My Visit To Asiatique The Riverfront In Bangkok

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Most people go to Bangkok to do just one thing - shop, shop and shop. Although I am not an avid shopper, I do enjoy the experience of shopping in this charming city.

During our second evening in Bangkok, my friend and I visited Asiatique The Riverfront, an upscale night market and trendy shopping area along the Chao Phraya River waterfront. Opened in May 2012, this night bazaar had been getting quite popular, probably filling in the void left by the closure of the famous Suan Lum Night Market in 2011.

To get there, we took the cheapest and easiest route - by boat.

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It's a good thing we stayed at Bangkok Loft Inn as it was very convenient to reach Asiatique from there. We took the BTS to Saphan Taksin Station and walked towards the Chao Phraya River (via Exit 1 or 2). It took just 2 minutes to reach the Sathorn Pier. From there, we walked to the furthest pier and took the free boat shuttle to Asiatique.

Yes, you read that right. The boat to Asiatique is FREE. It leaves every 15 minutes starting from 4.30pm till 11pm. The last boat leaving Asiatique Pier back to Sathorn Pier is at 11.15pm, so do take note of the time if you plan to go there!

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It was a short boat ride - probably about 10 -15 minutes. The good thing is you get to enjoy the river view at night. Definitely better than sitting in a taxi and getting trapped in the notorious Bangkok jam!

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Asiatique is actually a homage to Bangkok's past as a riverside trading post in the early 1900's where the original pier was used as an export centre for Thai teak wood to Denmark. Many of the original buildings here have been retained and refurbished.

Information on the Shuttle Boat service hours at the Asiatique Pier.

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There are 4 sections or districts in Asiatique. The Waterfront District (blue section) closest to the waterfront promenade is mainly filled with international restaurants and wine bars offering a breathtaking panoramic view of river while you dine away.

The Factory District (orange section) contains over 500 fashion boutiques and more F&B outlets in old, refurbished warehouses. You can find souvenirs here like those at Chatuchak Market, but the prices are definitely higher.

 photo P1190691_zps19e85614.jpg

The Town Square District (green section) houses a food court, many retail outlets and outdoor activity and events area.

The Charoenkrung District (yellow section) is the main area for shopping and entertainment as there are over 1,000 retail shops here! Also within this district is the famous Joe Louis Puppet Theatre and the ever popular Calypso Theatre featuring ladyboys cabaret shows.

Below is Baan Khanitha, a Thai restaurant facing the river. It's quite pricey and I think, mainly aimed at tourists.

 photo P1190614_zps572d7ac4.jpg

There was a giant Ferris Wheel at Asiatique. It was quite an eye catching attraction at night!

 photo P1190623_zps8e916d04.jpg

I did not ride this Ferris Wheel because there was quite a long queue for it.

 photo P1190633_zps65ae7ead.jpg

But I think it would be nice to take the ride as you would get a bird's eye view of Bangkok city from up there!

 photo P1190635_zps0b515bcd.jpg

The Ferris Wheel is just opposite the Retail Warehouse 5.

 photo P1190639_zps07c6aea4.jpg

Part of the Ferris Wheel could be seen from inside the warehouse area.

 photo P1190643_zps117e140c.jpg

Entrance into the shopping area.

 photo P1190641_zpsb5eb57a9.jpg

Saw some really cute and funny drawings along the wall in an alley.

 photo P1190649_zpsf81ae5b0.jpg

 photo P1190650_zps2c2861fd.jpg

 photo P1190653_zps7649a134.jpg

 photo P1190655_zpsb4ede989.jpg

Interesting illustration on the ground.

 photo P1190656_zpsdf8c9a82.jpg

So many retail shops and boutiques selling everything under the sun! It's like a shopper's paradise.

 photo P1190661_zps622c1668.jpg

Clothes, accessories, souvenirs, toys - all can be found here.

 photo P1190673_zpsdde1b404.jpg

Even musical instruments!

 photo P1190674_zpsf222c527.jpg

Dogs too! LOL!

 photo P1190662_zps968b5a59.jpg

Oh, did I mention there's an Apple Store here too? Forgot to take a picture of that!

Anyway, I felt Asiatique is like Chatuchak Market except that it was much more organized, spacious, comfortable and trendy looking. And the prices were of course more expensive. However, without air conditioning here, some may prefer to shop in malls like MBK instead as the prices were quite similar.

 photo P1190681_zps9e66bf96.jpg

Dining shops and eateries were everywhere! It's impossible to go hungry here!

 photo P1190664_zps2364ccc6.jpg

A kiosk selling mochi and ice cream.

 photo P1190683_zps2fbe25db.jpg

A Japanese restaurant

 photo P1190686_zps3bd7cdb2.jpg

A pub and restaurant - great place to chill out!

 photo P1190687_zpsa51616ce.jpg

Clock tower at the Town Square District.

 photo P1190665_zps76f429f5.jpg

Retail warehouse 6 and the Calypso Bangkok Theatre featuring ladyboys cabaret shows.

 photo P1190668_zps140d7163.jpg

If you are into shopping and eating, Asiatique is the right place for you. However, bear in mind that the prices here are not exactly friendly to your wallet. MBK and Platinum Mall may be better shopping options for you. Nevertheless, I think it's great for a good night out with friends.

 photo P1190676_zps16b6fb48.jpg

Nice water fountain!

 photo P1190679_zps4ecfdfbd.jpg

One of the things that I really, really enjoy at Asiatique was surprisingly .... the ice cream!

 photo P1190647_zps9a035b35.jpg

Billed as Thailand's best fruity ice-cream, it is something like Malaysia's aiskrim potong. There were so many flavors to choose from! I tried the Durian Rice Stick and Yam & Black Sticky Rice flavors. Each costs 20 baht. (RM2 / US$0.65)

 photo P1190695_zpsdf623ce9.jpg

The Durian Rice Stick was amazing! I went back for two more rounds of this ice cream. Yum!!

 photo P1190696_zpsadb3b93b.jpg

My friend and I spent about 2 hours at Asiatique. We could have spent more time if we had gone for the puppet show or the ladyboy cabaret show. Oh well, maybe next time then.

 photo P1190689_zps0b62faf0.jpg

But one thing's for sure. I will return just for that Durian Rice Stick ice cream! LOL!

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