Dinner At Ming Yuen Noodles Restaurant

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Besides sightseeing, the other thing that made me really enjoyed my holidays in Hong Kong was the food! In fact, I do not mind flying all the way to Hong Kong just for the food alone.

After my friend and I descended from The Peak, we walked to the the Central MTR Station and took the MTR back to Mongkok. It was already 9pm at that time, so there were not many people in the MTR train.

 photo P1130101_zps037f7cf4.jpg

After we alighted at Mongkok, we walked around the streets before deciding to eat at this restaurant called Ming Yuen Noodles Restaurant. Located at Soy Street, this restaurants serves mainly noodles.

 photo P1130117_zps98af238a.jpg

I ordered this braised noodles with wontons. The noodles were springy and came with oyster sauce and  if not mistaken, glass lettuce. I can't imagine our very own Malaysian wonton noodles with glass lettuce, can you?

 photo P1130108_zps997da2da.jpg

The wontons came separately in a bowl of soup. They were super huge, fresh, juicy and simply delicious!!

 photo P1130109_zpsffceb058.jpg

My friend ordered this braised noodles with stewed ox-tripe. It came with servings of offal, liver and the the innards which I'm sorry to say, really puts me off. LOL.

 photo P1130107_zps4040c7fc.jpg

My friend loved it a lot though. I guess not everyone will like eating all these inner organs, but if you do, then chances are you will love it too.

 photo P1130113_zpsc80d619e.jpg

One thing I love about the food in Hong Kong is that the portion is huge and the taste ranges from satisfying to excellent. Rarely did I come across any food that taste horrible or unpalatable.

The only problem is you almost always need to share tables with others, and the service is normally not very good either. When we needed to pay the bill, the male waiter rudely directed us to the cash counter. My friend said the waiter acted more like a gangster than a waiter haha!

 photo P1130103_zpsac443af1.jpg

The saving grace is of course the yummy food. I think that is so important because with delicious food, I am willing to forgive the restaurant for poor service.

But I have to say, having experienced dining in Hong Kong, I kind of appreciate Malaysian restaurants more, not because our Malaysian food is tastier, but because I always get a whole table to myself even if I am dining all alone. Haha!!

 photo P1130115_zps3ee48f9b.jpg

After our dinner at Ming Yuen, we strolled around and ended up at Hui Lau Shan. I simply love the mango desserts at Hui Lau Shan and we had it almost every night. I have already blogged about Hui Lau Shan - you can read it HERE.

This is the end of Day 3 in Hong Kong. The next day would be exciting as it would be my very first trip to Disneyland Hong Kong! Stay tuned : )

Night Views Of Hong Kong From The Sky Terrace

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OK, dear readers. It's back to my Hong Kong travel posts again!

This is the trip I made with my friend back in March 2011. I know, I know - that's like 2 years ago. But there were so many other things to blog about and I had to keep putting it off.

Anyway, to refresh your memory, here are all the Hong Kong posts I have blogged about thus far, in chronological order.

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Phew!! 20 posts and I have only covered 3 days out of the 6 days I was there. Brace for more, folks! : )

Continuing from where I left off, as soon as my friend and I came out of Madame Tussauds at The Peak, we headed up the escalator to the Sky Terrace.

Since the Sky Terrace pass could only be used once, we decided to go up at night to get a panoramic night view of Hong Kong city. This was what greeted us at the top!

 photo P1130035_zpsfd525974.jpg

It was breathtaking, although my not-so-good photo may not be doing it full justice. By the way, those white specks or grainy spots are not haze or polluted air, but digital noise due to lack of light, and of course the not-big-enough sensor in my humble Lumix LX3 camera.

 photo P1130057_zps63174f55.jpg

There were quite a lot of people at the Sky Terrace but thankfully, not overly crowded. I could remember how strong the wind was blowing at that time. I felt a little chilled, but thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant weather.

 photo P1130061_zps63792898.jpg

By the way, did you know that at 428 metres above sea level, the Sky Terrace boasts the highest 360-degree viewing platform in Hong Kong?

