Yummy Durian Pancakes At Mid Valley!

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I love durians!! Do you?

Billed as The King Of Fruits, durians are banned in most hotels and airplanes due to its strong smell. Which is a pity because I like both the smell and taste of a durian! Haha!

Although eating the durian fruit itself is the best way to enjoy this King Of Fruits, I do not mind eating it in other forms like in cakes, ice creams and desserts.

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Did you know that there is this stall or kiosk in Mid Valley Megamall that sells durian pancakes? Located at the Lower Ground floor near the KFC restaurant, it sells other durian products too, but I was mainly attracted to its durian pancakes.

 photo P1200349_zps98cf3980.jpg

The durian pancakes are made fresh on the spot.  They are sold at RM3 per piece. However, the price is slightly reduced if you order more - RM5.50 for 2 pieces and RM12.50 for 5 pieces.

Being a durian fan, I decided to order 5 pieces for myself : )

 photo P1200350_zps129ecb0b.jpg

First, the pancake skin was made.

 photo P1200346_zpsc46bf828.jpg

Then frozen durian creams were scooped up and weighed.

 photo P1200348_zpsad1b0cf8.jpg

The durian creams were placed on the cooked pancakes.

 photo P1200352_zpsff573b04.jpg

Then the pancakes were folded up neatly.

 photo P1200353_zpsa06af1bb.jpg

And pressed to lock in the durian fillings.

 photo P1200354_zps7176b8a6.jpg

My 5 durian pancakes were then placed in a plastic box ready to be eaten. All done in less than 5 minutes!

 photo P1200358_zpsa618e356.jpg

I immediately took one bite. The cold, 100% pure durian fillings contrasted nicely with the hot and crispy pancake. Yummy!

 photo P1200366_zpsbabd1da5.jpg

I ate 2 pancakes on the spot and took the remaining home. When I reached home, I found the pancake skin had already turned soft but it still tasted good, although eating it fresh was better.

If you dislike durians, you will not like this durian pancake. But if you love durians, you must give this a try! Now I can't wait to go Mid Valley again to get my fill of the durian pancakes! : )