Joez Coconut Jelly In George Town, Penang

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During my Penang trip last year, I had the opportunity to taste for the very first time Joez Coconut Jelly at Dato Keramat Road in George Town.

 photo P1220611_zpse18d80f2.jpg

Located near Penang Times Square, this shop sells not only coconut jelly but also pandan coconut juice and coconut shake. Claiming to be the best in town and the one and only original coconut jelly in Malaysia, Joez Coconut Jelly (aka Penang Coconut Jelly) is also available at KL Sentral and possibly in some supermarkets too!

 photo P1220610_zps17ee1c38.jpg

It was a pretty hot day in Penang and my Penang food tour guides, bloggers Ken and Ann had just brought me to the Floating Temple. I guess we were all thirsty after visiting the temple and needed something to drink.

This Penang Coconut Jelly was refreshing and perfect as a thirst quencher. The jelly was so smooth and soft, and it just melted in my mouth without the need to chew or bite. It's also slightly sweet, making it a good choice for dessert.

 photo P1220612_zps694e9408.jpg

Ann ordered the coconut milk shake which came with black pearls inside, but she did not seem to like it. Probably too sweet and too milky, and very little coconut taste. Well, I did not try it - I was just fine with my coconut jelly haha!

 photo P1220615_zpsc4d48a1d.jpg

Loads of fresh young coconuts inside the shop!

 photo P1220618_zps5c72e493.jpg

I like that they do not put in any preservatives inside the coconut jelly.

 photo P1220619_zps219f0273.jpg

If you ever visit Penang, do drop by this place and try their coconut jelly. Priced at RM4.20 (not sure if they have increased the price since last year), Joez Coconut Jelly is worth a try especially on a hot day!

 photo P1220613_zps981d5a4b.jpg

Address : 201, Jalan Dato Keramat, George Town, Penang.
Opens : 8am - 7pm daily
Tel : 604 -229 6063
Email :
Joez Coconut Jelly Facebook Page

My Simple Apple Kuzu Dessert

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For the very first time in the history of my blog, I am going to talk about a recipe haha! Ok, so this is a very simple recipe to make your very own Apple Kuzu Dessert.

This is supposed to be an ideal warm dessert for the cold winter so it may be totally inappropriate for the hot weather spell we are experiencing in Malaysia lately. But don't let that stop you from trying. LOL!

Firstly, The Ingredients ....

1 red apple (preferably organic)
1 pint apple juice (optional)
1 teaspoon Kuzu
1 tablespoon cinnamon (optional)

The above portion will be adequate to serve 1-2 people (in fact, I think it's just enough for me alone!) so if you want to serve more than 2 people, adjust the amount accordingly.

Next, The Method ....

1. Cut the red apple into small cubes.

 photo IMG_20140623_013053_1_zpsbde73da2.jpg

Note that I suggest using organic apples because I include the skin as well which may contain pesticides if you are not using the organic ones. Alternatively, you can exclude the skin if you wish, but including the skin will give you better texture when you bite into the apple cubes.

By the way,  how large or small you cut the cubes is up to you. I just seem to prefer smaller cubes.

2. Add water (preferably filtered since we are already talking healthy here haha!) and make sure the apple cubes are entirely covered with the water. 

 photo IMG_20140623_013244_1_zps21cd750d.jpg

Alternatively, you may want to use apple juice which you can buy from shops, or you can make yourself using your own juicer at home.

In my case, I only use filtered water. No apple juice. Too lazy to juice the apples! LOL!

3. Boil the apple chunks in water or apple juice for about 5 - 8 minutes. After that, turn to low heat and let it simmer. You may want to add in the cinnamon at this stage. In my case, I did not add the cinnamon as I did not have any in my kitchen! LOL!

4. Take out 1 teaspoon of kuzu and mix it with 1 tablespoon of water to produce a smooth paste. 

 photo IMG_20140623_013753_1_zps8169a3de.jpg

OK, I'm using a tablespoon instead because I wanted a bit more. Haha.