View the Sky Terrace from below during the day time HERE.

 photo P1130065_zps00cd3779.jpg

More photos below ....

 photo P1130072_zps32369afd.jpg

 photo P1130036_zps0cc12a06.jpg

 photo P1130053_zpsda432a5a.jpg

We spent about half an hour up here to soak in the night air and the wonderful atmosphere. Looking back, I truly miss this place.

Soon, it was time to descend The Peak. There was quite a long queue at the Peak Tram Station. Luckily, we did not have to wait too long. While waiting for the tram to arrive, I took a picture of this.

 photo P1130076_zpse90a07b9.jpg

For photos of the Peak Tram, click HERE.

When we reached the Peak Tram Terminus at the bottom, we made our way to the Central Station to take the MTR back to Mongkok where we stayed. Along the way to the Station, we enjoyed looking at  some of the Hong Kong buildings and landmarks.

 photo P1130077_zps0b45c8a9.jpg

These are two iconic buildings in Hong Kong. On the left is Cheung Kong Center, which was designed by Cesar Pelli, the same person who designed Malaysia's famous Petronas Twin Towers. On the right is the Bank Of China Tower which resembles a bamboo shoot.

 photo P1130078_zpsd1099f7e.jpg

A bit further from Cheung Kong Center is the famous HSBC Tower, which is one of the most expensive buildings in the world built at the cost of US$668 million.

 photo P1130088_zps6671f41f.jpg

 photo P1130085_zpsc5c9759a.jpg

To view some of these buildings in the daytime, click HERE.

Another photo of the two iconic buildings - this time, the Cheung Kong Center on the right and the Bank Of China Tower of the left.

 photo P1130098_zpsddfa40b0.jpg

I was glad I managed to capture Hong Kong's second tallest building - the International Finance Center (the second building from the right in the photo below).

 photo P1130097_zpsd5641216.jpg

I had a great time walking the Hong Kong streets at night to admire all these buildings. But my tummy was already growling. It was time for dinner and I could not wait to get back to Mongkok for some yummy Hong Kong food!

Walking The KLCC - Bukit Bintang Pedestrian Walkway

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Note : This post is long overdue. Supposed to blog this sometime in January this year but forgot all about it until I stumbled upon these photos in my laptop. Anyway, better late than never : )

Early last year (2012), a fully air-conditioned pedestrian walkway linking KLCC and Bukit Bintang was opened to the public. I wanted to try this walkway for the longest time but only had the chance to do so in January this year.

Starting from the KL Convention Centre which is linked to Suria KLCC shopping mall via an underground pedestrian tunnel, I went up the elevator.

The elevated walkway as seen from the top of the elevator.

There were not many people using this walkway. Probably because it was still early in the morning? But it was very safe as there were security guards stationed at strategic places to keep a look out and also to help with directions.

The walkway was clean and well maintained, which I think is quite impressive considering that it was launched one year ago. With ample lightings and working air-condition, I felt quite comfortable walking here.

Built at the cost of RM100 million (financed by Petronas as part of its social contribution program), this 562m long and 5m wide elevated walkway provides a direct link between two popular shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, namely Suria KLCC and Pavilion KL.

That's right! Now you can walk from Suria KLCC to Pavilion KL and back safely, shielded from the sun and rain in air-conditioned comfort! How awesome is that!

The walkway passes through Jalan Pinang, Jalan Perak and Jalan Raja Chulan with entry and exit points at a few convenient locations. Also accessible via this walkway is the Impiana KLCC Hotel, the Raja Chulan Monorail Station and the KLCC LRT Station.

As I walked, I noticed that I was passing by the famous Saizaki Japanese Buffet Restaurant opposite.

I also passed by The Butter Factory KL located at Jalan Kia Peng.

Earlier, I passed by the KL CityWalk, a lifestyle concept between KLCC and Jalan P Ramlee, but I forgot to take a picture of that!

I would say that this pedestrian walkway provides a good opportunity to view some of the famous buildings and landmarks in KL.

Passing by Novotel Hotel.

Soon, I reached the Hakka Restaurant at the corner junction of Jalan Kia Peng and Jalan Raja Chulan.

The view of Jalan Raja Chulan. Can you see the long elevated walkway I just walked through earlier?

I was out of the air-conditioned walkway, having reached Pavilion KL.

