My Piano Version Of The Little Nyonya Theme Song

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I am quite fond of Singapore's MediaCorp TV drama series. Sometimes I think they are better than some Hong Kong TVB dramas!

A few years back, I watched a MediaCorp drama called The Little Nyonya. Have you watched this series before? It's a period drama set in the 1930s about an extended Peranakan family in Melaka. The story spans over 70 years involving several generations of three families. 

I was quite hooked to it when it was first shown on our local NTV7 station. But guess what? When I went to Hong Kong for a holiday in 2011, I remember sitting in my hotel room at night watching the drama as it was shown there too! LOL!

Anyway, this TV series was so popular that it became the highest rated TV drama in Singapore and won several accolades including the Best Drama Serial at the Singapore's Star Awards 2009. It also won the Best Drama Theme Song which was sung by Olivia Ong

And that's really what I wanted to blog about today. The Little Nyonya theme song. Have you heard this song before? It was a huge hit back in those days. Listen to it now on YouTube below. 

I like the song and had played it on the piano a few years back. Recently, I decided to play it one more time and recorded my playing on SoundCloud. Here's the result. Hope you like it! : )

Over the years, I have played some other theme songs on the piano. Here are four of them ....
Cloud Atlas Theme Song
1Malaysia Theme Song
Angry Birds Theme Song
Age Of Glory Theme Song

My Ngong Ping Cable Car Ride To Tian Tan Buddha

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During our fifth day in Hong Kong, my friend and I visited the famous giant Tian Tan Buddha (also known as Big Buddha) at Po Lin Monastery in Ngong Ping, Lantau Island.

After our yummy breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe in Mongkok, we took the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) to Tung Chung Station, which is the last stop on the Tung Chung line. As we were departing from Mongkok, we needed to switch to the Tung Chung line at the Lai King MTR Interchange Station. Refer to the MTR map HERE.

By the way, the Tung Chung Station is just one station away from Sunny Bay Station which leads to Hong Kong Disneyland and 2 stations away from Tsing Yi Interchange Station that leads to Hong Kong International Airport.

Alighting from the Tung Chung MTR Station via Exit B, we were greeted with the Citygate Outlets which is a discount shoppers' paradise.

 photo P1130423_zps39430144.jpg

Citygate Outlets offers year-round discounts ranging from 30% - 70% on all merchandise, which are mainly off-season branded goods, so if you are planning to shop in Hong Kong, make sure you shop here! I did not mind the goods being off-season because whatever that is 'off-season' in Hong Kong is still considered 'new arrival' in Malaysia. Haha!

As we were planning to go to Tian Tan Buddha, we did not step into Citygate Outlets that morning. Luckily, we managed to do some shopping here on our return journey later in the evening.

There are 2 modes of transportation from Tung Chung to Tian Tan Buddha. You can either take the bus or the cable car. The bus station is just next to the Citygate Outlets. Of course the bus is much cheaper but it takes a longer time to reach there, about 45 minutes to an hour. In contrast, the cable car ride takes only 25 minutes.

My friend and I decided on the best of both worlds. We opted for the cable car on our journey there and the bus on our return journey. I could not remember the exact fare for the bus and the cable car but we paid HK$98 (US$12.60 / RM41.70) each for this combination.

 photo P1130426_zps0d6f6849.jpg
The escalator leading up to the cable car station

There are 2 different kinds of cable car to choose from - the Standard Cabin and the Crystal Cabin. The difference is that the Crystal Cabin is equipped with a glass bottom, meaning you are standing on a transparent glass floor!

As someone with a fear of heights, I must be crazy to choose the Crystal Cabin which was of course, more expensive than the Standard Cabin. But I guess I just needed to experience it and face my fear!

 photo P1130427_zps13aaa672.jpg

There's actually a third and more expensive option which is Private Cabin, whereby you are given priority boarding and queue-free ticketing, but I think that's really quite unnecessary. We did not really have to queue that long for our cable car anyway.

This is my second cable car ride during my 6-day Hong Kong trip. The first was at Ocean Park. Read about it HERE.

Compared to the 15 minutes cable car ride from The Waterfront to The Summit at Ocean Park, this 25 minutes Ngong Ping cable car ride was more impressive and breathtaking.

