Eating Roasted Duck At Prachak Pet Yang

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Ok, it's time to resume my Bangkok posts. In case you have forgotten, this was my trip to Bangkok early this year. I had stopped blogging about the trip halfway to complete my Hong Kong posts.

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On my 3rd day in Bangkok, my friend and I went separate ways. I had planned to visit Wat Arun which my friend had already visited before so he decided to go elsewhere. Besides, I was also planning to meet up with my Filipino blogger friend Ishmael Ahab, whom I met during my trip in Manila 2 years ago.

I suggested we meet up for breakfast at Prachak Pet Yang, a restaurant selling roasted duck in Bang Rak. Located at 1415, Charoen Krung Road (somewhere across the road from Robinson Bang Rak), this restaurant is more than a century old!

 photo P1190774_zps1430d239.jpg

I think pet yang means duck in the Thai language. This Prachak restaurant is famous for its roasted duck so I wanted to give it a try. Well, you can't go wrong with a restaurant that has been selling ducks since 1909 right?

At the front part of the shop, we could see ducks hanging like in typical Chinese coffee shops.

 photo P1190780_zpsb9f280d5.jpg

Although the restaurant does offer other food like roasted pork, prawn dumplings and noodles, we decided to just order their famous roasted duck. Ishmael ordered a bowl of white rice as well but I did not as I had already eaten breakfast at my hotel earlier.

 photo P1190775_zps1af36cf9.jpg

The roasted duck was pretty delicious! The sauce was different from what I am used to eat back in Malaysia. It was slightly sweet and spicy but definitely tasty. The duck meat was tender and soft while the skin was still quite crispy despite being soaked in the sauce.

The only downside is the portion, which I thought was rather small. For that portion as shown in the picture above, it costs us 60 baht (US$1.95 / RM6.10) which was quite reasonable.

 photo P1190779_zps25836aef.jpg

The restaurant interior is just like your typical Chinese coffee shop, nothing special. I took a picture of the interior but since it contains Ishamel's face in it, I decided not to post it here since Ishmael requested not to have his face revealed (just like me haha!). Maybe you can have a glimpse of the restaurant interior at his blog HERE : )

After this light breakfast (yes light, because I only ate a few bites of the roasted duck), I proceeded to bring Ishmael to a shop across the street for some lip smacking desserts! Stay tuned : )

Directions to Prachak Pet Yang : From Saphan Taksin BTS Station, walk northbound along Charoen Krung Road towards Robinson Bang Rak. At Robinson, cross the road to the opposite side and find the shop with the number 1415.