The whole pleasant walk took me about 15 minutes. It could have been faster if I did not stop to take photos.

This bridge leads directly to the Pavilion Connection area where the al-fresco dining, street bistros and entertainment strip were located.

Although I felt the distance from KLCC to Pavilion was slightly longer using this pedestrian walkway compared to walking on the road side bypassing Novotel Hotel, it is definitely safer and more comfortable, and is especially useful when it rains!

With this pedestrian walkway, getting around BBKLCC is no longer a big hassle.

10 Places To Visit In London For First Timers

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I have never been to London. But maybe that's about to change.

You see, I have always been fascinated by photos of the Buckingham Palace, the Big Ben, the Piccadilly Circus, the Marble Arch and iconic red double decker bus and telephone booth. Besides, I have always been following closely the latest news and events in London so it's quite safe to say I am a pretty huge fan of this lovely city!

There's only one problem going to London. Flying. It's not that I am afraid of flying but I can't stand being inside an enclosed area like a plane for more than 5 hours. And the flight from Malaysia to London takes 13 hours, no less!

I guess if I am serious in wanting to visit London, I will have to find a way to get around that. Perhaps there is a way to make me sleep throughout the flight? LOL!

Anyway, my friends who had been to London have recommended me many places to visit there. So I have compiled the top 10 places which every first timer to London must visit. (well, according to my friends anyway). Here they are, in no particular order ...

1. The British Museum

 photo BritishMuseum_zps17c20e71.jpg
Image courtesy of The Sunday Times

The British Museum, which is the largest museum in Britain, is dedicated to human history and culture. Founded in 1753, it's remarkably comprehensive collection spans over 2 million years of human history! You can find world famous objects like the Rosetta Stone, Parthenon Sulptures and even Egyptian mummies here. Entrance is free.

2. Tate Modern

 photo TateModern_zps870b6958.jpg
Image courtesy of About.com

As one of the most visited art gallery in the world, Tate Modern features modern and contemporary art from around the world. You can see amazing works by Cezanne, Picasso, Dali, Pollock, Warhol amongst others here. Admission is free.

3. National Gallery 

 photo NationalGallery_zpsa5e0e09d.jpg
Image courtesy of New York Habitat

The crowning glory of Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery displays over 2000 Western European paintings from Middle Ages to the 20th century. You can find inspiring works by Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Renoir, Rembrandt and Gainsborough amongst others. Admission is again, free.

4. Big Ben

 photo BigBen_zpse1a88781.jpg
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

One of the most iconic London landmarks, the Big Ben is the nickname given to the huge bell housed inside the clock tower now known as the Elizabeth Tower. Unfortunately, the interior of this tower is not opened to foreign visitors but taking a photo of the Big Ben is a must for any first timer to London.

5. St Paul's Cathedral

 photo StPaulsCathedral_zpsdb87db21.jpg
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

This is the famous church where Prince Charles and Princess Diana were married. Located just directly across the Thames River from Tate Modern, this is a must-visit for a first time visitor to London.

6. Hyde Park

 photo HydePark_zps089e2c63.jpg
Image courtesy of Fanpop.com

Too many museums may get a bit tiring, so a trip to Hyde Park is highly recommended. One of the greatest city parks in the world, Hyde Park has something for everyone. You can enjoy swimming, boating, cycling, skating, horse riding besides visiting many interesting structures and monuments here.

7. Tower Of London

 photo TowerOfLondon_zpsb8cad795.jpg
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The Tower Of London is a historic castle that has an amazing 900-year old history serving as a palace, prison, a place of execution, arsenal, jewel house and even a zoo! One of the most popular tourist attraction in London, it is now a World heritage Site. The only downside - it's not free. Ticket costs GBP19.50 (USD29.70) per person, but my friends said the price is worth it!

8. Les Miserables London

 photo LesMiserables_zps19cfde46.jpg
Image courtesy of Access London

Technically not a place you must go to, but rather something you must do while in London and that is, to watch the longest running musical of all time - Les Miserables. Some say that the Les Miserables in London is still the best compared to other places around the world.