Oh look! I could see tiny people jogging below me : )

 photo P1130430_zpsdaeba589.jpg

Rumors about one of the cable cars falling off the ropeway during an extreme testing in 2007 made me a little nervous but I tried to focus on the beautiful view around me. If it's any consolation, I heard that since the MTR Corporation (which manages the MTR system) took over the running of this cable car, no major incident had been reported.

For added safety, the cable car stops operating during strong winds so be prepared to take the bus or postpone the trip if it's an extremely windy day!

 photo P1130432_zpsd9f95fb5.jpg

The 360 degree views around me was stunning. No wonder they called this cable car project the Ngong Ping 360 - a tourism project that involves not only the cable car but also the Ngong Ping village near the Tian Tan Buddha. Check out the map of the Ngong Ping 360 system HERE.

 photo P1130433_zps4c151bbf.jpg

I have totally no regrets choosing this cable car ride.

 photo P1130434_zps036e0f14.jpg

Just look at the amazing view of Tung Chung Bay! Awesome!

 photo P1130435_zpsf6357d4a.jpg

The Ngong Ping cable car is actually a 5.7 km long bi-cable gondola lift system. Quite similar to the cable car system in Genting Highlands although the one at Genting is only 3.38 km long. Do you know what's the difference between a cable car and a gondola? I have no idea, but they call this a cable car anyway.

 photo P1130436_zps74aab2d3.jpg

The weather was just perfect to take photos from inside the cable car. Although the reflections from the glass windows were a bit of a hindrance.

 photo P1130438_zps1b948cea.jpg

We soon reached an angle station at Airport Island. Yes, this is the area near the Hong Kong International Airport. Why angle station? That's because at this station, the cableway makes a 60 degree angle turn!

 photo P1130443_zps44d553be.jpg

Surprisingly, the transparent glass floor of the Crystal Cabin did not seem too frightening for me. Well, I did not purposely try and jump to see if the force of my weight would break the glass, but I was pretty calm. LOL.

 photo P1130445_zps8ffe96b4.jpg

I thought the glass bottom was a great way to see uncluttered bird's eye view of the ground below.

This is the view ahead of us as we moved away from the angle station at the Airport Island.

 photo P1130449_zpsb4f747b0.jpg

The vast scenery of the South China Seas and the high rise buildings were fantastic sights to behold!

 photo P1130453_zps8c5cffce.jpg

One of the many cable cars that passed us going the opposite direction towards Tung Chung.

 photo P1130456_zps417ea0aa.jpg

Ahead of us was the green mountainous terrain landscape of Lantau Island. Beautiful!

 photo P1130460_zpsdbf4ec2d.jpg

That's the Hong Kong International Airport on the left of the angle station which we left behind. I guess the planes were too tiny to be seen in this photo?

 photo P1130464_zps54b3fab3.jpg

Can you see the 60 degree angle turn of the cableway?

 photo P1130465_zps7333527b.jpg

If not mistaken, I think there were altogether 2 angle stations and 8 towers supporting this cable car system. That's one of the towers in the photo below.

 photo P1130467_zps7be704d4.jpg

Each cable car can carry up to 17 people with a seating for 10. During our trip, there were only 4 people (including my friend and I) in our Crystal Cabin. I was glad I could move around freely to take photos.

 photo P1130476_zps26415659.jpg

This is one reason why you should never visit Hong Kong during the peak periods. Imagine sitting in a crammed cable car, unable to take photos of the surrounding 360 degree view! Besides, a crammed cable car with glass bottoms sound a bit risky and scary to me. LOL!

 photo P1130470_zps6d4ae55e.jpg

I remember we also went through another angle station although I did not take any photos of it.

 photo P1130475_zps9d0841b2.jpg

I would say the best view is from this photo below where you can see the serene South China Sea and the green verdant landscape of the mountains.

 photo P1130486_zps41181b4a.jpg

Soon, the Tian Tan Buddha statue came into view. It is one of the biggest Buddha statues in the world although it seemed tiny from here.

 photo P1130504_zps5a5878d0.jpg

As we got nearer to Ngong Ping Station, the Tian Tan Buddha statue appeared larger.

 photo P1130508_zps022411bb.jpg

After riding the impressive cable car for about 25 minutes, we reached our destination. I could not wait to visit the Ngong Ping village and the Tian Tan Buddha!

 photo P1130515_zps33369ead.jpg

For more information on Ngong Ping 360, visit this official website.

A Nightmare In A Haunted Bungalow

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Jerry glanced at the table clock beside his bed. It was 9.15 pm.

