A Nightmare In A Haunted Bungalow

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Jerry glanced at the table clock beside his bed. It was 9.15 pm.

He was all alone on the top floor of this 3-storey bungalow. The night was unusually quiet except for some occasional noise from cars passing by outside. 

As he laid down on the bed, he wondered if Marikit, the Filipino maid had already gone to sleep. Her room was on the ground floor and they were the only 2 people staying in his cousin's house that night. 

Earlier in the day, Jerry had arrived from Kuala Lumpur where he stays to visit his cousin Brandon's new bungalow in Johor Bahru. Well, not exactly new as Brandon had bought it second hand from a previous owner who did not stay there long. 

Jerry actually had some business meetings to attend in Johor Bahru and the timing could not be more perfect! What's even better was that his cousin had invited him to stay in his bungalow instead of putting up in a hotel. How nice of him! 

It was such a beautiful bungalow, Jerry had thought when he first saw it. Brandon and his wife had welcomed him that morning. They gave him a tour around their bungalow before flying off with their 3 young kids to Kota Kinabalu to attend a wedding dinner. They would be staying in Kota Kinabalu for 2 nights.

Jerry was out the whole day attending meetings so when he returned that evening, he was pretty tired. Marikit had prepared him a simple dinner which he enjoyed. After dinner, Jerry retired in one of the many bedrooms on the third floor. He had locked the door to his room before taking a shower. Not that he needed to, but somehow it was more out of habit than anything else.

After a good shower, he was ready for a good night sleep. Except that, he could not sleep. Maybe because it was only 9.15 pm. He's not an early sleeper.

Maybe I should send a message to Brandon and ask him how's the wedding dinner, he thought smiling to himself.

He took his mobile phone from the table, sat on the bed and started to type. In the stillness of the night, he suddenly heard a squeaking sound. He looked up and froze. The handle on his bedroom's door was moving up and down. Some one outside was trying to open the locked door!

His first thought was Marikit. Before he could open his mouth to ask, there was a sudden loud banging on the door! It was so loud and the banging was done so forcefully Jerry jumped.

What the hell was that?! 

Suddenly the banging stopped. Dead silence.

Jerry stopped breathing. What the bloody hell was that?

As if in response to Jerry's question, the loud banging suddenly resumed, even more forcefully. Jerry felt a chill ran down his spine. Oh my God, who's banging on that door? 

He could see the door rattling as if it was going to break open anytime. Jerry's heart was pounding furiously. He had never been so scared in his life!

The banging continued for a few more seconds before stopping again.

Instinctively, Jerry grabbed his mobile phone and started to dial Brandon's number. But he could not dial it. His hands were shaking so much, he kept pressing the wrong button. Even holding the phone proved to be a challenge.

Oh God, oh God help me please! He prayed.

When he finally managed to get through to Brandon, he was stammering so badly that Brandon had to ask him to calm down. After hearing about the whole incident, Brandon told Jerry to stay inside his room while he make a quick check on his home CCTV camera via his handphone for any sign of intruders.

Jerry kept staring at the door expecting it to bang again any time, but it was silent. His eyes were also fixed onto the door handle. What if it starts turning again?

It seemed like eternity but after about a minute, Brandon called back to say no intruders were shown on the CCTV camera located outside the house corridor.

So who or what was banging on the door? 

That thought made Jerry even more frightened. Brandon calmed him down saying he had called the guards from the guard house to come over. In the meantime, Jerry were to stay inside his room.

When the guards arrived, Jerry ran to the door, unlocked it and ran helter skelter through the dim hall and down two flight of stairs to the front door without looking back for even a second. The two guards could see how frightened he looked. All these commotion had woken up Marikit, who emerged from her room to listen to Jerry's scary story.

The guards went up to the third floor with Jerry and Marikit following closely behind but they found nothing. It was then that Marikit broke her silence. In her Filipino accent, she told Jerry she had experienced the same thing during the first night she stayed in the house. And just like Jerry, she had locked the door to her room on the ground floor. When she stopped locking her door on subsequent nights, there was no more banging incident.

After the guards left, Jerry and Marikit decided to stay inside his room for the rest of the night. Two people are definitely better than being all alone in this haunted place! 

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There was a mattress in the room which Marikit could sleep on while Jerry would sleep on his bed. Still visibly shaken, he decided not to lock the door this time. It was difficult to fall asleep but somehow Jerry slept all the way till morning.

When he woke up, the sunshine was shining in through the window. Recalling the night's events, Jerry quickly glanced at the mattress where Marikit slept. She was not there. He quickly got down from his bed and went out of the room, calling her name. He found her downstairs in the kitchen.

When Marikit saw him, she quickly beckoned him to come over and then softly she whispered in her Filipino accent.

"Do you know what I saw last night in your room?"

"What?" Jerry sounded nervous.

"I saw you got down from your bed and walked past me towards the door. You opened the door and went out."

"That's not me! I was not even awake!" Jerry protested.

"I am quite sure it's you." Marikit said firmly. "The only thing is, I could not see your face. You were covered with the blanket from head to toe."

Note : This is a true story. It was related to me by a friend. Jerry (not his real name) is her friend and he was so frightened by this incident that when he returned to KL he quickly called up my friend to tell her his story. His cousin and the family are still staying in the bungalow. They did not experience anything unusual so far. According to Jerry, there is one explanation for this. None of them lock their bedroom doors when they sleep at night.