My Penang Trip : A Preview

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About two weeks ago, I went to Penang for a short holiday. It was timely as the haze from Indonesia was starting to descend upon Petaling Jaya where I stay. Singapore was badly affected by the haze at that time. So escaping to the northern states was just the right thing to do. LOL!

As it would just be a short 4 days in Penang, I did not bother to pack a lot of stuffs. The problem was I did not have a small hand carry travel bag! My usual travel luggage was simply too big.

Fortunately, I found a nice Palio travel bag online at Zalora Malaysia and it came with free delivery too! Awesome! I was tempted to shop for some nice T-shirts and sneakers as well at the Zalora site, but I guess that would all have to wait. So armed with just a backpack and the Palio travel bag, I was all ready to go!

So what did I do in Penang? Well, if you are one of my loyal readers, you would know by now that it's virtually impossible for me to describe my entire Penang trip in one post. In fact, I will need to dedicate one post just to blog about my 4 hour bus trip from PJ to Penang. Hahaha!

 photo P1220227_zpsc074e69f.jpg
The Aeroline bus which was my mode of transport to Penang and back

Since I have yet to finish blogging about my Bangkok trip, my Penang posts will have to wait. Meantime, here are some photos and snippets which I would like to share with you in greater detail in future. Some sort like a preview, if you like : )

One of the things I promised myself to do in Penang was to capture as many of the famous murals by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic as possible. Here's one of them.

 photo P1220326_zpsd0ceda35.jpg

Yes, you can expect me to come out with one post entirely on these murals. LOL!

Besides murals, I was surprised to see a different type of street art in the form of steel rod sculptures in Georgetown. There were so many of them and here's one at Love Lane.

 photo P1220352_zps22abc7e3.jpg

My last trip to Penang was some 6 - 7 years ago. As such, revisiting some famous tourist spots and famous landmarks was certainly on my agenda. Here's a picture of a cannon at Fort Cornwallis.

 photo P1220410_zps5919f4eb.jpg

Went up to Kek Lok Si Temple to admire the giant Guan Yin statue.

 photo P1220824_zpsf8b579f4.jpg

Visited the Dhammikarama Burmese Buddhist Temple at Burmah Lane in Pulau Tikus.

 photo P1220875_zpsefbada05.jpg

The Wat Chayamangkalaram Thai Buddhist Temple right opposite the Burmese Temple.

 photo P1220923_zpsa31cae3a.jpg

Khoo Kongsi, the grandest clan temple in Penang and possibly the whole of Malaysia with its elaborate and highly ornamented architecture.

 photo P1220709_zpse3165f9e.jpg

Kapitan Keling Mosque built by Indian Muslim traders in the 19th century.

 photo P1220770_zps420f568c.jpg

The Church Street Pier

 photo P1220427_zpsd03281f4.jpg

Komtar Tower - the tallest building in Penang.

 photo P1220289_zps537d5b26.jpg

Enjoyed some pleasantly nice views during my travel in Penang. Here are some of them....

The view from Kek Lok Si Temple's inclined lift upper station.

 photo P1220796_zps2ded39d5.jpg

The sunrise from my hotel room at Gurney Drive.

 photo P1220647_zpsfd086e6b.jpg

A boat at sea

 photo P1220399_zps9f26afcf.jpg

But of course, the most important thing that I looked forward to in Penang was the food! Thanks to two friendly bloggers who brought me around for a food hunt, I had the opportunity to taste a wide variety of Penang food.

Some of which were the famous Penang cendol ...

 photo P1220495_zpsaecef7de.jpg

Penang Char koay teow....

 photo P1220674_zps03bc2f30.jpg

Ais tingkap (or Window sherbet) ... 

 photo P1220547_zps3a3533ad.jpg

Just to name a few.

I hope you have enjoyed this short preview of my Penang trip : )