9. Buckingham Palace

 photo BuckinghamPalace_zpsf9f53250.jpg
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

As the official office and the London residence of Her Majesty The Queen, Buckingham Palace is usually closed to visitors except during the summer. Visitors can tour the 19 State Rooms, the Royal Mews and the Queen's Gallery. And if you are lucky, you can get to see the changing of guards ceremony. Ticket prices start from GBP19.00 (USD28.90) for adult.

10. The London Eye

 photo LondonEye_zpseccc63f0.jpg
Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

The London Eye is a giant 443-feet high Ferris Wheel mainly for tourists, so not many people will agree this to be included in the Top 10 list.  But my friends said riding this Ferris Wheel will give me the chance to have unimpeded views of London city. There's a price to pay for this privilege however, and it's GBP19.20 (USD29.25) which is inclusive of an entry to the 4D cinema.

There are of course, many other places and attractions worth visiting in London but the above 10 are a MUST for first timers. Do you agree or do you think there are better places to visit?

A Relaxing Morning At Putrajaya Floria 2013 (Part 3)

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Continued from Part 2

After almost two hours walking in the hot sun, it was a big relief to enter the indoor Floral Pavilion for some air-conditioning comfort!

 photo P1230128_zps8e4d13ab.jpg

But first, I took some photos of the garden outside the Floral Pavilion.

 photo P1230138_zpsd432b8fd.jpg

Very colorful, no?

 photo P1230139_zps3d06b5ac.jpg

The floral 'tunnel' entrance into the Floral Pavilion.

 photo P1230144_zps26857c96.jpg

The Floral Pavilion showcased a wide assortment of exquisite flower species featured in softscape and hardscape designs by both local and foreign participants.

The first attraction I looked at was the Wall Decoration.

 photo P1230155_zpsa64218a0.jpg

Below is a wall decoration from Indonesia which won the Silver award.

 photo P1230145_zps7fe41bc8.jpg

This won the Bronze award. If not mistaken, I think it's the work of a Malaysian.

 photo P1230149_zpse5c6c449.jpg

This one was from Korea which won the Gold award.

 photo P1230151_zps34c4ce59.jpg

This entry from Malaysia won the Special Jury Pavilion Award.

 photo P1230153_zpsf6ed683b.jpg

Next, I walked over to the Water Feature Garden attraction. Below are pictures from those who won awards. I did not record down the winners' names and from which country they came from, unfortunately.

 photo P1230156_zpsf50489ad.jpg

 photo P1230158_zpsbb403a71.jpg

 photo P1230161_zpsede90dad.jpg

 photo P1230164_zps822a7779.jpg

Another attraction was Event Decoration - Dining Setting 

This one from Malaysia won the Gold Award.

 photo P1230170_zps828de28e.jpg

Another Malaysian entry but did not win any awards.

 photo P1230174_zpsd23b27e8.jpg

This entry from the Philippines won the Silver Award.

 photo P1230178_zps5d8027dd.jpg

An entry from Shangri-la Putrajaya won the Bronze award.

 photo P1230236_zpsdc6887a5.jpg

Another category is Event Decoration - Pelamin. The one below from Malaysia won the Bronze award.

 photo P1230238_zpsa8da6e10.jpg

This entry also from Malaysia won the Merit Award.

 photo P1230181_zpsecc26cd5.jpg

Do you like it?

 photo P1230182_zps14b1b73b.jpg

Another attraction was Potted Dish Garden.

 photo P1230187_zps8a1a5452.jpg

I was not particularly impressed except for this one.  Thought it was very creative to use those spoons!

 photo P1230185_zpsc916b8be.jpg

Next to the Potted Dish Garden was the Body Flower category whereby mannequins were dressed up in flowers.

 photo P1230188_zps2486bb44.jpg

This one won the Silver award.

 photo P1230189_zps0fbaaa4c.jpg

Whereas this one below won the Gold. Forgot to note down which countries the participants were from.

 photo P1230195_zpsfc6a6a07.jpg

In the centre of the Floral Pavilion hall, I saw something interesting. There was a 'bridge' structure filled with orchids on the sides leading towards 3 mascots on a 'flying carpet'!

 photo P1230199_zps016ed3d8.jpg

The 3 mascots on a flying carpet.

