Time For A Holiday Break!

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I sorely needed a break, so it's time to go traveling again! By the time you read this post, I am already having my holidays outside Malaysia.

This time, I just want a relaxing holiday, nothing too adventurous. That means there will be some shopping, which I don't do much while traveling. Also, this time I prefer to revisit places I have been before rather than visit new places, although that won't stop me from exploring some new places of course!

Since I will be doing some shopping, I thought it's the perfect time to get some souvenirs for my readers. But I can't be buying souvenirs for everyone, so I shall have a contest. The first TWO people who answer the travel-related questions below correctly will win the souvenirs.

Here are the questions ....

1. Where am I going for my holidays? Name the country and the city or town.

2. Where did I buy something 'naughty' in Hong Kong?

3. In which year did I visit Terminal 21 in Bangkok and took loads of pictures of the mall's toilets?

Can't answer them? No worries, I have provided some hints for you below. All you need is just a little detective work and you will have no problem getting the answers.

Hints for Question 1 : I have been to this country back in 2013, and I am still blogging about it now!

Hints for Question 2 : Just click HERE.

Hints for Question 3 : Just click HERE.

That's it. Easy peasy, right? :)

Now, for a BONUS QUESTION. What? Didn't think I will give a bonus question? LOL!
But, wait .... I have not one, not two, but THREE BONUS QUESTIONS. I am feeling generous. Hahaha! There will be THREE winners for these bonus questions. The first person to get the correct answer to any one of these questions will win a souvenir from me.

1. What did I eat on board my AirAsia flight from KL?

2. Where did I visit during the afternoon of 25th March 2015?

3. What did I have for lunch on 26th March 2015?

Hint : I do not know the answers myself (with the exception of Question 1 as I had pre-ordered my meal online) as they have yet to happen! LOL! To get the answer, you will need to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I will be posting about them on all three social networks, especially Instagram. Yes the pictures will be on Instagram first, then Twitter and lastly Facebook. Hehe.

To follow me on Twitter, click HERE.
To follow me on Facebook, click HERE.
To follow me on Instagram, just add my username foongpc.

GOOD LUCK and Have FUN!! :)

1. This contest is open to Malaysians only. (Sorry to my international readers!)

2. You can choose to answer :
a) Questions 1-3 only or
b) Any 1, 2 or all 3 Bonus Questions only or
c) both Questions 1-3 plus any one of the Bonus Questions or
d) ALL the questions in this contest!

3. If you are a winner for Questions 1-3, you can still be a winner for the Bonus Questions and vice versa. However, if you are a winner to one of the Bonus Questions, you cannot be a winner for the other two Bonus Questions.

4. The contest closes on 30th March at 12pm sharp.

5. The winners will be announced in this blog on 31st March.

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The B-52 Bomber At Huu Tiep Lake In Hanoi

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Do you ever get off the beaten track when you travel? I always like to do that, and in fact, I did just that while traveling in Hanoi and it was all just to find that famous downed B-52 Bomber, a remnant from the Vietnam War.

To get to the site of the B-52 wreck - which is in the middle of Huu Tiep Lake - you need to navigate through narrow streets which cannot possibly fit a car or a taxi. So, to avoid getting lost, I did the next best thing. I hired a Xe-Om driver.

 photo P1210699_zpshywiibad.jpg

Xe-Om (pronounced as say ohm) is what Vietnamese referred to as motorcycle taxis. Xe-Om actually means 'hug the driver' but I can assure you I did no such thing although I'm pretty sure you can do that if you want to. LOL!

It's quite safe actually (helmet is provided) if you do not mind seeing cars zooming past and missing you by inches, that is! Oh wait ... in actual fact, I think it was me and the xe-om driver who zoomed past most cars by inches, haha!

How did I capture the photo above? Simple, I put my left hand on his shoulder to balance myself while my right hand held the camera and snapped away! Definitely no time to do any hugging LOL!

One word of caution when you engage a xe-om driver : Make sure you negotiate the price with him before hand, otherwise you might find yourself arguing with him over the price later.

Anyway, this friendly driver led me down some narrow lanes before we finally reached Huu Tiep Lake. Don't know where Huu Tiep Lake is? Just use Google Map and search for the words "Ho Huu Tiep".

But even with Google Map, getting there is pretty tricky. Be prepared to get lost unless of course, you do what I did - hire a xe-om driver! :)

 photo P1220006_zps9rvyy4sg.jpg

So there it was - the B-52 bomber wreckage with part of it sticking out of the lake! This downed plane was part of the biggest ever bombing campaign (nicknamed "Operation Linebacker II") by US President Nixon before the American troops withdrew from Vietnam.

The plane was probably shot down during the Christmas bombings in December 1972.

 photo P1220004_zpstevypjuh.jpg

History aside, I was not too impressed and even think it's overrated as a tourist attraction. The lake was just a small, somewhat dirty lake surrounded by residential buildings. But then again, this is an important part of history, so it's still worth a visit, at least once in your life!

 photo P1220003_zpsgvgkm89s.jpg

Note : My post on the Temple Of Literature is put on hold temporarily as I have too many photos and too little time to edit them. I look forward to update that post soon! 

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