Feng Shui 2014 According To Lillian Too (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Lillian Too, the world's best selling writer on feng shui, advocates placement of auspicious objects to activate good feng shui energy and symbolic cures to counter bad energy. She even has an online Feng Shui Store where you can shop for the latest feng shui objects and cures.

During the 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza which was held at Istana Hotel KL recently, Lillian chided a young, popular Malaysian male feng shui expert (she did not mention names but I think we can all guess right?) for criticizing her concept of object placements. In countering him, she said that if you go to China, you will notice that every aspect of the lives of the Chinese people are based on activating with auspicious symbols.

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Image courtesy of Lost In Transition

According to Lillian, good auspicious symbols really do bring good luck, but you need to know where to place them. Her 20-over years experience with these auspicious items had worked well for her and many others.

Having bought some of her products before, I noticed that they are beautifully made, and of high quality, unlike many others sold elsewhere.  But the big difference probably lies in the powerful Tibetan Buddhist mantras that are included in some of her feng shui cures.

In Part 1, I have shared about the 2014 Bazi Chart. In this part, I shall talk about the 2014 Flying Star Chart. This is a very important chart used by many feng shui masters worldwide as the accuracy of this chart is quite stunning.

For the uninitiated, Flying Stars are 9 numbers placed on a Lo Shu Square. Each of the numbers (or stars) represents different things and they rotate on a fixed system and change location every year. This chart deals with the time dimension of feng shui and for this reason, we must update our feng shui every year.

Now let's take a look at the Flying Star Chart for 2014.

 photo P1230750_zpsf173ddd8.jpg
2014 Flying Star Chart image taken from 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza booklet

The affliction stars are numbers 5 (Five Yellow), 2 (Illness Star), 3 (Quarrelsome Star) and 7 (Robbery Star). These stars need to be subdued.

The auspicious stars are numbers 8 (Wealth Star), 6 (Heavenly Star), 4 (Romantic and Scholastic Star), 1 (Victory Star) and 9 (Multiplying Star of Future Prosperity). These stars need to be activated and enhanced.

IMPORTANT : Before you can use this Flying Star Chart, you need to know how to identify all the 9 sectors in your house. First, stand in the middle of your house and use a good compass to identify North. Then superimpose the Flying Star Chart onto your house plan and you will be able to map out each sector accurately.

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Lillian Too advised us to take care of the afflicted sectors first before attempting to activate the auspicious sectors. Basically, it's all very simple, done in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 : Identify where the afflictive and auspicious numbers are located in your house.
Step 2 : Know exactly what remedies to put in place to suppress the effect of the afflictive numbers.
Step 3 : Energize the sectors that have the auspicious numbers.

Let's look at the affliction stars first. I'm going to put this down in point form for easy reading.

1. Five Yellow
The Five Yellow is the most dreaded of all the affliction stars. It brings financial loss and physical dangers and is usually the main cause of a reversal in fortune. In 2014, it flies into the NorthWest, and as NorthWest represents the luck of the Patriarch, all fathers will be affected. Not just fathers, but men in leadership position will also be affected. Those living in NorthWest-facing houses and in bedrooms located in the NorthWest sector of the house are also afflicted.

To Cure : Place the Vairocana Stupa in the NorthWest sector. Alternatively, place the Heart Sutra Ritual Bell in this sector. Also, carry the Kalachakra Stupa with HUM keychain throughout the year.

Tips : Keep the NorthWest sector quiet and undisturbed. If bedroom is in NorthWest, it is advisable to move to another room especially in the month of June, when the monthly star 5 flies in making it twice as dangerous!

2. Illness Star 2
The Illness Star which flies into the East in 2014 brings debilitating health to the eldest son and those living in East-facing houses or staying in bedrooms located in the East sector of the house.

To Cure : Place the Eight Sugata Medicine Buddha Plaque or the White Tara Longevity Vase in the East sector. Alternatively, place the Golden Wu Lou with Crane and Bamboo Windchimes in this sector.

3. Quarrelsome Star 3
The Quarrelsome Star flies into the SouthEast bringing quarrels, litigation and misunderstandings. It affects the luck of the eldest daughter and those living in SouthEast-facing houses or staying in bedrooms located in the SouthEast.

To Cure : Place the Nine Amulet Cure or The Three Suns with Three Legged Bird in this sector. Also, carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet throughout the year.

Tips : One of the best antidote for the number 3 is to generate fire energy. This can be done by simply painting your wall or door in this sector red!

