2014 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

In Part 1, I shared with you photos I took of the Chinese New Year decorations at Suria KLCC, Berjaya Times Square, Avenue K and Bangsar Village II.

In this post, I will be sharing the photos of the Chinese New Year decorations at The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Megamall.

Let's start with The Gardens.

 photo P1240611_zps8963dd89.jpg

I thought this year's decoration at The Gardens were pretty unique and interesting.

 photo P1240610_zps6d8d8e25.jpg

It uses a different approach compared to all other malls.

 photo P1240618_zpsa38e8e51.jpg

Instead of the usual horses and lanterns, The Gardens attempts to recreate the olden days showcasing traditional Chinese culture. Look at this antique gramophone!

 photo P1240614_zpsd97da0dc.jpg

Wooden tables and chairs made us revisit the past.

 photo P1240620_zpsa12ba088.jpg

I love the stuffs placed on the table!

 photo P1240621_zps86d39d84.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1240622_zps627cdcee.jpg

 photo P1240623_zps517e405e.jpg

 photo P1240625_zps16295df8.jpg

 photo P1240627_zpsa454e642.jpg

 photo P1240628_zpse0ba8fca.jpg

 photo P1240629_zps1d2a31c2.jpg

 photo P1240632_zpsb22bf1ae.jpg

 photo P1240633_zps38ad3c4d.jpg

 photo P1240636_zpse92d8284.jpg

"Please Do Not Touch". I wonder if any of the things displayed here gets stolen.

 photo P1240637_zps925364ff.jpg

 photo P1240638_zpsa777ba1d.jpg

 photo P1240640_zps434fa4ed.jpg

 photo P1240641_zpsce8d56d1.jpg

 photo P1240642_zps35c3e2cb.jpg

 photo P1240645_zpsac6590b0.jpg

A traditional rickshaw. I thought it was strategically placed here with the brand name 'Gucci' in the background. LOL!

 photo P1240648_zps038710ba.jpg

Oh! At a different angle, 'Louis Vuitton' appeared in the background instead. Haha!

 photo P1240650_zpsb1940040.jpg

Wow!  Look at this vintage tailor shop! Awesome.

 photo P1240651_zps57923a3f.jpg

Almost tempted to take away some of these items. LOL!

 photo P1240652_zpse0c433a0.jpg

 photo P1240655_zpsccdba724.jpg

 photo P1240658_zpsc7146c64.jpg

I saw this traditional sewing machine. Anyone still have such a sewing machine at home?

 photo P1240659_zpsc134c447.jpg

How cute!! What do you call these? Needle pincushion?

 photo P1240660_zpsd555aece.jpg

 photo P1240661_zps7a7531bd.jpg

 photo P1240662_zps52d2b6a7.jpg

 photo P1240664_zps8dccb1af.jpg

I think I really like the Chinese New Year decorations at The Gardens Mall this year!
What about you?

 photo P1240665_zps9013ec85.jpg

 photo P1240667_zpsb10f024b.jpg

 photo P1240670_zps8aef36dc.jpg

 photo P1240672_zps122117f5.jpg

In contrast, I think the Chinese New Year decorations at Mid Valley Megamall was pretty lousy and bordering on 'cheapskate' this year!

 photo P1240674_zps91077686.jpg

What ever happened to Mid Valley? Did they have a budget cut or something? They used to have one of the best decorations for both Christmas and Chinese New Year.

 photo P1240684_zpscdeee7b0.jpg

After their surprisingly lousy Christmas decoration last year, I was expecting a much better display of Chinese New Year decoration this year, but alas! it was not to be.

 photo P1240688_zpse00aaab9.jpg

This year, I noticed there were a few stalls promoting feng shui stuffs. There's even a Flying Star Chart on display!

 photo P1240689_zpsad7c02b0.jpg

And Lillian Too's World Of Feng Shui even set up a booth here.

 photo P1240678_zps8f3f2255.jpg

I was fortunate enough to see a man doing cotton candy painting that day.

 photo P1240690_zps9a4224d6.jpg

Look at his fine works of art - A cotton candy-painted Dragon!

 photo P1240691_zpsba8f3963.jpg

The stage with some messy decoration.

 photo P1240694_zpsccbbc951.jpg

More photos below ….

 photo P1240695_zps7a9bc51e.jpg

 photo P1240698_zps807b565f.jpg

 photo P1240702_zps964f10e9.jpg

 photo P1240704_zps12557e99.jpg

I have always admired how the Chinese invented the paper cutting art.

 photo P1240705_zps51a27be4.jpg

Look at these beautiful paper cutting artwork! Awesome.

 photo P1240707_zpsfadfe2cb.jpg

The Chinese New Year decorations at Mid Valley Megamall were disappointing. Hopefully, they will do better next year!

Out of the 14 malls I visited, I have already covered 6 of them. There are 8 more to go, so stay tuned for Part 3!

To be continued …