Night Views Of Hong Kong From The Sky Terrace

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OK, dear readers. It's back to my Hong Kong travel posts again!

This is the trip I made with my friend back in March 2011. I know, I know - that's like 2 years ago. But there were so many other things to blog about and I had to keep putting it off.

Anyway, to refresh your memory, here are all the Hong Kong posts I have blogged about thus far, in chronological order.

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Phew!! 20 posts and I have only covered 3 days out of the 6 days I was there. Brace for more, folks! : )

Continuing from where I left off, as soon as my friend and I came out of Madame Tussauds at The Peak, we headed up the escalator to the Sky Terrace.

Since the Sky Terrace pass could only be used once, we decided to go up at night to get a panoramic night view of Hong Kong city. This was what greeted us at the top!

 photo P1130035_zpsfd525974.jpg

It was breathtaking, although my not-so-good photo may not be doing it full justice. By the way, those white specks or grainy spots are not haze or polluted air, but digital noise due to lack of light, and of course the not-big-enough sensor in my humble Lumix LX3 camera.

 photo P1130057_zps63174f55.jpg

There were quite a lot of people at the Sky Terrace but thankfully, not overly crowded. I could remember how strong the wind was blowing at that time. I felt a little chilled, but thoroughly enjoyed the pleasant weather.

 photo P1130061_zps63792898.jpg

By the way, did you know that at 428 metres above sea level, the Sky Terrace boasts the highest 360-degree viewing platform in Hong Kong?

View the Sky Terrace from below during the day time HERE.

 photo P1130065_zps00cd3779.jpg

More photos below ....

 photo P1130072_zps32369afd.jpg

 photo P1130036_zps0cc12a06.jpg

 photo P1130053_zpsda432a5a.jpg

We spent about half an hour up here to soak in the night air and the wonderful atmosphere. Looking back, I truly miss this place.

Soon, it was time to descend The Peak. There was quite a long queue at the Peak Tram Station. Luckily, we did not have to wait too long. While waiting for the tram to arrive, I took a picture of this.

 photo P1130076_zpse90a07b9.jpg

For photos of the Peak Tram, click HERE.

When we reached the Peak Tram Terminus at the bottom, we made our way to the Central Station to take the MTR back to Mongkok where we stayed. Along the way to the Station, we enjoyed looking at  some of the Hong Kong buildings and landmarks.

 photo P1130077_zps0b45c8a9.jpg

These are two iconic buildings in Hong Kong. On the left is Cheung Kong Center, which was designed by Cesar Pelli, the same person who designed Malaysia's famous Petronas Twin Towers. On the right is the Bank Of China Tower which resembles a bamboo shoot.

 photo P1130078_zpsd1099f7e.jpg

A bit further from Cheung Kong Center is the famous HSBC Tower, which is one of the most expensive buildings in the world built at the cost of US$668 million.

 photo P1130088_zps6671f41f.jpg

 photo P1130085_zpsc5c9759a.jpg

To view some of these buildings in the daytime, click HERE.

Another photo of the two iconic buildings - this time, the Cheung Kong Center on the right and the Bank Of China Tower of the left.

 photo P1130098_zpsddfa40b0.jpg

I was glad I managed to capture Hong Kong's second tallest building - the International Finance Center (the second building from the right in the photo below).

 photo P1130097_zpsd5641216.jpg

I had a great time walking the Hong Kong streets at night to admire all these buildings. But my tummy was already growling. It was time for dinner and I could not wait to get back to Mongkok for some yummy Hong Kong food!