4. Robbery Star 7
The Robbery Star flies into the the NorthEast in 2014, bringing danger associated with burglary and violence. It affects the youngest son and those staying in bedrooms located in the NorthEast. Houses with main doors facing NorthEast are especially vulnerable.

To Cure : Display the Anti-Burglary Plaque or the Five Rhino and Elephant Yin Water Cure in this sector. Also, carrying the Anti-Burglary Amulet or wearing the Anti-Burglary Scarf will help.

Interestingly, Lillian mentioned that if you were to place these anti-burglary cures in your home, the robbers will not be able to find your house! She also told stories about how people with bad intentions tried to find her house but just could not locate it despite going up and down the road a few times!

*NOTE : Most of the feng shui cures mentioned above can be found in Lillian's online Feng Shui Store.

 photo peaceandharmonyamulet_zps57de7815.jpg
Peace and Harmony Amulet (image courtesy of Feng Shui Megamall)

Now that we have taken care of the Affliction Stars, let's take a look at the Auspicious Stars and how to activate them.

1. Romantic and Scholastic Star 4
The Flying Star Chart of 2014 is ruled by the number 4 as it is in the center of the chart! This means it dominates the energies of the home and benefits the entire household. Since the same romantic star also makes an appearance in the 2014 Bazi Chart, this signifies that it is a good year to get married. If you are looking for love, then activating the middle sector of the home is an excellent idea. However, do take note that any new person you meet in the year of the Horse may not have good outcome due to the presence of Aggressive Stars in the Bazi Chart as mentioned in Part 1.

To Activate Romantic Star : Place Double Happiness Lovebirds or Mandarin Ducks sitting on a bed of Peonies in the center of the house.

The number 4 is also for scholastic luck so it is very beneficial for those who want to gain academic achievements. In fact, 2014 is a good year for passing exams!

To Activate Scholastic Star : Place Carp crossing the Dragon Gate in the center of the house.

2. Wealth Star 8
The wealth-bringing number 8 star flies to the South in 2014. Since 8 is an Earth star and it flies into South which is a Fire sector, it gets strengthened considerably. It benefits those living in South-facing houses or in bedrooms located in the South sector.

To Activate : Place the Eight Immortals On A Mountain in the South.

Tips : Not many people know that you can enhance fire with fire! Since South is a Fire sector, enhance it with brightly lit lights. Red light that symbolizes fire also works well.

3. Heavenly Star 6
This Heavenly Star brings divine luck from Heaven and support from powerful mentors. In 2014, it flies into the West and benefits the youngest daughter and those who are living in West-facing houses or occupying West bedrooms.

To Activate : Place the Jade Emperor holding the Sun and Moon Windchime in the West.

4. Victory Star 1
In 2014, the Victory Star flies into the SouthWest, the sector of the Matriarch.  Since the Patriarch in the NorthWest is weakened by the Five Yellow, this could mean a rise in women power. This star also benefits those living in SouthWest-facing houses or in bedrooms located in the SouthWest sector.

To Activate : For men, display the image of General Chao Chao in this sector. For women (especially those in positions of power or have fierce ambition to make it to the top of their professions), display the image of General Hua Mu Lan.

Tips : The best way to energize the Victory Star in the SouthWest is with yang water (moving water). Having a water feature or even a swimming pool in the SouthWest sector is extremely beneficial in 2014.

5. Multiplying Star Of Future Prosperity 9
This star which attracts future prosperity and brings recognition luck flies into the North. It benefits homes which face North and those who have bedrooms located in the North sector.

To Activate : Place the King Gesar Plaque or the Red Glitter Lamp in this sector.

 photo P1230655_zps31bb2fa3.jpg

Now that you know the location of the flying stars, and how to suppress the bad stars and activate the good ones, make sure you put the cures and the activation in place before February 4th, 2014. This is because feng shui calculations are based on the solar calendar (as opposed to the lunar calendar) and as such, the Year Of the Horse officially starts on February 4th, 2014.

Besides the Five Yellow and the other affliction stars which you need to be aware of, there is another two major afflictions in the form of Grand Duke Jupiter (also known as Tai Sui) and Three Killings.

The Grand Duke Jupiter is located at South 2 (172.5 - 187.5 degrees) in 2014. It is vital that you do not confront the Tai Sui which means do not sit facing South 2. However, sitting with the Tai Sui behind you, meaning you sit facing North is good as you have the support of the Tai Sui. Also do not disturb, dig or renovate the South sector of your home. If your main door faces South 2, then it is important to hang the Tai Sui House Amulet Plaque there.

