The Flower Dome At Gardens By The Bay

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After visiting the amazing Cloud Forest at Gardens by the Bay, I proceeded to the Flower Dome.

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As I entered the Flower Dome, I was greeted with huge screens displaying pictures of flowers on both sides. I think the screens were interactive and hands-on, but I did not bother to play with them. Maybe next time then.

 photo P1180988_zpsb82df76e.jpg

Once inside the glass dome, I was once again impressed like how I was impressed with the waterfall at Cloud Forest. The place was huge, and I mean really huge! In fact, the Flower Dome is larger than the Cloud Forest, covering 1.2 hectares or about the size of 2.2 football fields!

 photo P1180992_zps657c7351.jpg

If you see reindeers in my photo above, that's because I visited during Christmas Day! LOL!

As I walked along what looked like cactus and plants from the desert, I was a bit surprised to see decorations of fishes and underwater creatures amongst them.

 photo P1180996_zpsaf774e9a.jpg

What I like about the Flower Dome is that the thousands of glass panels allowed the sunlight to pass through but kept the heat out, creating some sort of a cool-dry Mediterranean climate.

 photo P1180998_zps7ab9a5e0.jpg

Lots of different types of cactus trees at this area.

 photo P1180999_zps84206113.jpg

I did not really pay attention to the name of the plants and flowers. Maybe I should have. Well, if I ever return for a second visit, which is likely, I will definitely take my time to study all about the plants!

 photo P1190001_zps486138f2.jpg

I was quite intrigued with the African baobab trees.

 photo P1190003_zps810ae60b.jpg

Weird face decoration!

 photo P1190006_zps6e037d35.jpg

The interesting baobab tree.

 photo P1190008_zps151f26e9.jpg

What plants are these?

 photo P1190009_zps8d074418.jpg

And these?

 photo P1190011_zps14d9693d.jpg

I could see the neighboring Cloud Forest dome from here.

 photo P1190012_zps9db56346.jpg

This line of baobab trees with the Cloud Forest dome in the background makes for an interesting photo, don't you think?

 photo P1190013_zps13a45fdc.jpg

Love the greeneries!

 photo P1190015_zps35257f9f.jpg

 photo P1190026_zpsb7d94d1a.jpg

I came across some interesting looking cactus.

 photo P1190004_zpsc51b7afb.jpg

These are wooly cactus from the Bolivian Andes. They have golden spines and lateral wooly flowering region called cephalium to protect the flowers from drying out in the hot sun.

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The smelly flowers open at night and are pollinated by bats. The wooly cushioned cephalium also helps to protect the wings of the bats against the spines of the plants.

 photo P1190025_zpsa992339b.jpg

An interesting wooden statue in the midst of those plants.

 photo P1190027_zps1b8abb92.jpg

If you are looking for more colorful flowers to feast on the eyes, then the Flower Field display in the middle of the the Flower Dome is the best area to go to.

 photo P1190017_zps59481479.jpg

I learnt that the Flower Field changes with each season, so maybe that would make visitors come back again and again to catch the next exciting change!

 photo P1190045_zpse73ea79d.jpg

Since my visit coincides with the Christmas week, the theme was mainly all 'Chrismassy'.


Cute bear waving as I snapped a photo of him : )

 photo P1190029_zps558955e3.jpg

If you have a good DSLR camera, it would be great to do lots of macro shots of the flowers. I did not have one so not much of macro photography here.

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 photo P1190018_zps2bca6b69.jpg

Two group of trees stood out from here. On the left is the Chilean Wine Palm trees while on the right is Canary Island Date Palm. Oh, by the way, that's the Marina Bay Sands outside the dome.

 photo P1190019_zps4ad3d009.jpg

The Canary Island Date Palm trees.

 photo P1190022_zpsd52b143a.jpg

The Chilean Wine Palm trees.

 photo P1180993_zpse7c3ac17.jpg

A close shot of the Canary Island Date Palm trees.

 photo P1190046_zpse9084592.jpg

I would have spent more time studying and learning about the plants but time was not on my side. My stomach was already growling as it was way past lunch time.

 photo P1190044_zps5a0eb777.jpg

Overall, I enjoyed my tour of the Flower Dome. I would definitely return when they have even more beautiful flowers on display at the Flower Field.

 photo P1190048_zps77d5bdf3.jpg

I heard that 20,000 colorful tulips would be flown in all the way from Netherlands for a breathtaking Tulipmania springtime at Flower Dome from today till May 20. Will you be there?

