Feng Shui 2022 According To Joey Yap (Part 4)

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Part 1

This is the final part of the series. Hope you have found these notes useful! 
Joey Yap shared how we can use Qi Men to activate certain abilities within us. Each compass direction is useful for activating certain abilities.

East - Magnetism. Ability to attract people into your life.
South East - Wisdom
South - Polarization. Increase aura for protection from negative energy.
South West - Intuitive eyes.
West - Super learning. Enhance comprehension.
North West - Circle of light. Protection against evil spiritsand back stabbing.
North - Cleansing. Cleanse negative energy, karma and thoughts.
North East - Spiritual Assist. Summon sage, past masters, getting help from the divine. 

Joey Yap only gave the date and time for three of the abilities, namely Magnetism, Super Learning and Circle of Light.

Magnetism - Feb 5, 2022 between 1pm - 3pm. Sit with your back facing East. 

Super Learning - Feb 9, 2022 between 5pm - 7pm. Sit with your back facing West.

Circle Of Light - Feb 26, 2022 between 7pm - 9pm. Sit with your back facing North West. 

How to activate? First, sit down with your back facing the correct direction. Calm your mind down by counting from 64 down to 1. Then start your visualisation. 

For Magnetism, visualise that people are interested to talk to you and they are enjoying your company. Hold that thought process for about 10 mins.

For Super Learning, think about 3 subjects you want to master. Imagine what you can do with your new skills, and how your life turns out using these new skills. Again, hold these thoughts for about 10 mins.

For Circle Of Light, mentally draw a circle of bright light around where you sit. The circle of light should start small and slowly enlarge. Inside this light, feel safe and joyful. Hold these thoughts for about 10 mins.

Receiving God Of Wealth (Star Of Wealth) 
Date : Feb 1, 2022 
Time : 12.30am

There are three directions you can face. You can do one or do all. 

Face South East for wealth, career and business. Make a wish - be specific. And also state what you are going to contribute in return. 

Face South for nobility and mentor.

Face North West for happiness. 

Recommence Work After Chinese New Year
Four possible dates

Feb 3, 2022 between 7am - 9am (except Snake)

Feb 4, 2022 between 9am - 11am (except Horse)

Feb 7, 2022 between 5am - 7am (except Rooster)

Feb 10, 2022 between 5am - 7am (except Rat)