He was all alone on the top floor of this 3-storey bungalow. The night was unusually quiet except for some occasional noise from cars passing by outside. 

As he laid down on the bed, he wondered if Marikit, the Filipino maid had already gone to sleep. Her room was on the ground floor and they were the only 2 people staying in his cousin's house that night. 

Earlier in the day, Jerry had arrived from Kuala Lumpur where he stays to visit his cousin Brandon's new bungalow in Johor Bahru. Well, not exactly new as Brandon had bought it second hand from a previous owner who did not stay there long. 

Jerry actually had some business meetings to attend in Johor Bahru and the timing could not be more perfect! What's even better was that his cousin had invited him to stay in his bungalow instead of putting up in a hotel. How nice of him! 

It was such a beautiful bungalow, Jerry had thought when he first saw it. Brandon and his wife had welcomed him that morning. They gave him a tour around their bungalow before flying off with their 3 young kids to Kota Kinabalu to attend a wedding dinner. They would be staying in Kota Kinabalu for 2 nights.

Jerry was out the whole day attending meetings so when he returned that evening, he was pretty tired. Marikit had prepared him a simple dinner which he enjoyed. After dinner, Jerry retired in one of the many bedrooms on the third floor. He had locked the door to his room before taking a shower. Not that he needed to, but somehow it was more out of habit than anything else.

After a good shower, he was ready for a good night sleep. Except that, he could not sleep. Maybe because it was only 9.15 pm. He's not an early sleeper.

Maybe I should send a message to Brandon and ask him how's the wedding dinner, he thought smiling to himself.

He took his mobile phone from the table, sat on the bed and started to type. In the stillness of the night, he suddenly heard a squeaking sound. He looked up and froze. The handle on his bedroom's door was moving up and down. Some one outside was trying to open the locked door!

His first thought was Marikit. Before he could open his mouth to ask, there was a sudden loud banging on the door! It was so loud and the banging was done so forcefully Jerry jumped.

What the hell was that?! 

Suddenly the banging stopped. Dead silence.

Jerry stopped breathing. What the bloody hell was that?

As if in response to Jerry's question, the loud banging suddenly resumed, even more forcefully. Jerry felt a chill ran down his spine. Oh my God, who's banging on that door? 

He could see the door rattling as if it was going to break open anytime. Jerry's heart was pounding furiously. He had never been so scared in his life!

The banging continued for a few more seconds before stopping again.

Instinctively, Jerry grabbed his mobile phone and started to dial Brandon's number. But he could not dial it. His hands were shaking so much, he kept pressing the wrong button. Even holding the phone proved to be a challenge.

Oh God, oh God help me please! He prayed.

When he finally managed to get through to Brandon, he was stammering so badly that Brandon had to ask him to calm down. After hearing about the whole incident, Brandon told Jerry to stay inside his room while he make a quick check on his home CCTV camera via his handphone for any sign of intruders.

Jerry kept staring at the door expecting it to bang again any time, but it was silent. His eyes were also fixed onto the door handle. What if it starts turning again?

It seemed like eternity but after about a minute, Brandon called back to say no intruders were shown on the CCTV camera located outside the house corridor.

So who or what was banging on the door? 

That thought made Jerry even more frightened. Brandon calmed him down saying he had called the guards from the guard house to come over. In the meantime, Jerry were to stay inside his room.

When the guards arrived, Jerry ran to the door, unlocked it and ran helter skelter through the dim hall and down two flight of stairs to the front door without looking back for even a second. The two guards could see how frightened he looked. All these commotion had woken up Marikit, who emerged from her room to listen to Jerry's scary story.

The guards went up to the third floor with Jerry and Marikit following closely behind but they found nothing. It was then that Marikit broke her silence. In her Filipino accent, she told Jerry she had experienced the same thing during the first night she stayed in the house. And just like Jerry, she had locked the door to her room on the ground floor. When she stopped locking her door on subsequent nights, there was no more banging incident.

After the guards left, Jerry and Marikit decided to stay inside his room for the rest of the night. Two people are definitely better than being all alone in this haunted place! 

Image source

There was a mattress in the room which Marikit could sleep on while Jerry would sleep on his bed. Still visibly shaken, he decided not to lock the door this time. It was difficult to fall asleep but somehow Jerry slept all the way till morning.

