Goodbye Bangkok Once Again!

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Yes, it's Goodbye Bangkok once again! Why once again? Because this is my 5th time saying goodbye to Bangkok. And I'm pretty sure it won't be my last.

So finally …. this is my last post on my Bangkok trip back in January 2013. Gosh! I took almost a year to blog about it! LOL!

I have to say Bangkok is the place I visited most outside of Malaysia. Why do I keep returning to this city time and time again? There are several reasons. Mainly, I think it's near to my home country - did I mention before that I hate sitting inside a plane for long hours?

Another reason is that Bangkok is pretty affordable. Hotel and food in Bangkok never really make a dent in my wallet. Add to that the friendly Thai people, the yummy Thai food, those good satisfying massages and the addictive Thai TV dramas and music videos, you can see why I just love Bangkok so much!

Anyway on my last day in Bangkok, I ate this porridge with you tiao (chinese crullers) for breakfast at my hotel before checking out. It was yummy!

 photo photo-15_zpsebfde84c.jpg

I did eat a lot of unhealthy stuffs during my stay in Bangkok like this McDonald's Samurai Pork Burger and Ham & Egg Pie.

 photo P1190328_zpse77e5b7a.jpg

Didn't really like the pie ... but the Samurai pork burger was yummy!

And I even bought Mama Shrimp Tom Yum instant noodles to eat as supper in my hotel room.

 photo P1190331_zps95f0d1cc.jpg

Very unhealthy I know, but this Mama instant noodle brand was really, really good! And so convenient too - just pour hot boiling water into the cup …

 photo P1190723_zps8c63ad41.jpg

….and your instant noodles could be eaten straight away. The tom yum flavor was excellent!

 photo P1190724_zps338d2a44.jpg

We arrived at the Don Mueang International Airport early. It's a pity AirAsia now only lands at Don Mueang - I really missed Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Maybe I should consider other airlines besides AirAsia in future!

 photo P1200122_zps2875baa1.jpg

However, the good thing about this airport is that it's not crowded, so that's a plus point. But then again, there's not many shops around.

Look at Ronald doing the wai  : )

 photo P1200124_zps8eebf817.jpg

My friend and I did our rounds of duty free shopping but came out empty handed LOL!

 photo P1200120_zpsddaeacfe.jpg

Oh they have 'rooms' for you to stay overnight! : )

 photo P1200119_zpsa3157c6e.jpg

Left with nothing much to do while waiting for our flight, we took pictures of planes. Haha!

 photo P1200103_zpse3af7ba1.jpg

Do you know that last time I did not realize that planes cannot reverse themselves? I mean, the pilot cannot move the plane backwards, so you need a vehicle in front to push it.

 photo P1200116_zpsa902f8ff.jpg

Oh, our AirAsia plane has landed! It's time to go!!

 photo P1200112_zps1a6b7fa6.jpg

Good bye Bangkok!! Hope to see you again!

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