Not sure what is kuzu? It is a kind of climbing plant native to Southeast Asia. Some spell it as kudzu, like this packet which I bought from the Woods Macrobiotic shop in SS2. You can buy kuzu from organic shops or health food stores.

 photo IMG_20140623_013841_1_zps771c589d.jpg

Kuzu has many health benefits too long to mention here - you may want to google it. Kuzu can also be used as a thickening agent in place of cornstarch or arrowroot powder.

After mixing with water, this is how my kuzu paste looks like.

 photo IMG_20140623_014323_1_zpse71df7a2.jpg

5. Add the kuzu paste into the apple cubes and water or apple juice mix, stir for a while and turn off the fire. The liquid will thicken a little.

6. Your Apple Kuzu Dessert is now ready to be served warm! Enjoy :)

 photo IMG_20140623_180531_zps68f242b0.jpg

Didn't I tell you earlier that this is a very simple recipe? Haha! Try it and let me know if you like this Apple Kuzu Dessert!


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Sometimes I like to daydream, and at other times, I love to reminisce about the past.

Do you reminisce about the good old days too? Well, I do indulge in this habit, though not excessively, and I don't know if it's healthy. But I don't think there's anything wrong as long as you don't indulge too much, right? 

As they say, the present is what really matters. The past is gone, and the future has yet to arrive. But what you do now will determine your future. So yes, the present is most important. But there's no harm in going back into the past once in a while and reminisce about some of the memorable events that happened to you. 

And while you are reminiscing, perhaps you want some music to accompany you. Well, I have composed just one song on the piano for this purpose. I titled it Reminisce. And I composed it while reminiscing about my childhood days! If you listen to the song carefully, you will hear that not everything that I thought about were happy thoughts. Some were sad, but they were all part of my memories which I treasure. 

To appreciate this song, you will need to choose a quiet time, away from all the noise, away from work stress, away from the TV and radio, and even from Facebook or Twitter. You need to just close your eyes, relax, and immerse yourself in the song. I hope in this way, you will find it a beautiful experience. 

Thank you so much for listening. I had a great time composing it, and I really have no idea where I got the inspiration from - perhaps it was God that brought the music to me - for this I am very grateful. Happy listening and do leave a comment if you like it :)

Note : This work and recording is copyrighted. All rights reserved. 

The Floating Temple Of Penang

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It's time to get back to blogging about my Penang trip last year. This post will be about my very first visit to the Floating Temple of Penang.

But first, if you have missed my previous posts about Penang, these links will help you get up to speed.

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So after tasting the Penang Ais Tingkap, I visited the Floating Temple with the help of Penang food blogger Ken and lifestyle blogger Ann, both of whom acted as my tour guides. Also known as the Hean Boo Thean Temple, it is called the floating temple because it appears to be floating on the sea.

 photo P1220552_zpsc77baddf.jpg

Located at Lebuhraya Merdeka off Weld Quay in George Town, the temple is actually perched at the water's edge within the reclamation area of Yeoh Jetty. To get there, you need to park your car at quite some distance and take a walk along narrow lanes.

 photo P1220554_zpsda358a7c.jpg

That's Ann in front of me with Ken further ahead.

 photo P1220555_zps2ceabf89.jpg

Soon, we reached the entrance to the temple with its beautiful arch.

 photo P1220556_zpseaf1a9dd.jpg

The temple consists of two stories. This is the main hall as seen from the front.

 photo P1220559_zps8f1e202f.jpg

Lots of red lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

 photo P1220560_zps1c1e7d12.jpg

The pillars supporting the temple's front porch are decorated with hand-crafted dragons swirling around them.

