Gardens By The Bay : The Cooled Conservatories

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I visited the famous Gardens by the Bay in Singapore on Christmas Day last December. It was my first time visiting this huge park spanning about 101 hectares (250 acres) of reclaimed land, adjacent to the Marina Reservoir.

If you have not read about the amazing Supertrees and other attractions in this park, do click on the links below before continuing with this post.

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Besides the outdoor garden, there are two cooled conservatories which are major attractions in Gardens by the Bay. Below is a photo I captured of the two conservatories, which are uniquely designed glass domes.

 photo P1190066_zpsf95a4f28.jpg

The slightly higher dome on the right is the Cloud Forest and the larger dome on the left is the Flower Dome. To access these two conservatories, you need to buy a ticket priced at SGD28 (USD22.60 / RM68.60) for foreigners and SGD20 for locals.

 photo P1180871_zps1720f68f.jpg

So after I left the Supertree Grove (picture above), I walked to the two conservatories. Reaching the ticketing counter, I queued up and buy my ticket. Fortunately, the queue was not very long.

This is my ticket.

 photo P1190187_zpscbdb3157.jpg

This is the back portion of the ticket.

 photo P1190188_zps9b694810.jpg

I've decided to visit the Cloud Forest first. Reason being I just like the name Cloud Forest. In my mind, I could picture the image of a beautiful, misty forest in the clouds. Haha!

But before I enter the Cloud Forest, I walked around to take some photos. There were quite a number of things to see. Like this crocodile.

 photo P1180878_zpsa5bcb5f4.jpg

Giant ants.

 photo P1180876_zps202f42b3.jpg

A closer shot of a giant ant.

 photo P1180877_zps9eacb61d.jpg

I could see Marina Bay from here.

 photo P1180879_zps98749665.jpg

There were quite a number of people sitting there enjoying the view.

 photo P1180880_zps7e326c8d.jpg

The road facing Marina Bay. The glass building on the right is the Cloud Forest.

 photo P1180881_zps6593f8df.jpg

This Cloud Forest building is made up of 2,577 glass panels of varying sizes and shapes. Amazing.

 photo P1180883_zps049e6914.jpg

More than a dozen lions here, but they are fake of course : )

 photo P1180885_zps18419d6d.jpg

 photo P1180887_zpse4bd439d.jpg

I then went down the escalator and walked out onto the road to take a picture of the Cloud Forest building.

 photo P1180891_zpsac65fdb4.jpg

Walking along the promenade, I took a photo of the Singapore Flyer.

 photo P1180892_zps8755e761.jpg

Arguably the world's tallest Ferris Wheel, the Singapore Flyer could be seen clearly from here.

 photo P1180893_zps430c7095.jpg

Another shot of the Cloud Forest building from the outside. Can you see Marina Bay Sands in this picture?

 photo P1180894_zps6858618c.jpg

Then I walked over to the Flower Dome building next door.

 photo P1190053_zps1478e770.jpg

With 3,332 glass panels of different shapes and sizes that sits on a steel grid which acts like an eggshell, the Flower Dome is like one large giant puzzle!

 photo P1190054_zpsbfa8bc29.jpg

Designed by Wilkinson Eyre Architects, both the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome are intended to be an energy efficient showcase of sustainable building technologies and to provide an all-weather edutainment space in Gardens by the Bay. Not surprisingly, it won World Building of the Year at the World Architecture Festival 2012.

The two glassed conservatories sure looked impressive from the outside. I could not wait to get inside!

Coming Up Next : The Amazing Cloud Forest 


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