Memories Of 2013

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Today is the last day of 2013. Tomorrow is a brand new year. A brand new beginning.

2013 had given me many memories and if there's any good time to reminisce the past 12 months, the time is now. However, they are mostly private memories so I won't be sharing them here.

Thinking about the past 12 months have somehow triggered the musical sense in me and once again, I had composed a new piano song which I shall call "Memories Of 2013". Have a listen yes? : )

Meantime, here's a short poem just for you….

To all my readers and blogger friends from far and near,
There will be no more Santa and no more reindeer,
It's a bit sad as I bid farewell to the Christmas cheer,
But as the year draws to a close I want to make this clear,
Thank you for reading my blog all these years,
Although my travel stories may not be as entertaining as Britney Spears,
And my ghost stories may not make you shiver in fear,
I do appreciate all your comments that appear here,
And so as the sun sets and the end of the year draws near,
I would like to wish every single one of you a Very Happy New Year!

Happy 2014 everyone!! : )

2013 Christmas Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 3)

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I must admit that I did not really go all out and take photos of the Christmas decorations this year. Mainly because most of the Christmas decorations were rather boring and uninteresting except for a few notable ones.

In Part 1, I shared with you the 2013 Christmas decorations at One Utama.

In Part 2, it's Pavilion KL.

In this final part, I decided to share the decorations from a few shopping malls. First off, is Avenue K at Jalan Ampang KL.

 photo P1230692_zpsc83ec986.jpg

Can you believe it was my first time stepping into this mall? And that's just a chance encounter as I was trying out the LRT (after so long never been on it since I drive most of the time!) and alighted at KLCC Station and stumbled onto Avenue K! LOL!

The theme to me is a Nutcracker Christmas which I thought was pretty special with the ballerina and the soldier turning round in circles as if they were inside a music box.

 photo P1230691_zpse6d5ed0e.jpg

There were also lots of soldiers parachuting from above.

 photo P1230683_zps302b0b5b.jpg

One of the soldiers and the parachutes.

 photo P1230690_zps4776c8f2.jpg

A Lego Santa Claus and a pink Christmas tree.

 photo P1240222_zpsf6118e09.jpg

Giant dazzling ornaments added to the festive atmosphere.

 photo P1230679_zps6ce19ca4.jpg

Next, is the Christmas decorations at Farenheit 88 in Bukit Bintang.

 photo P1230735_zps67904e1f.jpg

There were elves, bears, snowman and Christmas trees.

 photo P1230736_zpsad43b804.jpg

I like the elves best.

 photo P1230737_zps72f720f3.jpg

Although the bears were pretty cute : )

 photo P1230740_zpsfad5e519.jpg

There was a bear too at Suria KLCC but it was a super huge Teddy Bear!

 photo P1230701_zpsd475acf5.jpg

Do you like this cute giant bear?

 photo P1230698_zpsba462621.jpg

Giant candles on the mantel.

 photo P1230706_zps28469a0a.jpg

Lastly, I visited Starhill Gallery to take a look at their Christmas decorations.

 photo P1230728_zps9ed99335.jpg

Glittering stars hanging all over the place.

 photo P1230729_zpsaf26d59a.jpg

Looks pretty magical to me!

 photo P1230730_zps9c19cc03.jpg

 photo P1230732_zpseeca270e.jpg

I did not have the time to visit Sunway Pyramid, Paradigm Mall, Tropicana City Mall and Berjaya Times Square this year, so if you took photos of the Christmas decorations there, do share them with me!

I did however, visit MidValley Megamall but I was so disappointed with the decorations there that I am not planning to share the photos here. Hope it will do better next year!

So which Christmas decorations you like best in 2013?

2013 Christmas Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

The Christmas decorations in Klang Valley have been disappointing this year. All the shopping malls were cutting costs resulting in lackluster and uninteresting Christmas decorations.

Pavilion KL still stood out amongst them all, even if its Christmas decorations were not as impressive as previous years. I guess what really caught my attention this year were the display of some famous sticker characters from the mobile platform LINE. 

This huge statue of the LINE character Moon was a great crowd puller at the front entrance of Pavilion shopping mall.

 photo P1230711_zpsa7c79691.jpg

So cute!

 photo P1230708_zps5a98a8e3.jpg

Inside Pavilion on the 6th floor (same floor as Tokyo Street), there were a few more display of LINE characters. This is Moon again decked in Christmas hat and scarf.

 photo P1230723_zps4e002af6.jpg

I did not know who these two people standing next to Cony and Brown were, but I had to take this photo with or without them inside! There were a long line of people queuing up to take photos with these two famous LINE characters and I just did not have the patience to wait. So I just snapped away. - Sorry about that!

 photo P1230725_zps5e3b81ba.jpg

They were quite funny right? I mean the two people posing next to Cony and Brown. And look at Brown - he looked like he's sweating! LOL!

