2013 Christmas Decorations In Klang Valley (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

The Christmas decorations in Klang Valley have been disappointing this year. All the shopping malls were cutting costs resulting in lackluster and uninteresting Christmas decorations.

Pavilion KL still stood out amongst them all, even if its Christmas decorations were not as impressive as previous years. I guess what really caught my attention this year were the display of some famous sticker characters from the mobile platform LINE. 

This huge statue of the LINE character Moon was a great crowd puller at the front entrance of Pavilion shopping mall.

 photo P1230711_zpsa7c79691.jpg

So cute!

 photo P1230708_zps5a98a8e3.jpg

Inside Pavilion on the 6th floor (same floor as Tokyo Street), there were a few more display of LINE characters. This is Moon again decked in Christmas hat and scarf.

 photo P1230723_zps4e002af6.jpg

I did not know who these two people standing next to Cony and Brown were, but I had to take this photo with or without them inside! There were a long line of people queuing up to take photos with these two famous LINE characters and I just did not have the patience to wait. So I just snapped away. - Sorry about that!

 photo P1230725_zps5e3b81ba.jpg

They were quite funny right? I mean the two people posing next to Cony and Brown. And look at Brown - he looked like he's sweating! LOL!

The Christmas decorations inside Pavilion viewed from the 6th floor.

 photo P1230573_zpsf83df4d5.jpg

There were some recycled items from past years, but I guess that's all right. It still looked pretty nice, no?

 photo P1230559_zps6bee054c.jpg

Back at the ground floor, there were two bears facing the main entrance. Again lots of people posing here so capturing these bears without anyone standing there would be quite impossible.

 photo P1230552_zpsfebc5a2d.jpg

The stairs leading down to the Centre Court was filled with beautiful Christmas decorations.

 photo P1230714_zpsa8d5f299.jpg

 photo P1230549_zpsbe07b684.jpg

From the stairs, the view of the carousel and the tall Christmas tree was quite a sight to behold.

 photo P1230547_zps72d64acb.jpg

Some fashion showcase on display at the staircase.

 photo P1230546_zpsb0b32933.jpg

Tall Christmas trees at the Centre Court.

 photo P1230545_zpse1dc5b97.jpg

It's Winter Wonderland here.

 photo P1230543_zpse2c29c1a.jpg

This white Christmas tree had lights in the shape of snowflakes blinking all over. Quite beautiful from afar but did not look as nice when seen close-up.

 photo P1230542_zps0f4703ec.jpg

You can view a short video of the blinking snowflakes in my Instagram video HERE.

Some Christmas items on sale at the many stalls here.

 photo P1230540_zps9a642887.jpg

 photo P1230539_zps408dc738.jpg

 photo P1230538_zpsbab42e50.jpg

 photo P1230537_zps7ec8f40b.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1230533_zpsb1097d34.jpg

 photo P1230556_zps8c4afadf.jpg

 photo P1230555_zpsaa6d3007.jpg

Now let's go down memory lane and compare the Christmas decorations at Pavilion KL from previous years. Which year do you like best?

Christmas decorations 2012

 photo P1140745.jpg
Christmas decorations 2011

 photo pic1_zps88bf1fd0.jpg
Christmas decorations 2010

 photo pic1_zps822b6ebe.jpg
Christmas decorations 2009

I think I still miss the White Christmas decoration outside Pavilion KL back in 2010. This photo below brings back memories for me!

 photo pic2_zps77f2eeb1.jpg

And how could I forget my first 'snowfall' in Malaysia at Pavilion back in 2009?

 photo pic2_zps686bd792.jpg

The United Buddy Bears added a nice touch to the Christmas mood at Pavilion back in 2011.

Aren't these Buddy Bears beautiful?

 photo P1140726.jpg

In Part 3, I will share with you photos of Christmas decorations at Suria KLCC, Starhill Gallery and Farenheit 88, so stay tuned : )