A Relaxing Morning At Putrajaya Floria 2013 (Part 1)

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On a weekday morning last week, I headed to Putrajaya to visit the Putrajaya Floria 2013.

I almost had to cancel my trip due to the haze from Indonesia. Fortunately, the haze cleared just in time to reveal clear blue skies. Really grateful for that!

Held annually at Putrajaya's Precinct 2 Waterfront since 2007, Putrajaya Floria is a Flower and Garden Festival cum Exhibition that showcases lots of different types of flowers and plants. This year, orchid is the star attraction as this year's theme is Orchid - Tropical Treasure.

 photo P1230347_zpsdf715178.jpg

As I got sunburn last year visiting Putrajaya Floria 2012 in the afternoon, I thought it would be smarter to go earlier in the morning this time and put on sunblock too just in case.

 photo P1230348_zps2006ad90.jpg

This main entrance would probably look much nicer at night when it's lighted up. It's just too bad I was not free during the evenings to come here to watch the Floral Parade and fireworks over the Putrajaya Lake.

 photo P1230349_zpsf8101abe.jpg

Walking along the wide walkway, I could see the walls on both sides beautifully landscaped with all types of plants and flowers. In fact, it has now entered the Malaysian Book Of Records for having the 'Longest Landscaped Vertical Wall' at about 300 metres!

 photo P1230500_zpsca3cf225.jpg

The landscaped vertical wall

 photo P1230498_zps114d173a.jpg

First stop - The Grower's Gardens

 photo P1230351_zpsa9c6a73a.jpg

There's a 1Malaysia logo here. I prefer last year's 1Malaysia logo made from flowers! See it HERE.

 photo P1230355_zps25c60b00.jpg

Passed by something called 'Deep Water Treasures Fantasy' but did not really check it out.

 photo P1230358_zps65a3f1f7.jpg

There were lots of orchids on display at this Grower's Gardens. Which one do you like best?

 photo P1230362_zpsdaad7782.jpg

 photo P1230363_zps6dfcee4a.jpg

 photo P1230364_zps93a5e1cf.jpg

 photo P1230367_zpsb5acebd3.jpg

 photo P1230368_zpsd480b884.jpg

 photo P1230372_zps3f0a7569.jpg

 photo P1230373_zps94f0c63d.jpg

 photo P1230374_zpsf09b50ef.jpg

 photo P1230376_zpsebbcf6f3.jpg

Spotted some bonzai plants too.

 photo P1230382_zps6f265c63.jpg

Leaving the Grower's Garden, I walked towards some Showcase Gardens by a few ministries and related agencies. Here's one by Kementerian Wilayah Persekutuan (KWP) called Taman Komuniti K-Baru. 

 photo P1230385_zps217b2f14.jpg

I saw two giant winged insects in the garden.

 photo P1230402_zpsa7e7f5ba.jpg

A creatively-made butterfly.

 photo P1230387_zps86cd0430.jpg

Closer shot of the butterfly. Interesting materials used.

 photo P1230389_zpsc7563088.jpg

I think this is a bee?

 photo P1230391_zps198f240b.jpg

Can you see what materials were used to create this bee?

 photo P1230392_zps8c1c9934.jpg

Bottle cans used for the wings!

 photo P1230393_zpsb069dea0.jpg

An egg-shaped structure.

 photo P1230395_zps6246c212.jpg

Lots of colorful handprints on the wall inside the egg-shaped building.

 photo P1230398_zps411fa8ac.jpg

Nearby, there's a giant beetle.

 photo P1230399_zps1acfc9f2.jpg

On closer inspection, the giant beetle was made from bottles!

 photo P1230400_zpsf3ead015.jpg

Next to the KWP garden is another Showcase Garden - this one by Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur (DBKL).

 photo P1230403_zpsae74585a.jpg

Love the entrance into the garden.

 photo P1230405_zpsb06667aa.jpg

 photo P1230406_zpsf66969d1.jpg

So many colorful orchids and flowers!

 photo P1230408_zps37174915.jpg

Nice view overlooking the lake from here!

 photo P1230412_zps0fbef7c2.jpg

 photo P1230413_zpsd1181cef.jpg

Another part of the garden area.

 photo P1230417_zps77b1ea88.jpg

What do you call these plants?

 photo P1230415_zpsbe9b8043.jpg

Nice purple orchids by the lake side. In the distance is the iconic Seri Wawasan Bridge.

 photo P1230421_zps5371d72e.jpg

Leaving DBKL's Showcase Garden, I walked over to Perbadanan Labuan next.

 photo P1230429_zpsdb2d66b5.jpg

The only thing I like is the colorful flowery entrance!

 photo P1230426_zps1d293598.jpg

Orchids galore!!

 photo P1230427_zps85614534.jpg

Directly opposite Perbadanan Labuan's garden is the Showcase Garden by Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya.

 photo P1230430_zps8cd81750.jpg

There's a giant keris here.

 photo P1230431_zps15351375.jpg

Cute frog and ducks by the pond.

 photo P1230425_zpsac45c218.jpg

Saw these stones with messages displayed.

 photo P1230432_zps0496a7c8.jpg

Next, I walked over to the Showcase Garden by Majlis Perbandaran Klang.

 photo P1230434_zps688c4c04.jpg

Cute looking cannon!

 photo P1230435_zps12eb91ea.jpg

An arch made with tin cans!

 photo P1230436_zps5bdf7f9f.jpg

This is the Showcase Garden by Majlis Perbandaran Port Dickson (MPPD).

 photo P1230446_zps4253dbf0.jpg

There's a Battalion Gun in this garden.

 photo P1230443_zps17dee129.jpg

More photos of Putrajaya Floria 2013 in Part 2, so stay tuned ....