When he woke up, the sunshine was shining in through the window. Recalling the night's events, Jerry quickly glanced at the mattress where Marikit slept. She was not there. He quickly got down from his bed and went out of the room, calling her name. He found her downstairs in the kitchen.

When Marikit saw him, she quickly beckoned him to come over and then softly she whispered in her Filipino accent.

"Do you know what I saw last night in your room?"

"What?" Jerry sounded nervous.

"I saw you got down from your bed and walked past me towards the door. You opened the door and went out."

"That's not me! I was not even awake!" Jerry protested.

"I am quite sure it's you." Marikit said firmly. "The only thing is, I could not see your face. You were covered with the blanket from head to toe."

Note : This is a true story. It was related to me by a friend. Jerry (not his real name) is her friend and he was so frightened by this incident that when he returned to KL he quickly called up my friend to tell her his story. His cousin and the family are still staying in the bungalow. They did not experience anything unusual so far. According to Jerry, there is one explanation for this. None of them lock their bedroom doors when they sleep at night.

Polo Bun, Milk Tea And Egg Tart At Kam Wah Cafe

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One of the best breakfasts I had in Hong Kong was at Kam Wah Cafe.

Located at 47, Bute Street in Mongkok, Kam Wah Cafe is a very well known and popular cha chaan teng in Hong Kong. It is even patronized by famous Hong Kong TVB stars!

Cha chaan teng, by the way, is something like a cafe or local eatery in Hong Kong that serves comfort food at reasonable prices. They can be found almost everywhere in the streets of Hong Kong and the locals love to go there for their breakfast, lunch, tea and even dinner!

 photo P1130417_zpsad1c2876.jpg

On my 5th day in Hong Kong, my friend and I decided to check out this famous cafe. We had planned to visit the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery in Lantau Island that day, so we decided to wake up early for a good breakfast before the trip.

The cafe was quite full but not full enough for my friend and I to share table with others like what we did at another excellent cha chaan teng - Australia Dairy Company. Read about it HERE.

Kam Wah Cafe is famous for their polo bao (also spelt as boluo bao lit. pineapple bun) so that was something we made sure we order. We also ordered their egg tarts and milk tea.

 photo P1130407_zps1c150a9e.jpg

The egg tart was one of the most delicious I have ever eaten! The filling was soft and smooth and the thickness of the crust was just right. Definitely beats Malaysia's famous Tong Kee egg tarts in my opinion.

 photo P1130401_zps027a390f.jpg

The polo bun was absolutely awesome! Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, it was the best polo bun I have ever eaten in my life! No kidding!

For the uninitiated, there is no pineapple in the polo bun. It is so called because the top of the bun resembles pineapple skin. So please do not search for the pineapple and make the mistake of asking the waiter where the pineapple is. LOL!

 photo P1130406_zps113aaad7.jpg

There are many ways to eat this polo bun. You can just eat it plain as it's slightly sweet on its own. Or you can eat it with eggs sandwiched in the middle.

But the most delicious is to eat it with salted butter! Polo bao with a thick slab of butter wedged in the center is known as polo yau. This can be found in a lot of cafes throughout Hong Kong, but the best is probably at Kam Wah Cafe. Somehow, the saltiness of the butter mixed with the sweetness of the polo bun's crust makes it taste oh, so heavenly.

Gosh, I'm drooling even as I'm writing this!

 photo P1130404_zps02cf25b7.jpg

I've forgotten to take a photo of the polo yau - must be too hungry that I gobbled it up before realizing I did not take a shot! LOL!

We also ate another version of polo bun which came with char siew (barbecued pork), shredded lettuce and mayonnaise sauce.  It was super delicious!! But I still think nothing beats the simple polo yau.

 photo P1130412_zps2f213d42.jpg

By the way, they provide forks for you to eat the polo bun. You need the fork to press down and compress the bun before putting in your mouth. At least that's how I see the locals eat their polo buns. Please do not use your hand and eat it like you are eating a McDonald's burger. LOL!

As for the milk tea, I have tasted many milk teas in Hong Kong during my trip and I have to say this one is the best so far!! Of course I have not been to enough places to say it's really the best, but I think you will not be disappointed with the milk tea at Kam Wah.

 photo P1130416_zps08907e59.jpg

Their milk tea has strong tea aroma and very smooth on the throat. It's also not sweet because they use evaporated milk, not sweet condensed milk. For me, it was even better than the one I drank at Australia Dairy Company which is another cafe I highly recommend.

