The Amazing Cloud Forest At Gardens By The Bay (Part 1)

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There are two cooled conservatories at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. One is the Flower Dome and the other is the Cloud Forest.

I decided to check out the Cloud Forest first.

 photo P1180895_zps3e52a5bd.jpg
The unique looking Cloud Forest building from the outside

After being impressed with the outdoor gardens particularly the Supertree Grove, I was waiting to be impressed again with this indoor attraction.

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Upon entering the Cloud Forest, the first thing I saw was this huge waterfall. Wow!

 photo P1180899_zps6e794364.jpg

There was a sudden change in the atmosphere here compared to outside. The air was definitely cooler. The mist from the waterfall immediately made me feel refreshed and relaxed. It's almost like I was in another world.

 photo P1180897_zps346c3f0a.jpg

I stood there in awe of this giant man-made waterfall that must be at least 30 metres in height. I later found out it's 35 metres high, making it the world's tallest indoor waterfall!

 photo P1180902_zps4955e974.jpg

Notice the lush greeneries enveloping this 'mountain'? I guess that's what gave this place the name Cloud Forest. It's like a forest growing on the mountain from the foot hills all the way up into the clouds!

Ooh! See that suspended platform with people standing there? I wanted to go up there!

 photo P1180903_zps4bfc12f0.jpg

The grounds were all wet due to the splashing of water falling from such a height. It was refreshing and cooling. I later found out that the temperature in here was about 23 to 25 degree Celcius.

 photo P1180904_zpsa7bd24e3.jpg

The 'Cloud Mountain' as they call it, is made up of several levels. You can ascend it all the way to the top by lift and then descend via circular walkways in the clouds for an aerial view of the canopy and mountainside below.

 photo P1180905_zpsd8b7d2b4.jpg

The glass walls of this building allowed in some natural light, creating a unique ambience that's both comfortable and pleasant.

 photo P1180907_zpsfc6632d5.jpg

There were many different kind of plants in the Cloud Forest, ranging from orchids, ferns and bromeliads to begonias and pitcher plants.

 photo P1180912_zps1b35ff3d.jpg

It seems that all these plants are epiphytic and they live on top of other plants, requiring little substrate and are perfectly adapted for growing on vertical walls.

 photo P1180908_zps8bfe90e2.jpg

From here, I could see the suspended walkways above. I could hardly wait to set my foot up there!

 photo P1180914_zps0549d133.jpg

Look at the circular walkways high above the Cloud Mountain! Awesome.

 photo P1180915_zpscb17fe08.jpg

Then I came upon a few interesting looking totem poles. This is one of them.

 photo P1180917_zps460d9e6e.jpg

I was definitely not alone in taking shots of those totem poles.

 photo P1180918_zps792c322b.jpg

Another totem pole.

 photo P1180919_zps226ed701.jpg

Below is the same one but at a slightly different angle. I guess I am never satisfied taking a picture from just one angle. LOL.

 photo P1180920_zpscdc92a07.jpg

The signboard showing directions to the lift to go to the Lost World, which is the highest point of the mountain.

 photo P1180922_zpsba5402c6.jpg

How do you like these totem poles?

 photo P1180923_zps9e461d37.jpg

I have walked almost a big circle round the mountain foot. Can you see the waterfall from here?

 photo P1180924_zps9c03ee80.jpg

Let me magnify for you. Now can you see? Yes, that's where the water came from.

 photo P1180925_zpsf5325343.jpg

Although I visited this Cloud Forest on Christmas Day, I was glad that it was not overly crowded with visitors. In fact, the Cloud Forest could accommodate up to 1,200 people at any one time if I am not mistaken.

 photo P1180926_zps81df95b1.jpg

I did not use the lift but instead walked the stairs up the Mountain. I soon found myself standing right behind the waterfall on a higher ground!

 photo P1180927_zpse83664ae.jpg

Peering out, I could see the very spot below where I stood admiring the waterfall just half an hour ago.

 photo P1180928_zps10c67afc.jpg

As I ascended another level, I peered out again from behind the waterfall. The humans below were getting tiny.

 photo P1180930_zps4145e0dc.jpg

One more level up. Here I managed to capture some of the plants that were growing on the side of the mountain. It is amazing that some of these plants do not live on soil, but instead live on top of other plants although they are not parasitic.

 photo P1180931_zps11b24c5b.jpg

Can you spot the ferns?

 photo P1180932_zps853c1cb2.jpg

I was high enough to see Marina Bay Sands and the Singapore Flyer through the glass walls.

 photo P1180934_zps928a76f3.jpg

Soon, I reached the Lost World, the highest part of the mountain.

 photo P1180941_zps7e29c478.jpg

I love the small pond here. Oh these animals on the boats are cute!

 photo P1180935_zpsa21d5c14.jpg

If my house have water features like a small pond, I would love to have these as decorations haha!

 photo P1180936_zps71816b6d.jpg

There were many different types of orchids and carnivorous pitcher plants here.

 photo P1180937_zps9fc77f36.jpg

We are at the top of the waterfall! This is the place where the water flows along the 'drains' and down below creating the tall waterfall you saw in the earlier photos!

 photo P1180940_zps7bf2a86f.jpg

Can you see the water flowing out of the drains and down? It's pretty amazing.

 photo P1180938_zps206e978d.jpg

To descend the mountain, you can either make your way back where you ascended from, or you can take the Cloud Walk.

 photo P1180942_zpsce07bfb8.jpg

I was eager to walk the suspension walkway, but I was wondering if the height would bother me. If you don't already know, I have a fear of heights!

Besides, the safety and health advisory notice placed at the entrance of the walkway did not help much.

 photo P1180943_zpsb389a021.jpg

Well, I decided to throw caution to the wind and take my first step.

Oh oh! What is this?! I could see right below!

 photo P1180944_zps63bb6ada.jpg

I felt a wave of dizziness swept over me.

To be continued ....