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The Amazing Cloud Forest At Gardens By The Bay (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

Suffering from a fear of height is never a good thing. But I was determined to walk the Cloud Walk.

They say never look down if you are afraid of heights, but how not to look down if I need to take photos?

 photo P1180945_zps8ae70b76.jpg

Like it or not, I decided to proceed forward. At first, I did not even dare to lean too far out from the railings, but after some time, I just did it. Besides, the walkway was very secure and was unlike those wooden suspended bridges that seem to shake while you walk on them.

Notice the spouts where the water flows out to form the giant waterfall as seen from the ground below?

 photo P1180946_zpsaa4b1e20.jpg

I forgot about the height for a while as I admired the lush greeneries below.

 photo P1180948_zpsb97314d2.jpg

I was glad that these were metal covers and not transparent glass! LOL! I actually hesitated to step on them initially but after some time, I found them to be secure and safe.

 photo P1180949_zps941e6864.jpg

Well, if you are really afraid, you can always walk in the middle lane. But that would be so unadventurous right? : D

 photo P1180950_zps1da186ce.jpg

Below, I could see another walkway which I later learnt to be the Treetop Walk.

 photo P1180951_zps677bde14.jpg

From up here, I could see the view of Marina Bay outside the glassed dome.

 photo P1180952_zpsf50e1b21.jpg

A warning message about global warming. The survival of cloud forest plants may be at stake.

 photo P1180953_zps9c559523.jpg

The Treetop Walkway far below could be seen clearly from here.

 photo P1180954_zps0d108320.jpg

The views from here were just magnificent!

 photo P1180956_zpsdf2217af.jpg

What an amazing structure this Cloud Walk is! It had enabled visitors to enjoy the plants by the mountainside and the spectacular view around the glass dome.

 photo P1180957_zps17c426bd.jpg

By this time, my fear of heights was almost non-existent. I even leaned on the railings to get the best possible shots. Haha!

 photo P1180960_zpsdb55d986.jpg

The temperature was also cooling and comfortable as if I was walking high up on a mountain in the clouds.

 photo P1180961_zps14717aa0.jpg

I could see Marina Bay Sands from here.

 photo P1180963_zps0d47898c.jpg

Oh, that's the suspended platform below. I saw this platform high above me when I first admired the waterfall from the ground below.

 photo P1180964_zpsb101ad72.jpg

The Singapore Flyer could be seen from here.

 photo P1180965_zps6d9ce78f.jpg

Couldn't stop snapping photos. More below .....

 photo P1180966_zps4af7c16e.jpg

 photo P1180967_zps6e4c0d69.jpg

 photo P1180968_zps1f335526.jpg

 photo P1180969_zps7dbc9d47.jpg

Soon, I reached the end of the amazing Cloud Walk and re-entered the Cloud Mountain. I have reached the Crystal Mountain where many interesting shapes of stalagmites and stalactites were on display.

 photo P1180970_zps46d55465.jpg

But first, I had to step onto that suspended platform!

 photo P1180978_zpsc33366ec.jpg

The waterfall was just beside this platform. The sound of the waterfall was like music to my ears!

 photo P1180973_zps4d90a522.jpg

I am now on the Treetop Walk. Can you see the Cloud Walk above which I just walked earlier?

 photo P1180980_zpsddb6c991.jpg

The Treetop Walk led me to the Crystal Mountain. Lots of stalactites and stalagmites here. However, it was not a very interesting place for me.

 photo P1180981_zpsd70434ca.jpg

Then, I entered a dark hall (no pictures as it was too dark) where I could find facts, figures and statistics for a unique view of the state of the earth today and the problems we are likely to face due to climate change and habitat loss.

 photo P1180983_zps18c2a9b7.jpg

Finally, I found myself at the mountain foot once again but here, there were many plants that I have not seen before. This place is called the Secret Garden.

 photo P1180984_zpsfede69f0.jpg

The foliage surrounding me was stunningly beautiful. Oh, can you see a giant snail in the photo below?

 photo P1180985_zps42310b78.jpg

Soon, I left the Secret Garden. That's the end of my tour of the Cloud Forest.

 photo P1180986_zpse64aea8b.jpg

I had enjoyed myself here and I have to say I was completely impressed with this place.

 photo P1180901_zpsbf925814.jpg

I would never forget the awesome waterfall and standing on that suspended platform! And of course, walking that amazing Cloud Walk!

I would have spent a longer time to soak in the atmosphere here in Cloud Forest, but time was not on my side. I needed to make my move to visit the Flower Dome next!