The brand of milk they use is the Black & White Milk from Holland as seen from the cups and also the plaques hanging on the wall.

 photo P1130413_zps9f86f272.jpg

By the way, I have to say that the pairing of the milk tea and the polo bun was just perfect! Add an egg tart to this combination and you will have the most delightful breakfast ever! I've forgotten the price but I think this set (picture below) will not cost you more than HK$50 (US$6.50 / RM21.00).

 photo P1130409_zps439fbb30.jpg

My friend and I were so satisfied with our meal here that we decided to return for breakfast again the next day!  One thing good about Kam Wah Cafe is that despite being crowded most of the time, the service is prompt and the waiters and waitresses are not rude, unlike in many other eateries in Hong Kong.

It was our 6th and last day in Hong Kong, so we made absolutely sure we would not miss another round of breakfast at Kam Wah Cafe.

This time, we went for egg tarts, thick toast and milk tea.

 photo P1130797_zpsa9bcc652.jpg

The egg tarts were so delicious I was tempted to take away some but in the end, I did not.

 photo P1130796_zps18f545f3.jpg

The thick toast came with melted butter. This was not my favorite as I felt it was too unhealthy with the excess fat, sugar and oil.

 photo P1130799_zpsef68797a.jpg

Of course, we also ordered the polo bun. How could we not? LOL!

 photo P1130802_zpse8848954.jpg

I heard that pork lard were used for the top crust of this polo bun - probably that explains why it was so delicious! Further more, it was no ordinary pork lard. The pork lard was imported all the way from Holland!

 photo P1130800_zps021ae8ca.jpg

Can you see the char siew (barbecued pork) and shredded lettuce with some mayonnaise sauce? Yummy! If you only eat ONE thing at Kam Wah Cafe, make sure it's the polo bun!

 photo P1130801_zpsd70dfe0d.jpg

Besides the polo buns and egg tarts, the cafe also serves noodles, macaroni and ham in soup, and also instant noodles with luncheon meat and egg which the locals seem to love so much.

There's also a counter at the shop front where you can buy the buns and egg tarts for take-away.

 photo P1130414_zps565eddcd.jpg

I missed the Hong Kong polo buns and milk tea so much that when I came back to Malaysia, I went on a desperate search for them. Unfortunately, I could not find any that could match the quality and taste of the ones I had in Hong Kong.

The polo bun I had at OldTown White Coffee was horrendous to say the least, and the milk tea was no where near the Hong Kong standards. Even the polo buns sold at most bakery shops were far from good. Looks like I have to fly to Hong Kong again just for their yummy polo buns, egg tarts and milk tea!

If you ever go Hong Kong, do not miss this Kam Wah Cafe. It may not be the best cafe in Hong Kong, but it's absolutely one of the very best!

Roast Goose Rice At Kowloon Chinese Style Restaurant

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Having eaten roast goose rice in the morning for breakfast before my friend and I visited Hong Kong Disneyland, we were craving for roast goose rice again for dinner.

So as soon as we reached Mongkok after a whole day at Disneyland, we searched for a restaurant selling roast goose rice and ended up at Kowloon Chinese Style Restaurant located at Fa Yuen Street.

 photo P1130388_zpsaa1b38a0.jpg

The roast goose was yummy as expected. Eating the meat dipped in plum sauce was heavenly.

 photo P1130389_zps8378ad7f.jpg

I saw rows of geese hanging near the kitchen area.

 photo P1130391_zpse55ad373.jpg

The plate of roast goose rice cost me HK$43 (US$5.55 / RM18.15).

 photo P1130392_zps93c31339.jpg

After dinner, we went to Hui Lau Shan again for dessert. Yes, we actually love Hui Lau Shan so much we went there every night! But it's a different outlet each time as there were practically one Hui Lau Shan outlet at almost every street! You can read about it HERE.

That night, we passed by a stall selling these.

 photo P1130395_zps2bca06bf.jpg

It looked yummy so we bought a few to eat.

 photo P1130396_zps9681029e.jpg

Strangely, I could not remember how they tasted like and how much they cost. I guess they were probably not that delicious after all otherwise I would remember them right? LOL!

 photo P1130397_zps72d9013b.jpg

It's also possible that they did not taste delicious because I ate them cold. If you spot this stall and buy the cakes, remember to eat them while still warm!

Coming Up Next : My Yummy Breakfast At Kam Wah Cafe