2014 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 3)

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Continued from Part 2

Since it's the year of the Horse, a lot of shopping malls made use of the horse as the main theme of their Chinese New Year decorations. However, a number of malls decided to do things a bit differently.

One such mall is One Utama, located in Petaling Jaya. 

 photo P1240356_zpsff5bb57e.jpg

I was actually quite surprised that One Utama did not make use of the rocking horses that were being displayed as Christmas decorations last December. They could have easily converted those rocking horses into a Chinese New Year attraction!

 photo P1240352_zpsbd7f5931.jpg

Oh well, I guess they had other ideas. But I was not too impressed.

 photo P1240363_zps59e4b708.jpg

It was all very colorful, with brightly lit lanterns and a tall, pagoda-like structure.

 photo P1240366_zpsaa1c6f02.jpg

The pagoda structure has bells circling each level.

 photo P1240369_zps76b88bf0.jpg

Close shot of the bells and lanterns.

 photo P1240370_zpsa49f0e5e.jpg

The roof top of the structures look like the top part of an umbrella to me.

 photo P1240376_zps8cd6bf32.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1240380_zps8d559927.jpg

 photo P1240383_zps21ac40fd.jpg

 photo P1240389_zps3022977a.jpg

Well as I said earlier, I was not impressed, but I quite like the bells and the lanterns actually. LOL!

 photo P1240392_zpsd81eb53f.jpg

How do you like the Chinese New Year decorations at One Utama this year?

 photo P1240394_zps955aa3d1.jpg

Tropicana City Mall, another shopping mall in Petaling Jaya,  had a very simple Chinese New Year decoration this year. But they did make use of the 'horse' theme.

 photo P1240396_zps583eb577.jpg

If not mistaken, I think it's a horse standing on a pot of gold ingots. And that's about it! Pretty simple, right?

 photo P1240398_zps6739877a.jpg

Paradigm Mall, an increasingly popular shopping mall in Petaling Jaya, surprised me with a totally unexpected Chinese New Year decorations this year!

 photo P1240725_zpse6441462.jpg

Just like One Utama, they did not use 'horse' as the main theme of the decorations.

 photo P1240724_zps45beef53.jpg

Instead, what they used were bears. Lots and lots of cute cuddly bears!

 photo P1240718_zps13a91ca4.jpg

The whole concourse had been transformed into Beary Land! There were bears everywhere, and some of them were dressed in Chinese costumes.

 photo P1240717_zpsb5a16417.jpg

A pair of cute bears leaning out of the train's window.

 photo P1240716_zpsb7030c51.jpg

The train, carrying yellow colored ingots, is on an elevated railway track.

 photo P1240715_zps74c3b1e2.jpg

Sorry for the many photos of the train, all taken at slightly different angles! :D

 photo P1240712_zps7f62e60e.jpg

How come the bears appeared to be not wearing any shorts or pants? LOL!

 photo P1240711_zps88495ad6.jpg

 See? This bear is only wearing a red shirt. Where is his pants?!

 photo P1240709_zps7645e338.jpg

More photos below …..

 photo P1240727_zps3158fe0e.jpg

 photo P1240722_zps9eed8fd9.jpg

 photo P1240730_zpsc7cf0ac1.jpg

 photo P1240732_zps751fe6fb.jpg

There is even a bear sleeping!

 photo P1240735_zpsbc6c6d0d.jpg

 photo P1240736_zps4f5422f5.jpg

Oh look! A bear in beautiful purplish cheongsam!

 photo P1240737_zps74613e47.jpg

 photo P1240739_zps0a8d3098.jpg

 photo P1240741_zpsb7625d43.jpg

A cute bear carrying a gold ingot.

 photo P1240742_zps27d07b2b.jpg

The view from the ground looking up.

 photo P1240744_zps21814957.jpg

Entrance to Beary-Land.

 photo P1240746_zps8abcd151.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1240747_zpsb5864ab4.jpg

 photo P1240748_zps9dc64c42.jpg

 photo P1240750_zpsed6f2b8c.jpg

A bear trying to climb up the ladder. Cute! : )

 photo P1240751_zpsaa315c38.jpg

 photo P1240752_zpscd5c19e4.jpg

A parade of bears!!

 photo P1240754_zpsff48385d.jpg

Two bears riding a motorbike.

 photo P1240755_zps0237b84f.jpg

Nice pink colored cheongsam!

 photo P1240756_zpsfe1a0a15.jpg

 photo P1240760_zpsa8c7cc13.jpg

 photo P1240762_zps534977fa.jpg

 photo P1240769_zpsc17e71bf.jpg

 photo P1240764_zps3919f824.jpg

 photo P1240766_zps6d192e93.jpg

 photo P1240771_zpsbcd25655.jpg

I wonder, what have bears got to do with Chinese New Year? I thought they are more appropriate for Christmas, no?

 photo P1240770_zps52ea443b.jpg

Still, it was refreshing and I like the Chinese New Year decorations at Paradigm Mall - probably the best so far for a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya this year.

In Part 4, I will share even more photos of the Chinese New Year decorations at shopping malls in Subang and Kuala Lumpur, so stay tuned! : )

To be continued ….