Roast Goose Rice At Kowloon Chinese Style Restaurant

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Having eaten roast goose rice in the morning for breakfast before my friend and I visited Hong Kong Disneyland, we were craving for roast goose rice again for dinner.

So as soon as we reached Mongkok after a whole day at Disneyland, we searched for a restaurant selling roast goose rice and ended up at Kowloon Chinese Style Restaurant located at Fa Yuen Street.

 photo P1130388_zpsaa1b38a0.jpg

The roast goose was yummy as expected. Eating the meat dipped in plum sauce was heavenly.

 photo P1130389_zps8378ad7f.jpg

I saw rows of geese hanging near the kitchen area.

 photo P1130391_zpse55ad373.jpg

The plate of roast goose rice cost me HK$43 (US$5.55 / RM18.15).

 photo P1130392_zps93c31339.jpg

After dinner, we went to Hui Lau Shan again for dessert. Yes, we actually love Hui Lau Shan so much we went there every night! But it's a different outlet each time as there were practically one Hui Lau Shan outlet at almost every street! You can read about it HERE.

That night, we passed by a stall selling these.

 photo P1130395_zps2bca06bf.jpg

It looked yummy so we bought a few to eat.

 photo P1130396_zps9681029e.jpg

Strangely, I could not remember how they tasted like and how much they cost. I guess they were probably not that delicious after all otherwise I would remember them right? LOL!

 photo P1130397_zps72d9013b.jpg

It's also possible that they did not taste delicious because I ate them cold. If you spot this stall and buy the cakes, remember to eat them while still warm!

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