Dim Sum @ Grand Harbour Restaurant, Fahrenheit88 KL

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Last Saturday my family and I went to Grand Harbour Restaurant at Fahrenheit88 mall in Bukit Bintang, KL for dim sum breakfast. Located at LG2 floor, it is accessible from inside the mall itself or from the back entrance.

 photo P1250686_zpsed590f92.jpg

It was my first time parking in Fahrenheit88. Parking fee was RM6 for the first three hours and RM1 for every subsequent hour. Definitely much cheaper than Pavilion KL which charges RM3 every hour!

It was also my first time dining in this Hong Kong-style dim sum restaurant. As there were five of us, we ordered quite a lot of dim sum. These were the food we ate...

Wanton soup

 photo P1250684_zps4cc7dbe4.jpg

Fresh juicy prawns in the wanton dumplings. Not bad.

Steamed radish cake (lo bak gou)

 photo P1250687_zps6d19e18b.jpg

Did not quite like this one.

Barbecued pork bun (char siew bao)

 photo P1250688_zpsf951cdf9.jpg

This was average. The ones at Canton-i were much better!

Cheesy egg tart

 photo P1250689_zps7e23ba51.jpg

Didn't get to try these cheesy egg tarts as we only ordered two. So not sure if they were good or not.

Freshly baked egg tarts.

 photo P1250690_zps41c7c6fc.jpg

Yummy egg tarts, but I think Tong Kee's is better.

 photo P1250691_zps9c5cf201.jpg

Quail egg shrimp dumpling

 photo P1250692_zps9e1ce637.jpg

I actually ordered this because it looks cute! Haha! Then again,  I always like quail eggs and shrimp dumplings but I never thought of them in this combination :)

Shrimp dumplings (har gow)

 photo P1250694_zpsb372bea9.jpg

Yummy! My favorites in any dim sum since I like shrimps! Most importantly, the shrimps must be fresh and juicy.

Steamed glutinous rice with chicken (lo mai gai)

 photo P1250696_zps60308c99.jpg

This was super delicious! Maybe because I did not manage to find them in other dim sum restaurants and was craving for it like mad. LOL!

Steamed yam cake (wu tau gou)

 photo P1250698_zps1a171610.jpg

Did not like this yam cake. Seriously I have eaten better ones at the dim sum stalls bought from the market. OK, my advice is do not order both the radish cake and the yam cake in this restaurant!

Fried radish cake

 photo P1250699_zps31c6f8ea.jpg

This was  below average for me. I prefer the ones at Canton-i.

Wa tip

 photo P1250701_zps1109f9e7.jpg

Not sure what you call these in English, but it's basically shrimp dumplings with some fried stuffs sticking to the side. Not sure what to make of it.

Shrimp rice roll 

 photo P1250702_zps2d41081d.jpg

The chee cheong fun (rice roll) was smooth and the shrimps inside were yummy.

Pork shrimp dumpling (siu mai)

 photo P1250704_zpsa1ac2c2a.jpg

I don't really fancy siu mai but I guess it's a must-order at every dim sum. They were pretty OK.

Water chestnut cake (maa tai gou)

 photo P1250705_zps3c30fb0b.jpg

This was my absolute favourite dim sum that day. The best at this Grand Harbour Restaurant! Love the translucent appearance of this cake. There were chopped water chestnuts embedded inside each piece. The taste was not too sweet. Just perfect!

 photo P1250707_zpsa533bc9e.jpg

If there is just one item I would like to order again at Grand Harbour Restaurant, it must be the water chestnut cake.

We also ordered a plate of Shrimp fried rice (did you notice we ordered mostly shrimps dishes? LOL!) but I forgot to take a photo of it. There were a few more items we wanted to order like the durian puffs, tea pot bun (lau sar bao), roast duck, crispy roast pork (siu yuk) and wanton noodles, but we were just too full. Maybe next round.

I also ordered their Hong Kong milk tea but sad to say, it was not on par with the milk tea I have tasted in Hong Kong.

 photo P1250708_zps836b2bb7.jpg

Oops! Only remember to take a photo of the milk tea after I had drank it halfway. LOL!

Overall, the Grand Harbour Restaurant is a pretty decent dim sum restaurant (although slightly overpriced) in my opinion, but it still falls short of my expectation. Maybe I should not compare it with the dim sum I have eaten in Hong Kong. If you have not tried the dim sum at this restaurant, do give it a try. Besides, you can take the opportunity to visit the Tokidoki Wonderland Exhibition at Fahrenheit88 and the Batman Exhibition at Pavilion KL across the road after your dim sum meal!

But honestly, can anyone tell me where to get REALLY good dim sum (but will not burn a hole in my pocket) in KL?