road, but there I was, taking snapshot of a row of shophouses.

 photo P1220435_zps99d76041.jpg

No, I was not leaving Penang. It was just my second day remember? I had to check out of my current hotel at Kinta Lane and check in to another hotel at Gurney Drive for a change of scenery. LOL!

It had been an enjoyable morning walking around the streets of George Town. There were still a lot of places that I had not covered. If I ever visit Penang in future, I will not hesitate to do this all over again!

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