The Christmas decorations inside Pavilion viewed from the 6th floor.

 photo P1230573_zpsf83df4d5.jpg

There were some recycled items from past years, but I guess that's all right. It still looked pretty nice, no?

 photo P1230559_zps6bee054c.jpg

Back at the ground floor, there were two bears facing the main entrance. Again lots of people posing here so capturing these bears without anyone standing there would be quite impossible.

 photo P1230552_zpsfebc5a2d.jpg

The stairs leading down to the Centre Court was filled with beautiful Christmas decorations.

 photo P1230714_zpsa8d5f299.jpg

 photo P1230549_zpsbe07b684.jpg

From the stairs, the view of the carousel and the tall Christmas tree was quite a sight to behold.

 photo P1230547_zps72d64acb.jpg

Some fashion showcase on display at the staircase.

 photo P1230546_zpsb0b32933.jpg

Tall Christmas trees at the Centre Court.

 photo P1230545_zpse1dc5b97.jpg

It's Winter Wonderland here.

 photo P1230543_zpse2c29c1a.jpg

This white Christmas tree had lights in the shape of snowflakes blinking all over. Quite beautiful from afar but did not look as nice when seen close-up.

 photo P1230542_zps0f4703ec.jpg

You can view a short video of the blinking snowflakes in my Instagram video HERE.

Some Christmas items on sale at the many stalls here.

 photo P1230540_zps9a642887.jpg

 photo P1230539_zps408dc738.jpg

 photo P1230538_zpsbab42e50.jpg

 photo P1230537_zps7ec8f40b.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1230533_zpsb1097d34.jpg

 photo P1230556_zps8c4afadf.jpg

 photo P1230555_zpsaa6d3007.jpg

Now let's go down memory lane and compare the Christmas decorations at Pavilion KL from previous years. Which year do you like best?

Christmas decorations 2012

 photo P1140745.jpg
Christmas decorations 2011

 photo pic1_zps88bf1fd0.jpg
Christmas decorations 2010

 photo pic1_zps822b6ebe.jpg
Christmas decorations 2009

I think I still miss the White Christmas decoration outside Pavilion KL back in 2010. This photo below brings back memories for me!

 photo pic2_zps77f2eeb1.jpg

And how could I forget my first 'snowfall' in Malaysia at Pavilion back in 2009?

 photo pic2_zps686bd792.jpg

The United Buddy Bears added a nice touch to the Christmas mood at Pavilion back in 2011.

Aren't these Buddy Bears beautiful?

 photo P1140726.jpg

In Part 3, I will share with you photos of Christmas decorations at Suria KLCC, Starhill Gallery and Farenheit 88, so stay tuned : )

2013 Christmas Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 1)

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The Christmas decorations in Klang Valley were pretty disappointing this year. So much so that I did not even feel like taking photos of some of them!

I guess most shopping malls were not willing to spend too much on lavish Christmas decorations due to the weaker economy. Oh well, I hope next year will be better.

So far, I think the Christmas decoration at One Utama, reputedly the world's 4th largest mall, was among the best this year. What do you think?

 photo P1230593_zpsf7969133.jpg

No doubt it did not feel too Chrismassy with all those hot air balloons. In fact, what do hot air balloons got to do with Christmas? I wonder.

 photo P1230599_zps2b7d11b3.jpg

But then again, I thought it was kind of special. Beautiful even.

 photo P1230600_zps0b91e6f4.jpg

Oh, and I love those hanging wooden horses!

 photo P1230603_zpsad7d825b.jpg

 photo P1230605_zps514a4184.jpg

All the balloons have different Christmas theme designs on them. Nice!

 photo P1230607_zps8904e4f0.jpg

I like the gingerbread man on this balloon!

 photo P1230609_zps1f3fe0b0.jpg

I also like the map on the floor!

 photo P1230610_zps41fe3ce1.jpg

 photo P1230612_zps6327c229.jpg

 photo P1230617_zpsc1150947.jpg

 photo P1230618_zps1df9b761.jpg

 photo P1230620_zps01f7df1d.jpg

 photo P1230622_zpsceb86629.jpg

 photo P1230630_zpsa4f45551.jpg

There were real wooden rocking horses for kids to sit on. In fact, there were a few of them, each with different design.  My 1 year old nephew had a great time on these horses, no kidding!

 photo P1230632_zpsbeacfbfd.jpg

 photo P1230643_zps995c1795.jpg

But not all wooden horses here are for sitting. Like these ones below. They are part of the stall's decoration. LOL!

 photo P1230637_zps826db72d.jpg

Ooh! Look at those two cute little snowmen hiding there! : )

 photo P1230636_zpsbce4e489.jpg

More horses. Funny, but they kind of remind me that next year is the Year of the Horse!

 photo P1230638_zps637ecdf8.jpg

So how do you like the Christmas decoration at One Utama?

 photo P1230650_zps4000117f.jpg

Merry Christmas from One Utama!

 photo P1230644_zps88a7b361.jpg

Now, just for fun, let's go down memory lane and compare the Christmas decorations at One Utama from previous years. Which year do you like best?

Christmas decoration 2012

Christmas decoration 2011

 photo pic1_zps426a00c1.jpg
Christmas decoration  2010

 photo pic1_zps64cbac83.jpg
Christmas decoration 2009

I thought the Christmas decoration in 2012 quite cute and 2010 really beautiful! I did not really like 2011 because I could not connect the underwater theme with Christmas. 2009 was just OK to me, not very outstanding. Overall, I like 2010 the best. What about you?

Don't miss Part 2 where I take you to other shopping malls in the Klang Valley! Merry Christmas everyone!