My Second Hanoi Trip

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It's unbelievable that 5 days passed by so fast. With a blink of the eye, I was back from my second Hanoi trip. My first trip was back in March 2013, just 2 years ago. Since that first trip, I had promised myself to revisit this charming city - and that's exactly what I did.

I have to say, this second trip was even more enjoyable than my first one. I'm now missing Hanoi badly but I guess there will always be future trips! I shall blog about this trip soon, but believe it or not, I have to first finish blogging about my Hanoi trip from 2 years ago! LOL!

Anyway, the purpose of today's blog post is to announce the winners of my Contest which I posted before I flew to Hanoi for my holidays. So, without further delay, here are the answers to my questions.

Question 1 : Where am I going for my holidays? Name the country and the city or town.
Answer : Hanoi, Vietnam

Question 2 : Where did I buy something 'naughty' in Hong Kong?
Answer : The Ladies Market in Mongkok

Question 3 : In which year did I visit Terminal 21 in Bangkok and took loads of picture of the mall's toilets?
Answer : 2012

Congrats to the following first two persons who answered my questions correctly! Please email me your address so that I can send you the souvenirs ASAP. My email is Thank you.

The 2 winners are :
1. Mariuca
2. Ishmael Ahab (not supposed to qualify since you are not from Malaysia, but lucky you, I am changing the rules due to insufficient participants)

This time, I was feeling generous and had 3 Bonus Questions for my readers. Here are the answers to the three Bonus Questions.

Bonus Question 1 : What did I eat on board my AirAsia flight from KL?
Answer : Bukhara Briyani Rice

Bonus Question 2 : Where did I visit during the afternoon of 25th March 2015?
Answer : Tam Coc

Bonus Question 3 : What did I have for lunch on 26th March 2015?
Answer : Bun Bo Nam Bo

Unfortunately, not many readers gave these Bonus Questions a try. Anyway there are 2 winners.

The 2 winners are :
1. Mariuca (answered Bonus Question 1 correctly)
2. Merryn Tan (answered all Bonus Questions correctly, but there can only be 1 prize. However, I am giving you 2 souvenirs since you attempted all the questions!)

Congrats! Email me your address to Thank you!

Since I will not be blogging about this Hanoi trip so soon (I need to complete my 2013 Hanoi trip first!) I shall just show you some pictures I took as a preview of what is to come.

 photo P1270934_zpsektl7vmm.jpg
Boat ride along the scenic river in Tam Coc

 photo P1280039_zpsiapjbfyk.jpg
Awesome ca phe trung (egg coffee) at Giang Cafe

 photo P1280127_zpsgjxqioht.jpg
Plane and Flag Tower at the Vietnam Military History Museum

 photo P1280058_zpsyib0hwam.jpg
Night scene from the Coffee Club after the rain

 photo P1280403_zpsgnib2wfi.jpg
Inside St Joseph's Cathedral (Nha Tho Lon)

 photo P1280224_zpsiqouexvs.jpg
Bizarre display of giant fruits with lopsided furnitures at Ho Chi Minh Museum

 photo P1280420_zpsu7sbmbvz.jpg
Walking the Long Bien Bridge is quite an unforgettable experience!

 photo P1280715_zpsrgwdhydb.jpg
Statues of man and woman showing off their private parts at Jarai Tomb House attracted lots of attention at the amazing Museum Of Ethnology

 photo P1280946_zps6ixf2yxp.jpg
Night view of Hanoi streets from the open rooftop of City View Cafe

 photo P1280106_zpshiihbpvl.jpg
One interesting cafe in Hanoi - Puku Cafe at Tong Duy Tan street

I do hope that my photos got you hooked and maybe inspire you to book your next holiday in Hanoi. Well, you can bet that I will go visit Hanoi again and again. Stay tuned for my future posts on this wonderful city!

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Time For A Holiday Break!

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I sorely needed a break, so it's time to go traveling again! By the time you read this post, I am already having my holidays outside Malaysia.

This time, I just want a relaxing holiday, nothing too adventurous. That means there will be some shopping, which I don't do much while traveling. Also, this time I prefer to revisit places I have been before rather than visit new places, although that won't stop me from exploring some new places of course!

Since I will be doing some shopping, I thought it's the perfect time to get some souvenirs for my readers. But I can't be buying souvenirs for everyone, so I shall have a contest. The first TWO people who answer the travel-related questions below correctly will win the souvenirs.

Here are the questions ....

1. Where am I going for my holidays? Name the country and the city or town.

2. Where did I buy something 'naughty' in Hong Kong?

3. In which year did I visit Terminal 21 in Bangkok and took loads of pictures of the mall's toilets?

Can't answer them? No worries, I have provided some hints for you below. All you need is just a little detective work and you will have no problem getting the answers.

Hints for Question 1 : I have been to this country back in 2013, and I am still blogging about it now!

Hints for Question 2 : Just click HERE.

Hints for Question 3 : Just click HERE.

That's it. Easy peasy, right? :)

Now, for a BONUS QUESTION. What? Didn't think I will give a bonus question? LOL!
But, wait .... I have not one, not two, but THREE BONUS QUESTIONS. I am feeling generous. Hahaha! There will be THREE winners for these bonus questions. The first person to get the correct answer to any one of these questions will win a souvenir from me.

1. What did I eat on board my AirAsia flight from KL?

2. Where did I visit during the afternoon of 25th March 2015?

3. What did I have for lunch on 26th March 2015?

Hint : I do not know the answers myself (with the exception of Question 1 as I had pre-ordered my meal online) as they have yet to happen! LOL! To get the answer, you will need to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I will be posting about them on all three social networks, especially Instagram. Yes the pictures will be on Instagram first, then Twitter and lastly Facebook. Hehe.

To follow me on Twitter, click HERE.
To follow me on Facebook, click HERE.
To follow me on Instagram, just add my username foongpc.

GOOD LUCK and Have FUN!! :)

1. This contest is open to Malaysians only. (Sorry to my international readers!)

2. You can choose to answer :
a) Questions 1-3 only or
b) Any 1, 2 or all 3 Bonus Questions only or
c) both Questions 1-3 plus any one of the Bonus Questions or
d) ALL the questions in this contest!

3. If you are a winner for Questions 1-3, you can still be a winner for the Bonus Questions and vice versa. However, if you are a winner to one of the Bonus Questions, you cannot be a winner for the other two Bonus Questions.

4. The contest closes on 30th March at 12pm sharp.

5. The winners will be announced in this blog on 31st March.

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