Landing At Don Mueang International Airport In Bangkok

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Last January I flew to Bangkok for a short holiday with a friend. I can almost hear some of you loyal readers shouting out loud "Again?!!"

Yes, again.

In fact, this must be my 5th time holidaying in Bangkok. I am not sure why, but I just don't seem to get tired of this city. There are always new things to discover and I have enjoyed every single one of my trips there.

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Only this time, instead of landing at my favorite Suvarnabhumi International Airport, my AirAsia flight had diverted to the older and much smaller Don Mueang International Airport. In case you didn't know, AirAsia had moved all flight operations from Suvarnabhumi to Don Mueang since October 1st, 2012.

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However, I was quite pleased that there were less crowd at Don Mueang, although I must say it was quite annoying to find our luggage coming out from another conveyor belt instead of the one where we were supposed to wait! Not very efficient eh?

But wait! I have jumped the line. There's something I wanted to tell you regarding my flight with AirAsia.

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While boarding the plane to Bangkok at LCCT in Malaysia, the male flight attendant asked me to place my backpack in the luggage compartment above the seats. I was surprised as I have flown with AirAsia so many times, and this is the first time I was asked to do such a thing.

I told him that I have always placed my backpack on the floor under the seat in front. He told me that was against the rules. No bags allowed on the floor. Really? Since when?

Besides, my backpack was not large and long like a backpacker's backpack if you know what I mean. It's just like a children's school bag! Can you see my backpack on the chair in the picture below?

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Oh by the way, that's the picture of my hotel room in Bangkok. The hotel is a boutique hotel by the name of Bangkok Loft Inn and it's one of the best hotels in that price range that I have ever stayed in Bangkok. More about this hotel in my next post.

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Back to my story. I was adamant in NOT placing my backpack in the luggage compartment. The flight steward insisted that I do as he asked. I refused. Deadlock. He was a bit irritated. I was furious. But I kept smiling and so did he. Although I was sure he could see the fakeness in my smile as clearly as I saw the fakeness in his. In the end, the customer won. Hah!

Now tell me, dear readers, did I do anything wrong? If I did, why was I allowed to place my backpack on the floor under the seats every time I flew in an AirAsia plane? Or did they just change the rules?

Anyway, upon landing at Don Mueang International Airport, my friend and I took a taxi to our hotel. The only problem was, the taxi driver did not seem quite sure where exactly our hotel was located.

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