My Chinese New Year Dinner At Green View Restaurant

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Chinese New Year may be over now, but I still have many Chinese New Year stuffs to blog about. So today's post is about my Chinese New Year dinner at Green View Restaurant in Petaling Jaya.

It was the fourth day of Chinese New Year and we had booked this restaurant one week in advance just to be safe. The first dish was of course, yee sang.

 photo P1240988_zpsd1903110.jpg

That's the yee sang on my plate. Just like the reunion dinner at Tai Thong, I had forgotten to take a photo of the yee sang before we tossed and mixed it all up. LOL!

The yee sang here was pretty good although it was a tad too sweet. Probably too much plum sauce.

The main dish that we ordered that evening was the Boston lobster noodles. We had 3 of these huge lobsters. Look at how big the plate was! Not much of a presentation, but who cares when it comes to lobsters? LOL!

 photo P1240991_zpsd2a5092f.jpg

It was enough to satisfy all eleven of us. In fact, there were more lobsters than noodles - I could hardly see the noodles!

 photo P1240993_zps603e3a06.jpg

The lobsters meat were firm and flavorful. Yummy!! I didn't care too much for the noodles though they were a little soggy being soaked in the delicious sauce.

 photo P1240995_zpsc4299a3e.jpg

Greedy me quickly snatched this huge lobster claw because I knew there's chunky meat hidden beneath the hard shell!

 photo P1250008_zpsb5e0277b.jpg

Look at those lobster meat after I broke open part of the shell! Yum! Yum!

 photo P1250011_zpsa3002fe8.jpg

The Boston lobsters did not come cheap however. Three lobsters cost us RM640! (US$194)

Besides lobsters, we also ordered mixed vegetables. This was very nice! Love it!

 photo P1240996_zpsaf81c42b.jpg

The steamed fish was also pretty good!

 photo P1240999_zps42adde88.jpg

We were recommended pork ribs, but decided to decline. Partly to cut down cost and partly because we were not sure if could take in so much meat! So we ordered another vegetables dish to balance out the protein from fish and lobsters.

 photo P1250002_zps671ebced.jpg

Lastly, we had fried rice with waxed meat. I have to say this was a huge disappointment. I have eaten better fried rice elsewhere. And the waxed meat was quite pathetic.

 photo P1250004_zpsec2b5aaf.jpg

When the bill came, we were quite prepared for it as we have heard that this restaurant was quite expensive.

 photo P1250015_zps0c5b8ce9.jpg

Total price : RM1,187.70 (US$360.05). Do you think it's expensive? Is it worth eating here? I did enjoy all the dishes except the fried rice. And we were all really full! If it's cheaper, I do not mind coming here again more often.

After dinner, I took a few photos of the live fishes and other sea creatures in the glass tanks at the entrance of the restaurant.

 photo P1250022_zps6aca5999.jpg

You can, if you like, choose which fish or lobster or any other seafood that you want from the tanks. But I can never do that. It's like picking a victim to be killed and cooked for my enjoyment. Sounds really awful to me! So we just let the restaurant do the choosing, thank you!

 photo P1250021_zps2e324640.jpg

Heard that the Alaskan King Crab is really popular here! But the price is enough to deter me from eating it!

 photo P1250020_zps9d5a3299.jpg

There were a lot of people dining at the restaurant that evening. Almost full house, I would say. Now anyone generous enough to give me a nice treat at this restaurant? : )

 photo P1250024_zps83a2b7fd.jpg

Green View Restaurant
6 & 8, Jalan 19/3,
Petaling Jaya,
Tel : 03 7954 9263

2014 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 5)

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Continued from Part 4

Today is the last day of Chinese New Year. It's also the 15th day, widely considered as the Chinese Valentine's Day. Coincidently, today is February 14th, which is also Valentine's Day in the Western calendar. So Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

In this final part of the 2014 Chinese New Year decorations series, I shall bring you to check out the decorations at Pavilion KL and Farenheit 88. Let's start with Pavilion KL first.

 photo P1240477_zpsb9a8ac0a.jpg

The giant Moon from the LINE sticker character which was on display in front of Pavilion mall since Christmas last year was still there.