 photo P1230200_zpse8ddf7f4.jpg

Walking past the flying carpet was the Dolphin Sea World.

 photo P1230203_zps2d59daa5.jpg

I like it! Besides the dolphins, there were lots of underwater fishes and other sea creatures together with underwater plants.

 photo P1230205_zpsb404f58b.jpg

More photos below ....

 photo P1230207_zps8584d5a6.jpg

 photo P1230211_zpscbf18d6d.jpg

Cute octopus!

 photo P1230213_zps8b43c637.jpg

Plants and fishes

 photo P1230218_zpsc75287b2.jpg

 photo P1230217_zps6a724c8c.jpg

Next to Dolphin Sea World was my favorite - Panda World!

 photo P1230221_zpsd09c45ca.jpg

There were two giant pandas here! This is one of them.

 photo P1230223_zpsf8285c31.jpg

The panda could move! As you can see, it had turned its head. I should have taken a video of this moving panda!

 photo P1230224_zps57ca97b0.jpg

This is the other panda on the other side with the giant globe on top.

 photo P1230226_zps961b937c.jpg

Didn't quite like that red lights shining onto the panda's face. Spoilt my photo! LOL!

 photo P1230228_zpsc99e559c.jpg

This panda could also move. As you can see it had turned its head : )

 photo P1230231_zpsdc9a7261.jpg

Next, I continued with another attraction - Floral Art.

 photo P1230242_zpsf81e1a09.jpg

Here are some of the more beautiful ones. Which one you like best?

 photo P1230243_zpseb0d855c.jpg

 photo P1230244_zpsb4c06721.jpg


 photo P1230250_zps35da6858.jpg

 photo P1230245_zps5fa035ff.jpg

This one looks pretty interesting.

 photo P1230246_zps7333f67f.jpg

Close shot.

 photo P1230248_zpsf83a2df0.jpg


 photo P1230251_zps29053884.jpg

Since the theme for this year's Putrajaya Floria is 'Orchid - Tropical Treasure', there was a showcase of orchid displays by orchid societies from around the world.


 photo P1230253_zps20b201f7.jpg


 photo P1230255_zps49ba1b15.jpg


 photo P1230257_zps6ad943ff.jpg


 photo P1230260_zps0867b7d0.jpg

Could not resist taking a closer shot of this cute koala bear with the baby koala!

 photo P1230259_zps94f70b4a.jpg


 photo P1230266_zpsad5028a0.jpg

South Africa

 photo P1230268_zpsf5b3cb97.jpg


 photo P1230270_zpsd34821d5.jpg


 photo P1230274_zps9e7fab5f.jpg

I think I missed out on Singapore and Italy since there were quite a number of people posing for photos there. No patience to wait for them!

Next, I walked over to the floral displays by associations and schools.

I really like this one by the Malaysian Council For Rehabilitation & Abilympics. Very creative!!

 photo P1230278_zps25b5b332.jpg

Look at these pretty flowers in egg shells!

 photo P1230279_zps47110403.jpg

Flowery socks and creative use of twigs and branches for the wheel!

 photo P1230282_zps2ea95daf.jpg

More photos ...

 photo P1230283_zpsb64cd87f.jpg

Love this socks!

 photo P1230295_zpsbcf8255f.jpg

Creative use of the brush to symbolise a person holding a placard.

 photo P1230289_zps17c4c1e6.jpg

 photo P1230292_zps6c90bf7e.jpg

Top marks to the Malaysian Council For Rehabilitation & Abilympics!

This is a giant bird image built from flowers by the International Heliconia Society.

 photo P1230297_zps09260d2e.jpg

Not sure what to make up of this design by the World Flower Design Center.

 photo P1230305_zpse47c1ffc.jpg

Finally, there's a section on International Floral Design. I did not take pictures of them all, just two that impressed me.

This is floral design from Korea.

 photo P1230301_zps27ba25ff.jpg

And this one by Kenya.

 photo P1230306_zpsda8bc915.jpg

All in all, the exhibition on flowers and floral designs at this indoor Floral Pavilion was pretty interesting. I have no regrets visiting Putrajaya Floria 2013 - the trip was worth it.

So anyone going Putrajaya Floria 2014 next year? : )