The Amazing Rain Oculus At Marina Bay Sands

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During Christmas Day last year, I went to Singapore with my friend Jim for a one day trip to visit Gardens by the Bay.

Read all about my experience at Gardens by the Bay HERE.

After we left Gardens by the Bay in the late afternoon, we crossed over to the iconic Marina Bay Sands  opposite.

 photo P1190067_zps84a6da13.jpg

Walking along the bridge, I took some pictures of the awesome looking building.

 photo P1190068_zpse6269e33.jpg

Marina Bay Sands is an 'integrated' resort (a euphemism for casino-based vacation resort) fronting Marina Bay. Developed by Las Vegas Sands, it is billed the world's most expensive stand alone casino property at SGD8 billion (USD6.5 billion / RM19.3 billion)!

 photo P1190076_zps2767260e.jpg

I was right under the building, in between two of its three 55-storey towers which are connected by a sky terrace on the rooftop called Sands SkyPark.

 photo P1190077_zps3e3843eb.jpg

The SkyPark contains the world's longest infinity swimming pool. Unfortunately, I did not manage to go up there to see the pool for myself. Next time maybe.

If you are not staying at the hotel, you cannot swim at the pool but you can access the Skypark Observation Deck by purchasing a ticket (SGD20 per person).

 photo P1190079_zps272832c0.jpg

This is the view of the resort interior.

 photo P1190082_zpsc1ad268c.jpg

Besides the hotel, Marina Bay Sands also consists of an exhibition centre, a shopping mall, a museum, 2 large theatres, 7 "celebrity chefs" restaurants, an ice skating rink, 2 floating Crystal Pavilions, and the world's largest atrium casino.

 photo P1190083_zps1ca5fa13.jpg

Currently, there are 2 casinos in Singapore. One is at Marina Bay Sands. The other is at Resorts World Sentosa, which was developed by the Genting Group which owns Resorts World Genting in Malaysia and Resorts World Manila in Philippines.

 photo P1190087_zpsab006017.jpg

I took the above picture of the three towers as we left the hotel and walked towards the shopping mall called The Shoppes.

 photo P1190089_zpse610b02e.jpg

This is the view inside The Shoppes.

 photo P1190098_zps07167d1f.jpg

A signboard showing directions to all the major attractions.

 photo P1190099_zpsc2d48fc7.jpg

As time was short, we did not get to enter the casino at Marina Bay Sands. Well, maybe next time!

I was surprised to see a canal running through the length of the shopping mall with boat rides similar to the Venetian.

 photo P1190093_zps5137f914.jpg

Actually, this also reminds me of Malaysia's Mines Shopping Centre at Mines Wonderland (which also have canal and boat rides) although the Mines is much smaller and older.

 photo P1190094_zps7bccce38.jpg

As it was the Christmas season, The Shoppe was decorated with Christmas trees and other Christmas decorations.

 photo P1190095_zpsbad6b6de.jpg

There were many branded retails shops and luxury boutiques. It was mainly window shopping for me as I did not think I could afford anything there! LOL!

 photo P1190101_zpsff233f84.jpg

Oh! I spotted this F1 Ferrari car and quickly took a snap of it before being stopped by that man. No pictures allowed, he said. Sure! I will delete my picture....NOT! Haha.

 photo P1190134_zps6922cdb8.jpg

Jim had to leave and so we said farewell and parted ways. I had enjoyed my Singapore trip and Legoland trip with him so it was a bit sad to see him leave. Anyway, left on my own, I walked for some time inside the mall before going outside.

 photo P1190136_zps22c128aa.jpg

There were many people standing outside looking down at something. What were they looking at?

 photo P1190105_zps3149d540.jpg

Curious, I walked over and was stunned. What the heck is this?!

 photo P1190103_zps2a64fb10.jpg

It was HUGE. Gigantic is probably the better word to describe this giant bowl-like sculpture.

There were people throwing coins into it! Is it some sort of a modern wishing well? I was stumped. I just stood there waiting and wondering, when it came.

The water!

 photo P1190130_zps29170930.jpg

Swirling round the pool, the water created a gigantic whirlpool! It was a pretty stunning sight. But where does the water end up?

 photo P1190131_zpsee3899b6.jpg

It was only much later when I discovered that the water actually fall 2 stories down to the canal inside the shopping mall. How awesome!!

 photo P1190137_zps82b9e608.jpg

When I returned from this Singapore trip, I googled and found out that this amazing whirlpool sculpture is called the Rain Oculus, created by US artist and sculptor Ned Kahn. This acrylic and stainless steel artwork functions as a kinetic sculpture, a skylight and waterfall for the retail mall below. It is also part of the building's rain-collecting system.

 photo P1190139_zps16c0697a.jpg

It is said that the 22-metre wide whirlpool circulates about 6,000 gallons of water per minute!

But there is one secret not many knows about this Rain Oculus - it can transmit sound! I did not put this to the test since I only learnt about this secret after I returned from Singapore. Apparently, if you were to stand at the giant structure, you will be able to hear conversations of other people who are standing around it!

It seems that sound can travel across the Rain Oculus due to its shape and structure. But amazingly, it can only do that as long as the water flows. Once the water stops flowing, the ability to transmit sound also stops.

Watch a YouTube video of the Rain Oculus in action at the bottom of this post!

The Waterfront Promenade with its many tall buildings on the other side was quite an amazing place.

 photo P1190110_zps1c3f5720.jpg

It reminds me a little of Malaysia's Suria KLCC with its dancing water fountains.

 photo P1190111_zps6997e08f.jpg

It would probably be more beautiful with colored lights at night.

 photo P1190113_zpsba5a2476.jpg

I sat down for a while to enjoy the water fountain display.

 photo P1190115_zps426ef98b.jpg

Somewhere in the middle of the river are two floating Crystal Pavilions. I walked the bridge onto one and took a picture shown below from there.

 photo P1190117_zps57adb29f.jpg

One of the floating pavilions houses 2 international renowned nightclubs - Avalon and Pangaea. The second pavilion houses the world's largest Louis Vuitton boutique!

 photo P1190119_zps4081ed31.jpg

I was really quite impressed with this floating Louis Vuitton building! It was simply stunning.

 photo P1190121_zps886ca140.jpg

Not far away, I could see the ArtScience Museum.

 photo P1190122_zps578956ee.jpg

Shaped like a lotus flower, this ArtScience Museum is designed by architect Moshe Safdie. It has its own permanent art exhibitions and also hosts touring exhibitions curated by other museums.

 photo P1190125_zps5e5e514c.jpg

I did not have time to visit the art galleries although I managed to take a photo of the Christmas Lego tree inside. You can see a photo of the Lego tree HERE.

 photo P1190124_zpsf4a38dbd.jpg

Overall, I enjoyed my tour of Marina Bay Sands but if I ever visit this place again, I will check out the casino, go up the Skypark Observation Deck to see the infinity swimming pool, visit the ArtScience Museum and probably catch one of the live shows at the theatres here.

As it was getting dark, I decided to quickly take the MRT to Orchard Road to catch the Christmas decorations there. I have already blogged about the Christmas decorations at Orchard Road so you may read it HERE.

 photo P1190132_zps47bc6216.jpg

The most unique and memorable thing about Marina Bay Sands was of course the Rain Oculus whirlpool. Here's a YouTube video of the Rain Oculus in action.

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