A closer look at one of the dragon pillars.

 photo P1220583_zps875bdb20.jpg

Originally, the Hean Boo Thean Temple was just a simple wooden shrine on stilts, perched over the sea. It was often inundated during high tides. In 2012, it was reconstructed and expanded to become a 2-storey concrete temple.

 photo P1220585_zps6494ca64.jpg

I have no idea how they build the temple. As you have seen earlier, the lane leading to the temple is pretty narrow and it's quite impossible to move large concrete objects across it. Perhaps they transported those materials with boats at sea?

 photo P1220562_zpsa42cefd8.jpg

A lotus mural can be seen at the center of the temple compound.

 photo P1220586_zps3e007884.jpg

There are two pavilions - one on the right and the other on the left side of the temple compound.

 photo P1220565_zpsb7aa2bb6.jpg

One of the Pavilions where you can sit down to enjoy the view of the sea.

 photo P1220567_zps529f7447.jpg

There is a staircase with two arches above it going down to a lower platform heading towards the sea. Perhaps that's where people can arrive at the temple by boat.

 photo P1220572_zps76873e52.jpg

Ken was taking a photo of Ann at the lower platform while I was taking a photo of them! LOL!

 photo P1220591_zps80aad2ce.jpg

By the way, during high tide, the sea would flood this lower platform. That would be interesting to see, but during my visit, the sea was at low tide.

Flanking both sides of the staircase and the double arches are large lotus flower pots.

 photo P1220574_zps733bdff0.jpg

 photo P1220576_zps4439b362.jpg

A close shot of a lotus flower.

 photo P1220577_zps7944471c.jpg

To the right of the staircase is a High Lantern Dragon Column.

 photo P1220579_zpsccd6cfbb.jpg

In the middle of the staircase at the lower platform, there is an altar though I am not sure what this altar is for.

 photo P1220588_zps320710de.jpg

Closer shot of the altar.

 photo P1220587_zpsd839994f.jpg

The second arch at the lower platform nearest to the sea is known as the Dragon Gate. According to legend, if a koi fish were to jump over the Dragon Gate, it would turn into a Dragon.

 photo P1220589_zps587ef7ce.jpg

Perhaps this was why this Dragon Gate was constructed at this lower platform. Since the platform would be flooded during high tide, there is perhaps a small chance that a koi fish from the sea would get to 'jump' over this gate. LOL!

 photo P1220592_zpsf4af6e22.jpg

On the second floor of the temple is the main shrine of Guan Yin, the Goddess Of Mercy.

 photo P1220596_zpsb991f415.jpg

On the roof top of the main shrine are two prancing dragons and three Taoist deities Fuk Luk Sau. Fuk represents good fortune, Luk prosperity and Sau longevity.

 photo P1220597_zpseaf7e5fc.jpg

The front part of the main shrine is lined with 24 figurines (12 on each side) depicting 24 Tales Of Filial Piety.

 photo P1220594_zps110aac63.jpg

 photo P1220595_zps96e0b838.jpg

The view of the first floor or the lower deck from the the second floor. Can you see the lotus mural, the staircase with the two arches leading to the lower platform and flanking on both sides, the Pavilions and also the High Lantern Dragon Column on the right?

 photo P1220599_zps247a3e29.jpg

It would be interesting to see how this Floating Temple looks like when lighted up at night!

Dim Sum @ Grand Harbour Restaurant, Fahrenheit88 KL

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Last Saturday my family and I went to Grand Harbour Restaurant at Fahrenheit88 mall in Bukit Bintang, KL for dim sum breakfast. Located at LG2 floor, it is accessible from inside the mall itself or from the back entrance.

 photo P1250686_zpsed590f92.jpg

It was my first time parking in Fahrenheit88. Parking fee was RM6 for the first three hours and RM1 for every subsequent hour. Definitely much cheaper than Pavilion KL which charges RM3 every hour!

It was also my first time dining in this Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurant. As there were five of us, we ordered quite a lot of dim sum. These were the food we ate...

Wanton soup

 photo P1250684_zps4cc7dbe4.jpg

Fresh juicy prawns in the wanton dumplings. Not bad.

