My Visit To Hong Kong Disneyland (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

There were many shops along the Main Street USA in Hong Kong Disneyland.

 photo P1130239_zpsf1f4cb1d.jpg

Balloons for the kids!

 photo P1130242_zpsdfbbd77d.jpg

After the Flights Of Fantasy Parade was over (refer to Part 1), my friend and I decided to visit some of the shops here.

 photo P1130241_zps918512b0.jpg

No, I did not buy many things. They were all pretty expensive!

 photo P1130245_zps4e981ef3.jpg

If you are into Disney toys and plushies, you will love this store!

 photo P1130237_zps783b83df.jpg

I saw a cute Winnie the Pooh which can be made to dance.

 photo P1130236_zps97499839.jpg

See how it dances LOL!

Some of the stuffs I bought here were these beautiful key chain souvenirs.

 photo P1170542_zps3329d0ee.jpg

Mickey Mouse keychain priced at HK$65 (US$8.40 / RM27.25).

 photo P1170543_zpsf8aa6f12.jpg

These 2 key chains below selling at HK$95 (US$12.25 / RM39.85) a pair.

 photo P1170545_zpsb58704cf.jpg

Prices were expensive as expected from a Disneyland store, but the quality was first class. No regrets buying them!

After shopping, we walked towards the Sleeping Beauty Castle which is an entrance into Fantasyland.

 photo P1130247_zps6cf27a06.jpg

On the way, we bypassed a nice garden.

 photo P1130249_zps95482534.jpg

The Sleeping Beauty Castle, which is the backdrop for the famous "Disney in the Stars" Fireworks at 9pm daily.

 photo P1130253_zpscda9f0cf.jpg

Pass the moat and the grand gates to get into the castle!

 photo P1130257_zps71ba44dc.jpg

The number 5 there shows Hong Kong Disneyland celebrating its 5th anniversary.

 photo P1130262_zps0620182e.jpg

Coming out on the other side, this is the view of the castle from inside Fantasyland.

 photo P1130266_zpsbad87ece.jpg

A closer shot of its many spires.

 photo P1130267_zps8ac372f0.jpg

A view from behind the castle gates.

 photo P1130268_zpsc879d617.jpg

Other buildings inside Fantasyland.

 photo P1130270_zps2ced3526.jpg

One of the first rides I saw in Fantasyland was the Cinderella Carousel.

 photo P1130272_zpsf0c3e49f.jpg

Quite a huge Carousel but I did not get to ride on it.

 photo P1130273_zps1406d993.jpg

There were quite long queues everywhere so I did not bother to queue for all those rides!

 photo P1130274_zps2c5dc66f.jpg

Instead, I was more interested in the 3D animated film at Mickey's PhilharMagic!

 photo P1130277_zpsc7d31889.jpg

So, yes my friend and I queued up for this. We queued for about half an hour, but it's all worth it!

The view from inside the cinema hall before the show starts.

 photo P1130278_zpsd89f0ffc.jpg

The 12-minute 3D animated show was excellent! This is a special cinema made specially for showcasing the 3D effects and they were so real! The Disney characters really came out of the screen like they were three dimensional. I especially like the magic carpet ride with Jasmine and Aladdin!

A huge surprise awaits at the end of the show when Donald Duck shoots out of the screen. Don't forget to turn around and look at Donald stuck in the wall behind! It was both awesome and memorable!

Guess what? After watching the 3D show here, I had since stopped watching all those 'fake' 3D movies in conventional cinemas.

If we had more time, I would not mind queuing for another round of this 3D movie. But alas, time was not on our side. Next we went to Adventureland.

 photo P1130279_zps137b44dc.jpg

Nice entrance into Adventureland. Like those fire!

 photo P1130283_zpsb3d4da95.jpg

The first thing my friend and I did was to queue up for the famous "Festival of the Lion King" musical. I do not know why I did not take a single picture of this musical!! Maybe I was too excited! LOL!

The roughly half an hour musical was excellent! I enjoyed all the songs, acting and dancing. Definitely worth watching a second time!

By the time we finished with the musical, it was already evening. We had to time ourselves as we had to be back at the Main Street to catch the fireworks at 9pm.

We went for the Jungle River Cruise which was more for children than adults. But it was still quite enjoyable! Then we climbed up the Tarzan's Treehouse (photo below). That was fun!

 photo P1130284_zpsa1f1ad91.jpg

If you are wondering why there are hardly any photos on the Jungle River Cruise and the Tarzan's Treehouse, that's because I was trying to conserve my camera's batteries for the fireworks shots later.

Well before 9pm, we were already at the open space in front of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.

 photo P1130292_zps14436617.jpg

The lightings seemed to change color making the castle look really beautiful at night.

 photo P1130295_zpse32687cc.jpg

There was a huge crowd there, all waiting for the firework show to begin.

 photo P1130297_zpsa68e80f8.jpg

And then the fireworks started. I managed to take a few shots.

 photo P1130302_zps39abc43e.jpg

 photo P1130306_zpsea3b442a.jpg

 photo P1130307_zps287917c4.jpg

 photo P1130308_zps322a42f5.jpg

 photo P1130315_zps4bbda7ac.jpg

 photo P1130316_zps709278fa.jpg

 photo P1130317_zps5ab7fdda.jpg

I also took a video of the latter part of the fireworks display with my iPhone which you can watch at the bottom of this post.

Somehow, I was not too impressed with the fireworks. Maybe I was expecting too much? LOL!

 photo P1130324_zpsdf3f7961.jpg

It was time to leave Disneyland. But before that, we strolled along Main Street USA and visited some of the shops again just for fun.

 photo P1130333_zps6f8a07d4.jpg

More photos of the shops along Main Street USA...

 photo P1130332_zpsd2489f20.jpg

 photo P1130334_zpsbd6522ef.jpg

 photo P1130337_zps8b2830eb.jpg

 photo P1130338_zpse7f4f227.jpg

I took a photo of the glass window display in one of the shops.

 photo P1130353_zps590d2dfe.jpg

Another window display. Notice the reflection on the glass?

 photo P1130359_zpsb52ac806.jpg

Almost wanted to do some last minute shopping, but stopped myself. LOL!

 photo P1130347_zps52add687.jpg

The City Hall near to the entrance/exit.

 photo P1130371_zpsf3946553.jpg

The place was almost deserted as many had already left. We did not feel like leaving just yet. Haha!

 photo P1130367_zps512badd0.jpg

Remember the fountain we saw when we entered Disneyland during the morning in Part 1? This is how it looks like at night.

 photo P1130374_zps4f2eb4e2.jpg

We had an enjoyable time at Hong Kong Disneyland, although I enjoyed Ocean Park more. Perhaps I was not really a big fan of Disney shows and all those Disney characters.

 photo P1130379_zpsb65b0f43.jpg

Here's the video of the fireworks display during the last 3 minutes.

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