2014 Chinese New Year Decorations (Part 1)

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Happy Chinese New Year of the Horse everyone! Today is the 4th day of Chinese New Year and for those of you who celebrate, I hope you have had an enjoyable time.

Before the 15-day run of the Chinese New Year celebration is over, I guess I had better share about the Chinese New Year decorations in major shopping malls around Klang Valley. This year, I visited a total of 14 shopping malls around Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur so expect lots of photos in the next few posts!

Since it's the year of the Horse, many malls made use of the horse as the main theme for their decorations. One of them is Suria KLCC.

 photo P1240543_zps3be14bac.jpg

There's a giant golden Horse at the main concourse with its front legs lifted high up.

 photo P1240540_zps6d20d324.jpg

The Horse appears to be standing next to a giant scroll that has paintings of mountains and rivers.

 photo P1240535_zps174029e6.jpg

Perhaps the scroll brings good news for the new year?

 photo P1240580_zps04dd6daf.jpg

I passed by the concourse area again a few hours later and saw that they had placed 2 lion heads in front of the scroll. Perhaps there would be a lion dance later but I did not wait to watch the performance.

 photo P1240581_zpscc3cab1c.jpg

How do you like this year's Chinese New Year decoration at Suria KLCC?

 photo P1240544_zps1147c1d2.jpg

Berjaya Times Square has two horses in front of the main entrance. I took a photo of one of the horses.

 photo P1240518_zps108f192b.jpg

Inside, there were no more horses. Instead, what greeted me was a giant lantern at the main concourse area.

 photo P1240517_zps885883a8.jpg

The 9.7m tall revolving lantern is inspired by Chinese paper cutting art. Can you see the image of a horse on the lantern?

 photo P1240526_zps77d93a08.jpg

I thought it was pretty beautiful!

 photo P1240527_zps7048da7c.jpg

The big lantern is flanked by two smaller lantern on both sides.

 photo P1240529_zps52b67926.jpg

Do you like this year's Chinese New Year decoration at Berjaya Times Square?

 photo P1240523_zps01c4d721.jpg

Having taken pictures of Christmas decorations at Avenue K shopping mall in Jalan Ampang last year, I decided to check out their Chinese New Year decorations this year.

 photo P1240556_zps1cae80ee.jpg

I saw a huge Golden Horse suspended in the air, apparently flying amongst the clouds in the sky.

 photo P1240555_zps52243852.jpg

Below the horse and the clouds are stalls in the shape of pagodas.

 photo P1240553_zps450f8bea.jpg

Can you see a man dressed as the God of Fortune at the concourse below?

 photo P1240552_zps4ca884b3.jpg

More photos ….

 photo P1240548_zps8a7a3980.jpg

 photo P1240545_zps0c846ba0.jpg

This year, Bangsar Village II showcases lots of red and gold lanterns hanging from the ceiling of the mall.

 photo P1240869_zps19184bd5.jpg

Now is that a lot of lanterns or what?

 photo P1240870_zps5d1d337e.jpg

More photos below …

 photo P1240873_zps07fed5ab.jpg

 photo P1240876_zpse628c4dd.jpg

 photo P1240882_zpse5a7bec4.jpg

There is a revolving lantern with Chinese characters on the ground.

 photo P1240893_zps1cf91587.jpg

How do you like the Chinese New Year decoration at Bangsar Village II?

 photo P1240898_zps57a21f1c.jpg

In Part 2, I will share with you the Chinese New Year decorations at The Gardens, Mid Valley Megamall and more, so stay tuned!

To be continued ….