2014 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 4)

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Continued from Part 3

I thought that the Chinese New Year decorations at Sunway Pyramid was quite nice this year!

 photo P1240801_zps32631386.jpg

Since it's the year of the Horse, Sunway Pyramid had showcased the culture of Central Asia that revolves around this animal. The first thing that attracted me was the giant circular-shaped tent known as yurt which is used as home by nomads.

 photo P1240802_zps035f281e.jpg

Behind the yurt were what looked like colorful panoramic mountains. And there was also a pond surrounded by peony flowers.

 photo P1240804_zps368aaa19.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1240808_zps64da4659.jpg

 photo P1240810_zpsda108a69.jpg

 photo P1240812_zps367b9165.jpg

 photo P1240815_zpsf05a41f9.jpg

Lots of lanterns of various shapes and sizes.

 photo P1240818_zps79d0b1a9.jpg

A traditional carriage.

 photo P1240820_zps681bf5fa.jpg

The life-sized horse looked very real! I did a double take when I saw it. LOL!

 photo P1240824_zpsf3cb0ad3.jpg

The front entrance to the portable yurt flanked by two interesting looking pillars

 photo P1240823_zpsbe800edd.jpg

The pond surrounded by large peony flowers.

 photo P1240832_zpsd757cf04.jpg

It also act as a wishing pond where you can throw in coins and make a wish.

 photo P1240836_zps6f88ddfe.jpg

Lots of lanterns.

 photo P1240845_zpsf426aa63.jpg

Plum blossoms added to the Chinese New Year feel.

 photo P1240846_zps2dced072.jpg

How do you like the Chinese New Year decorations at Sunway Pyramid this year? I give it two thumbs up!

 photo P1240847_zps967251c8.jpg

Since I was in Subang, I also dropped by Empire Shopping Gallery to check out their Chinese New Year decorations.

 photo P1240848_zps6ac584e4.jpg

This year, Empire Shopping Gallery featured lots of colorful lion dance costumes.

 photo P1240851_zpsb93b50cc.jpg

Below the lions were giant colorful lanterns and flowers. Nice.

 photo P1240855_zps8df8e7ec.jpg

Took a photo of the backside of the lion. LOL!

 photo P1240860_zps56278041.jpg

 photo P1240867_zps1896c8a3.jpg

In Part 5, and hopefully the final part of this series (since the 15-day Chinese New Year celebrations is going to end its run soon!) I shall share with you the Chinese New Year decorations at Pavilion KL and Farenheit 88, so stay tuned! : )