My Visit To Hong Kong Disneyland (Part 1)

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On my 4th day in Hong Kong, my friend and I visited Hong Kong Disneyland at Lantau Island.

It's my first time visiting this famous theme park, so even though Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest Disneyland in the world, I was still pretty excited!

The admission price for Hong Kong Disneyland for a 1-day pass was HK$350 (US$45 / RM145). It has since been revised to HK$450 (US$58 / RM187), probably due to the expansion of new themed areas.

We managed to buy the tickets from our hotel boss, who acted as agent, for HK$320, a savings of HK$30! That's pretty good savings, no? : )

 photo P1130132_zps831c924a.jpg

These are two tickets with images of different Disney characters. The above is Stitch from Lilo and Stitch and below is Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story.

 photo P1130134_zpsee2cbb19.jpg

Before we went Disneyland, we had our breakfast in Mongkok where we stayed. Since we did not have the chance to eat roasted goose rice during our trip so far, we decided to purposely search for a restaurant serving exactly that!

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I have forgotten the name of this restaurant, but the roast goose rice was pretty good!

 photo P1130143_zpsc18e4b4a.jpg

The roast goose rice came with glass lettuce and plum sauce. I just love their generous amount of glass lettuce!! The price was HK$31 (US$4 / RM13) which was pretty reasonable considering the huge portion.

I doubt you can get such yummy roasted goose in Malaysia. Even Canton-i's roast goose which was priced higher at about RM50 (US$15.50) was not as good as this one - and this was just an average looking (not high class) restaurant in Mongkok.

We also ordered some noodles (not sure the name) but it was not really nice.

 photo P1130145_zps1285a498.jpg

After filling our tummies, it was time to go Disneyland. From Mongkok, we took the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) via the Tsuen Wan line to Lai King interchange station, where we switched to Tung Chung line. We alighted 2 stations later, at Sunny Bay Station and from there took the special Disneyland Resort line MTR to Disneyland.

It was all pretty seamless and very convenient! Refer and download the MTR map HERE.

 photo P1130147_zps9e766f4a.jpg

The Disneyland MTR train was pretty cute with Mickey Mouse shaped windows!

 photo P1130148_zps8ca9fbb5.jpg

The train inside was filled with Disney-themed objects and displays.

 photo P1130149_zps0f68de40.jpg

Even the handrail hangers were in the shape of Mickey Mouse!

 photo P1130151_zps229e8bf3.jpg

Within a short time, we reached the Disneyland Resort Station.

 photo P1130153_zpse7ceb37e.jpg

The sight of the entrance archway was enough to keep any children and the young at hearts feeling happy!

 photo P1130155_zps447d5eeb.jpg

This is the Disneyland Resort MTR Station behind us.

 photo P1130157_zpse824aa22.jpg

Walking further in from the entrance archway, the sight of this beautiful fountain welcome us.

 photo P1130162_zps7c9df116.jpg

Cute Minnie Mouse!

 photo P1130163_zps7c8e1bc0.jpg

It was a beautiful morning at Hong Kong Disneyland. Breezy and cooling without the hot sun that is so prevalent during summer time. That's why you must visit Hong Kong during the colder months in March or April.

 photo P1130167_zpsd60a10fc.jpg

During my visit 2 years ago, Hong Kong Disneyland was divided into 4 themed areas - Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland and Tomorrowland. Now it has added 3 more themed areas - Toy Story Land,  Grizzly Gulch and Mystic Point.

 photo P1130170_zpsffc002f7.jpg

Below is the Disneyland Railroad Station. You can take a grand tour of the entire theme park aboard an excursion-style train which features a stop at Fantasyland.

 photo P1130171_zps01a623d6.jpg

It's quite impossible to take pictures without other people posing in front of my camera, so just so you know, those people posing in front of that Railroad Station are not supposed to be in the picture. LOL!

Never, ever miss the Flight Of Fantasy Parade when you go Disneyland in Hong Kong! It's a scheduled daytime parade of Disney characters along the the main road at Main Street USA themed area.

 photo P1130180_zps23ef9df7.jpg

The parade started with Dumbo and Timothy Mouse on a float. Notice the number 5? That's Hong Kong Disneyland celebrating its 5th anniversary!

A word of advice : Before you enter the theme park proper, make sure you take the brochures with detailed information of the parade schedules and other attractions. Then plan your activities around those schedules!

 photo P1130179_zps34b74c76.jpg

The red arrows on the brochure's map show the route of the Flights Of Fantasy Parade. You should be ready with your camera anywhere by the road side along the route before the scheduled time if you do not want to miss anything!

 photo P1170571_zps680493ad.jpg

There were altogether about 7 different floats if not mistaken. The parade lasted about 20 minutes overall.

 photo P1130182_zpsd8bffee8.jpg

I have to admit I am not a huge Disney fan so I was not too excited seeing all the lovable Disney characters came to life! In fact, I found Ocean Park (which I visited on Day 2) much more enjoyable compared to Disneyland.

But all those children! You could see they were wide eyed and totally awed!

 photo P1130183_zps89302ea9.jpg

OK, I will now leave you to enjoy the rest of the photos I took during the parade. Can you name all the Disney characters in my photos?

 photo P1130184_zps0fcfadd7.jpg

 photo P1130185_zps357d8bdf.jpg

 photo P1130186_zps5c3bcf22.jpg

 photo P1130187_zpsb62ac879.jpg

 photo P1130188_zpsc9b931b1.jpg

 photo P1130189_zps59be0279.jpg

 photo P1130190_zpse18fee3f.jpg

 photo P1130191_zps4afbf360.jpg

 photo P1130192_zps9040dd57.jpg

 photo P1130194_zps5dcee2ca.jpg

 photo P1130195_zps27c48241.jpg

 photo P1130196_zpsb363dab7.jpg

 photo P1130197_zpsb35766f7.jpg

 photo P1130199_zps402f3ac0.jpg

 photo P1130202_zps5742c71a.jpg

 photo P1130204_zpsc90614f0.jpg

 photo P1130205_zpsd94a89de.jpg

 photo P1130206_zps1183d8f7.jpg

 photo P1130209_zps5864fc50.jpg

 photo P1130208_zpsa51a576a.jpg

 photo P1130211_zps5241072c.jpg

 photo P1130213_zps0c31c8ac.jpg

 photo P1130220_zps18d66e05.jpg

 photo P1130225_zps327e0d86.jpg

 photo P1130228_zpsbb45f941.jpg

 photo P1130230_zpsd12f868d.jpg

 photo P1130231_zpsdc5137f8.jpg

 photo P1130232_zps959ce02c.jpg

 photo P1130235_zpsf8f93187.jpg

Which float is your favorite? Which Disney character you like best?

More of Hong Kong Disneyland in Part 2, so stay tuned : )