Steamed radish cake (lo bak gou)

 photo P1250687_zps6d19e18b.jpg

Did not quite like this one.

Barbecued pork bun (char siew bao)

 photo P1250688_zpsf951cdf9.jpg

This was average. The ones at Canton-i were much better!

Cheesy egg tart

 photo P1250689_zps7e23ba51.jpg

Didn't get to try these cheesy egg tarts as we only ordered two. So not sure if they were good or not.

Freshly baked egg tarts.

 photo P1250690_zps41c7c6fc.jpg

Yummy egg tarts, but I think Tong Kee's is better.

 photo P1250691_zps9c5cf201.jpg

Quail egg shrimp dumpling

 photo P1250692_zps9e1ce637.jpg

I actually ordered this because it looks cute! Haha! Then again,  I always like quail eggs and shrimp dumplings but I never thought of them in this combination :)

Shrimp dumplings (har gow)

 photo P1250694_zpsb372bea9.jpg

Yummy! My favorites in any dim sum since I like shrimps! Most importantly, the shrimps must be fresh and juicy.

Steamed glutinous rice with chicken (lo mai gai)

 photo P1250696_zps60308c99.jpg

This was super delicious! Maybe because I did not manage to find them in other dim sum restaurants and was craving for it like mad. LOL!

Steamed yam cake (wu tau gou)

 photo P1250698_zps1a171610.jpg

Did not like this yam cake. Seriously I have eaten better ones at the dim sum stalls bought from the market. OK, my advice is do not order both the radish cake and the yam cake in this restaurant!

Fried radish cake

 photo P1250699_zps31c6f8ea.jpg

This was  below average for me. I prefer the ones at Canton-i.

Wa tip

 photo P1250701_zps1109f9e7.jpg

Not sure what you call these in English, but it's basically shrimp dumplings with some fried stuffs sticking to the side. Not sure what to make of it.

Shrimp rice roll 

 photo P1250702_zps2d41081d.jpg

The chee cheong fun (rice roll) was smooth and the shrimps inside were yummy.

Pork shrimp dumpling (siu mai)

 photo P1250704_zpsa1ac2c2a.jpg

I don't really fancy siu mai but I guess it's a must-order at every dim sum. They were pretty OK.

Water chestnut cake (maa tai gou)

 photo P1250705_zps3c30fb0b.jpg

This was my absolute favourite dim sum that day. The best at this Grand Harbour Restaurant! Love the translucent appearance of this cake. There were chopped water chestnuts embedded inside each piece. The taste was not too sweet. Just perfect!

 photo P1250707_zpsa533bc9e.jpg

If there is just one item I would like to order again at Grand Harbour Restaurant, it must be the water chestnut cake.

We also ordered a plate of Shrimp fried rice (did you notice we ordered mostly shrimps dishes? LOL!) but I forgot to take a photo of it. There were a few more items we wanted to order like the durian puffs, tea pot bun (lau sar bao), roast duck, crispy roast pork (siu yuk) and wanton noodles, but we were just too full. Maybe next round.

I also ordered their Hong Kong milk tea but sad to say, it was not on par with the milk tea I have tasted in Hong Kong.

 photo P1250708_zps836b2bb7.jpg

Oops! Only remember to take a photo of the milk tea after I had drank it halfway. LOL!

Overall, the Grand Harbour Restaurant is a pretty decent dim sum restaurant (although slightly overpriced) in my opinion, but it still falls short of my expectation. Maybe I should not compare it with the dim sum I have eaten in Hong Kong. If you have not tried the dim sum at this restaurant, do give it a try. Besides, you can take the opportunity to visit the Tokidoki Wonderland Exhibition at Fahrenheit88 and the Batman Exhibition at Pavilion KL across the road after your dim sum meal!

But honestly, can anyone tell me where to get REALLY good dim sum (but will not burn a hole in my pocket) in KL?