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I did not have the time to come out with a new post today so I decided to share my latest piano composition with my readers.

And the title of the song? It's called Untitled.

Why Untitled? Well, that's because I could not think of a title for my song! Haha! Maybe you can help me name this song after listening to it. Do tell me what this song reminds you of.

Go ahead. Click the Play button and enjoy!

Note: This work and recording is copyrighted. All Rights Reserved. 

My Hanoi trip posts will resume next week. Meantime, Happy Friday and have a good weekend, everyone! :)
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My Dinner @ Rakuzen Japanese Restaurant In Tropicana City Mall

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A few weeks ago, my family and I went to Rakuzen at Tropicana City Mall for a family dinner.

 photo P1260614_zpsdfc4a3ee.jpg

Knowing that this famous restaurant is always full especially during dinner time, we booked a private room in advance.

 photo P1260617_zpsd208e874.jpg

First, we ordered the Pari Pari Kani Salada. It's actually Crab Meat and Flying Fish Roe Salad with Chef's Special Dressing priced at RM28.00 / US$8.60

 photo P1260618_zps4e9a3b10.jpg

The salad was yummy! The sauce made it especially delicious. I could not get enough of it! This dish was shared amongst us, but next time I think I will order the whole plate for myself. LOL!

 photo P1260620_zpsc06c0e89.jpg

I could not decide what to order (too many choices in the menu!) but in the end I settled for Yakiniku Zen, a Grilled Beef Set priced at RM36.00 / US$11.00.

 photo P1260623_zpsd04b18fc.jpg

I was glad that I did not regret choosing this dish. The beef slices were tender and juicy. Love it!

 photo P1260632_zps572d6861.jpg

And the Chawanmushi was delicious.

 photo P1260628_zps933448f3.jpg

The following were what my family members ordered for themselves.

Nabeyaki Udon RM23.00 / US$7.00

 photo P1260626_zps397dd3ce.jpg

Yakizakana Zen (Grilled Fish Set)  RM28.00 / US$8.60

 photo P1260633_zps36108c2e.jpg

I tried a little bit of this grilled saba (mackerel) and I had to say it was yummy! Don't mind ordering this for myself next time.

 photo P1260635_zps1fa437f3.jpg

Gindara Zen (Grilled Silver Cod Set) RM38.00 / US$11.60

 photo P1260636_zps1907e526.jpg

Did not try this cod fish but I was pretty sure it was delicious.

 photo P1260639_zps7e634e9d.jpg

We also ordered some garlic rice but I had forgotten to take a picture of it.

Lastly, Chicken Katsujyu Zen priced at RM28.00 / US$8.60

 photo P1260641_zps907a688b.jpg

Looks yummy right? But surprisingly my brother who ordered this said it was just OK only.

 photo P1260640_zpsce5e016d.jpg

The service here was not bad, and the environment pretty good too. I would say the food were a little pricey, but other than that, I am giving two thumbs up to Rakuzen. Can't wait to dine at this Japanese Restaurant again. Who wants to join me? : )

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