Lots of red lanterns hanging from the rooftop and gold lanterns hanging from trees!

 photo P1240406_zps8814ce32.jpg

Can you count the number of red lanterns in the picture below? LOL!

 photo P1240475_zps554d2e56.jpg

Lots of horses on display near the entrance and inside the mall itself. They were called Horses Of Fortune and were meant to be adopted for a minimum of RM100 (US$30.12). The mass adoption ceremony would be held today as part of a Chap Goh Mei special. All proceeds will go to selected old folks home.

 photo P1240413_zps93cc20d2.jpg

It was a sea of red and gold as I walked down the steps to the Concourse Area.

 photo P1240416_zps9ce39fc6.jpg

More Horses of Fortune on display here.

 photo P1240421_zps58a0f53f.jpg

If you have adopted one of these horses, don't forget to collect your horse at Pavilion mall today!

 photo P1240422_zps4bdb9ad8.jpg

There were altogether 688 beautifully hand-crafted horses - making it the largest collection of custom made horses in a shopping mall!

 photo P1240424_zpse34735a7.jpg

They were actually lined up from the Bukit Bintang mall entrance all the way to the Centre Court to symbolize fortune flowing into Pavilion KL. How auspicious!!

 photo P1240426_zps65565d70.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1240433_zpsd3741851.jpg

 photo P1240439_zps65357bf1.jpg

 photo P1240443_zpsbd788c72.jpg

 photo P1240448_zps2ec4ff76.jpg

 photo P1240446_zps88914a5b.jpg

 photo P1240450_zps8c6bea69.jpg

 photo P1240451_zpsfca6e86b.jpg

There was a horse-themed carousel, and a pagoda-like structure amidst a number of stalls selling Chinese New Year stuffs here.

 photo P1240456_zps1259c546.jpg

 photo P1240457_zps4a3102c0.jpg

I thought the Chinese New Year decorations at Pavilion KL was rather grand and beautiful. What do you think?

 photo P1240463_zps618ac5d3.jpg

 photo P1240464_zps59bc9a7b.jpg

The view of the Bukit Bintang entrance from inside the mall.

 photo P1240466_zps0f45c65a.jpg

The Horses of Fortune could also be found on the higher floors.

 photo P1240471_zps0c74f208.jpg

 photo P1240473_zpsf94f2dfd.jpg

Overall, I am giving the Chinese New Year decorations at Pavilion KL two thumbs up! : )

While walking along Jalan Bukit Bintang, I came across some Chinese New Year decorations by the roadside. These lanterns probably look more beautiful at night when it's lighted up.

 photo P1240533_zps5cc01cfb.jpg

I also dropped by Westin Hotel. They had a huge statue of galloping horses at the lobby!

 photo P1240483_zps0e182a1e.jpg

Golden horses galloping near the Starhill Gallery. Would probably look nicer at night when the lights shine on them.

 photo P1240479_zps70426680.jpg

Next, I stepped into Farenheit 88. There was a beautiful red horse with its front legs lifted high at the Concourse.

 photo P1240485_zpsd36084e6.jpg

Nice lantern!

 photo P1240488_zpsf108806c.jpg

Did you notice something special with the giant flowers on the tree?

 photo P1240505_zps3d6e9aa7.jpg

They were actually umbrellas! How creative!

 photo P1240509_zps54b5afc6.jpg

Love the umbrella-flowers and the lanterns!

 photo P1240511_zps50a0b225.jpg

The Chinese New Year decorations at Farenheit 88 was pretty unique this year with the display of 12 animals from the Chinese Zodiac.


 photo P1240489_zps906c4b2d.jpg


 photo P1240491_zps66b7da2f.jpg


 photo P1240492_zps49be15c4.jpg


 photo P1240493_zps31999a7a.jpg


 photo P1240495_zpsbf5bbd9e.jpg


 photo P1240496_zps81e51b0d.jpg


 photo P1240497_zpsbe7e8104.jpg


 photo P1240499_zps77866792.jpg

Wait! This is a Tiger? Looks so cute! : )

 photo P1240498_zps18d5f5d9.jpg


 photo P1240500_zps6bac03c0.jpg

The Ox again from a different angle.

 photo P1240501_zps689a0e07.jpg

And the Rat.

 photo P1240503_zps3fea6dd5.jpg

Did I capture all 12 animals? No...only 10. Which ones did I miss?? *scratching my head*

 photo P1240504_zps27539fb9.jpg

I'm also giving the Chinese New Year decorations at Farenheit 88 two thumbs up! What about you?

This year, I surprised myself by going to a record 14 shopping malls around Petaling Jaya, Subang and Kuala Lumpur to take pictures of Chinese New Year decoration. I wonder if I would be able to break my record next year! LOL!

If you miss some of my postings on the 2014 Chinese New Year decorations, here is the complete list.

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