Feng Shui 2019 According To Joey Yap (Part 3)

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In this final part, I will share a little on the Flying Star Feng Shui for 2019 and also on the dates and times for activating the four major auspicious stars.

If you have not read Part 1 and Part 2, you may click on the links to read them before proceeding with Part 3. 

Note : All images in this post are taken from the seminar's booklet.

The Five Yellow in the South West is the most dreaded sector this year. Make sure you keep this area quiet. No drilling, renovation, moving of furniture or nailing the wall here. You can reduce the bad effects simply by placing heavy metal objects here. And also, you can activate the good stars (read below) so that the positive effects will lessen the negative effects caused by this dreaded Five Yellow.

The Illness Star in the North East can be mitigated by placing heavy metal objects here. Try not to activate the energy in this sector by avoiding renovation in this area.

The Three Killings in the West is also another sector that is not to be disturbed with any type of activities. However the West this year is a good area to increase your chances of finding noble people, as such you should spend more time here. Just do not do any renovation, digging, drilling etc. that could activate the Three Killings.

In 2019, it's most beneficial to spend more time in the North, North West, East and Centre. North sector is particularly good if you are studying or learning new things. East and North West are good for career advancement. The Centre is good for increasing wealth.

Here are the dates and times to activate the four major auspicious stars in 2019. Animals in brackets means clash - if you have the animal signs in your Bazi Chart, activating the sector may not bring beneficial effects.

Dragon Virtue - South 2
14 Feb 2019, 11.30am (Rat)
1 March 2019, 11.30am (Rabbit)

Sun - North 2
9 Apr 2019, 7.30pm (Horse)
30 Apr 2019, 11.30am (Rabbit)

Moon - NorthEast 3
15 Mar 2019, 11.30am (Snake)

Fortune Virtue - South West 3
Due to the Five Yellow in the South West, it is advisable not to activate this Fortune Virtue star.