The Bridges Of Putrajaya (Part 5)

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I'm taking a break from my blog posts about my Penang trip to continue with my long forgotten Bridges Of Putrajaya series.

There are altogether 9 bridges in Putrajaya, the administrative capital of Malaysia. So far, I have covered four of them. To refresh your memory here are the links.

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Of all the bridges, there is one that really fascinated me. It's the Putrajaya Monorail Suspension Bridge. This is how the bridge looks like from afar.

 photo P1160055_zpse9c66a77.jpg

Notice something interesting about this bridge? Look closely at the two ends. When I first saw this bridge, I was like, how the hell do anyone get onto it? Yes, it is suspended on both sides.

 photo P1160049_zps6aff2035.jpg

In case you think it is purposely built that way for some unknown reason, let me assure you that basically the bridge is simply uncompleted. LOL!

In the background is the Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin Mosque also known as the Iron Mosque. Do google about this mosque if you are interested to know more.

 photo P1160052_zpsc3ec95aa.jpg

Located at Precinct 4, the Putrajaya Monorail Suspension Bridge was designed to link the monorail from Putrajaya Sentral to other areas in Putrajaya. It was part of the monorail project that was intended to have 2 lines, 23 stations and 18 km of track.

 photo P1160051_zpse8c8f1b3.jpg

However, in 2004, the project was halted due to financial constraints. At that time, the Government did not approve further funding as it was thought that the small population of Putrajaya could not justify the viability of a monorail service.

 photo P1160058_zps7ac80aed.jpg

Now a decade later, the city's population had grown but there is still no news about the project whether it will continue or cancelled for good.

 photo P1160057_zps2f5e0e18.jpg

So the bridge now stands there across Putrajaya Lake looking all forlorn and empty.

 photo P1160060_zpsa69396c6.jpg

In fact, while I was snapping photos of this bridge, the song "Mr Lonely" kept playing in my head.

Lonely, I'm Mr Lonely,
I have nobody,
For my own
I'm so lonely,
I'm Mr Lonely....

 photo P1160063_zpsa9a26419.jpg

Personally, I think the Government should revive the project and make the monorail system a reality. Putrajaya desperately needs a good monorail system as anyone without a car will attest to the fact that getting around Putrajaya can be really quite tough.

 photo P1160071_zpscb3fa036.jpg

Even former Prime Minister and the brainchild behind Putrajaya Tun Dr Mahathir had called upon the present Government to continue the monorail project as the administrative capital is facing more and more traffic congestion.

 photo P1160072_zps345711d0.jpg

It would be pretty sad to see the incomplete bridge abandoned in this way.

 photo P1160068_zps7e0db7ce.jpg

On the other hand, the bridge could be a good location for movie making. Maybe Hollywood may want to consider filming a movie here. An apocalypse-type of movie perhaps?

 photo P1160067_zps3950dd73.jpg

It's still my hope to see a monorail running through this bridge. I am pretty sure that with a monorail system, Putrajaya will get to attract more tourists.

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