Those born in the year of the Horse, Rat, Rooster and Rabbit are either directly or indirectly confronting the Tai Sui and should carry the Tai Sui Amulet throughout the year.  In Hong Kong, the Tai Sui is greatly respected. Lillian told us that a temple in Kowloon makes US$14 million a year just by selling Tai Sui amulets!

 photo taisuiandthreekillings_zpsc43c2fc7.jpg
Image courtesy of Feng Shui Unzip

The Three Killings is located in the North in 2014. It brings three types of losses - loss of good name, loss of wealth and loss of a loved one. It is important that you do not sit with the Three Killings behind you, meaning you must sit facing the Three Killings (facing North). Also, do not disturb, dig or renovate the North sector of your home.

To protect against the ill effects of the Three Killings, it is advisable to display the three celestial protectors - the Chi Lin, Fu Dog and Pi Yao.

During this 2014 Feng Shui Extravaganza, Lillian also introduced to us the Ho Tu combination numbers. I have to admit that this Ho Tu subject is quite new to me so if it's something new to you too, let me explain.

The Ho Tu is actually part of the Flying Star compass formula. You already knew there are 9 numbers in the Flying Star Chart, with each number representing different things right? Now what is interesting here is that each of the numbers can combine with each other within a specific compass sector to bring you amazing good fortune or some kind of windfall luck!

One of the most powerful combinations is the Ho Tu combinations which are four sets of number combinations i.e. 1 and 6, 2 and 7, 3 and 8, and 4 and 9. Check out the original Lo Shu Square below.

 photo P1230745_zps7decd787.jpg
Image taken from 2014 Fortune And Feng Shui book by Lillian Too & Jennifer Too

Can you see how those sets of numbers create the image of the Buddhist Swastika? Please don't mistaken this logo with the Nazi Swastika! The diagram below outlines the pair of numbers more clearly.

 photo P1230746_zps1dfe3a26.jpg
Image taken from 2014 Fortune And Feng Shui book by Lillian Too & Jennifer Too

Now if you look at the 2014 Flying Star Chart closely, you can find that it contains all 4 sets of Ho Tu combinations! Can you see 1/6 in the West, 2/7 in the NorthEast, 3/8 in the South and 4/9 in the North?  If your house faces any of the four locations mentioned above, you too can benefit from it.

 photo P1230744_zpsddc6861a.jpg
Image taken from 2014 Fortune And Feng Shui book by Lillian Too & Jennifer Too

The 1/6 Ho Tu combination in the West brings strong luck associated with learning and knowledge. Those engaging in academic pursuits benefit by activating the 1/6 Ho Tu.
To Activate : Place the 1/6 Ho Tu Mirror in the West corner of your home.
Ideal for : Rooster, Monkey, Dog, Dragon

The 2/7 Ho Tu combination in the NorthEast brings the luck of BIG MONEY and also helps to offset some of the negative stars in this sector.
To Activate : Place the 2/7 Ho Tu Mirror in the NorthEast corner of your home. Or hang a metallic wind chime here.
Ideal for : Tiger, Ox, Rabbit
Tips : The power of 2/7 is enhanced during February and November 2014 when the monthly star 2 flies into the NorthEast sector.

 photo hotumirror_zpsfc9e33ba.jpg
2/7 Ho Tu mirror for big money

The 3/8 Ho Tu combination in the South brings excellent luck in politics and growth.
To Activate : Place the 3/8 Ho Tu Mirror in the South corner of your home. Or place strong growing plants in this sector.
Ideal for : Horse, Snake, Sheep

The 4/9 Ho Tu combination in the North brings commercial success and good profits.
To Activate : Place the 4/9 Ho Tu Mirror in the North sector of your home. Or place a water feature here.
Ideal for : Rat, Boar, Ox

Note : Even though certain animal signs stand to benefit more from the Ho Tu combinations, everyone can activate all these 4 sets of Ho Tu.

 photo P1230657_zps34c9ba3c.jpg

Lastly, I would like to share with you the concept of the Spring Ox. Every year in the Chinese Almanac (Tung Shing), there is a picture of the Spring Ox. When they say a picture tells a thousand words, this is very true with the Spring Ox. Just by looking at the picture of the Spring Ox, you can tell what kind of year it will be.

Lillian Too showed us the picture of the Spring Ox for 2014.

 photo P1230653_zps575f8615.jpg

From the picture, we could see that the farmer is not wearing a hat - this means it's not going to be very hot. He's wearing shoes which means it's a good year. The sun is shining brightly and the rice fields are growing, indicative of good harvest. Money and wealth luck comes from hard work.

Well, that's it about Feng Shui 2014 according to Lillian Too. Here's wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous Year of the Wood Horse!