The Bridges Of Putrajaya (Part 4)

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One of the unique things about Putrajaya, a city that serves as the Malaysian Government's administrative centre, is the bridges spanning the man-made Putrajaya Lake.

A total of 9 bridges link the different precincts in Putrajaya, and 7 of them connect the Mainland to the Core Island surrounded by the lake.

Initially, I wanted to cover all the 9 bridges, but later I decided I would just highlight the more interesting ones. So far, I have blogged about 3 of them. You can check them out by clicking on the links below.

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In this Part 4, I would cover one of my favourite Putrajaya bridges - Jambatan Seri Saujana or the Seri Saujana Bridge. 

 photo P1150806_zpsefbdc53d.jpg

Looking rather impressive, this Seri Saujana Bridge is located at the main entrance into the Core Island from the South via the B15 road and the KL-KLIA highway.

 photo P1150814_zpsbed01fa2.jpg

It links Precinct 4 of the Core Island to Precinct 7 on the Mainland.

If you are still wondering why there is an island in Putrajaya, well, it was man-made. In creating the Putrajaya Lake, the earth was dug up around a piece of land and filled with water. This piece of land is now the Core Island and it is separated from the mainland around it by the Putrajaya Lake.

To reach the Core Island, you would of course, need bridges! And so a total of 9 bridges were built. Ingenious? Or a total waste of money? I shall leave that to you! LOL!

 photo P1150820_zps3df9fa9d.jpg

I walked under the bridge. It looked pretty majestic from here, almost like a giant spaceship hovering above my head.

Further ahead is another bridge - the Putrajaya Monorail Suspension Bridge.

 photo P1150825_zps3ff8afbe.jpg

Unfortunately, this Monorail Suspension Bridge was left uncompleted. The project was 'suspended' due to financial constraints. More about this bridge in another post.

Can you see another bridge behind the Monorail Bridge? Looks familiar? That's the Seri Wawasan Bridge which I already blogged about in Part 1.

 photo P1150832_zpsb312b923.jpg

The above photo combines the Seri Saujana Bridge on the left and the Putrajaya Monorail Bridge on the right.

 photo P1150830_zpseea55aaa.jpg

At a length of about 300 metres, the Seri Saujana Bridge is a unique combination of cable stay and steel arch design.

 photo P1150831_zps03ab1749.jpg

Don't you think it looks beautiful with its unique design? By the way, did you notice those small little balconies for people to stand to admire the view from the bridge?

 photo P1150833_zpsbf0005be.jpg

It was already late evening when I took these photos of the bridge.

 photo P1150840_zpsc8b72bb7.jpg

Luckily, it didn't rain although it did drizzle a little bit. I was afraid of a heavy downpour earlier while I was at the Pedestrian Bridge in Precinct 5.

 photo P1150842_zps09f4512a.jpg

Another beautiful view of the bridge spanning the Putrajaya Lake.

 photo P1150819_zps8286f0c5.jpg

I wanted to climb up the bridge and walk on it. But first, I took some photos of the evening sunset scenery. Wonder who lives in this house? Must be great to have such a nice view of the lake!

 photo P1150803_zpsccaee1d2.jpg

The sun setting in the horizon.

 photo P1150804_zpsc79def5e.jpg

Before it started to get dark, I quickly went up the Seri Saujana Bridge.

 photo P1150844_zps6fea957b.jpg

The architectural design looked amazing from here. It seemed kind of futuristic to me.

 photo P1150846_zps4f067650.jpg

Look at those cables!

 photo P1150847_zps889bc4af.jpg

The evening sky with beautiful clouds provided an awesome background!

 photo P1150848_zps83c4bb60.jpg

A magnified view of the structure.

 photo P1150849_zps5f5e3267.jpg

More photos of this awesome bridge to take advantage of the beautiful sunset sky!

 photo P1150850_zps07ebe43c.jpg

 photo P1150851_zps935cbbde.jpg

I almost wanted to stand in the middle of the road to take photos, but I guess this is good enough. I love this angle! It makes the bridge looks even more amazing.

 photo P1150853_zpsf810f6ac.jpg

The bridge is made up of dual three lane carriageways and has a total width of about 32 metres.

 photo P1150856_zpsb0585fd0.jpg

I guess covering four bridges in a day is more than enough. It's time to leave Putrajaya, although I should have just stayed on to capture those bridges at night.

 photo P1150861_zpse6ddd8d7.jpg

Surely they will be colorfully illuminated at night! Oh well, maybe I will do that next time.

 photo P1150862_zps21cbda28.jpg

I returned to Putrajaya a week later to capture the remaining bridges. Of course, I did not just go Putrajaya to take pictures of the bridges. That would be crazy! But visiting all the bridges were part of my agenda, and it was truly satisfying! LOL!

 photo P1150869_zps5f1ef092.jpg

Don't miss Part 5 where I will blog about the Putrajaya Monorail Bridge.