The Bridges Of Putrajaya (Part 6)

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This is the final post in The Bridges Of Putrajaya series. Initially, I wanted to cover all 9 bridges as all of them were unique in their own ways, but I did not have the time to visit all of them.

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In this Part 6, I am going to share about the Seri Bakti Bridge.

 photo P1160030_zps9f5caae5.jpg

This bridge connects the Government offices in Precinct 1 to the residential neighbourhood which includes the Deputy Prime Minister's Residence in Precinct 16.

 photo P1160031_zps1603fe97.jpg

Standing on the bridge, I could see the beautiful scenery of Putrajaya Lake with the pink-domed Putra Mosque in the distance.

 photo P1160033_zpsa16ae5cf.jpg

The Seri Bakti Bridge comprises a dual two-lane carriageways, 2m-wide median, and 2.5m-wide walkway and cycle track.

 photo P1160037_zpsd1c125f9.jpg

Minimalist in design, it has elements of Islamic architecture with a minaret-style pavilion at each pier. Even the lamp posts and railings fit in nicely with the overall design.

 photo P1160041_zps37643cfa.jpg

Although this bridge is not as grand and spectacular as other major bridges in Putrajaya, I kind of like it! The pavilions with green roofs serve as observational decks overlooking the beautiful Putrajaya Lake. Flowers are planted inside the pavilion to add some greeneries to the concrete structure.

 photo P1160042_zps7c98ba4d.jpg

Not satisfied with just walking on the bridge, I walked down the steps to the area below the bridge and took this photo.

 photo P1160046_zps1ac7b3a9.jpg

I thought it looks pretty charming from down here. What do you think?

And this concludes my Bridges Of Putrajaya series. Which one of the bridges do you like best? Perhaps I will visit the remaining bridges in the future, so you might just be looking at a Part 7 or Part 8! Who knows? :)