The Rabbit Card And Mall Hopping In Bangkok

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My 4th day in Bangkok was rather uneventful and unadventurous. That's because I was not feeling too well. Don't you just hate it when you get sick during your holidays?

I even skipped my breakfast as I woke up late. I did not feel like eating anything which was really a pity in a food paradise like Bangkok. Anyway, my friend and I decided to go shopping. We planned to go mall hopping the whole day. LOL!

Most of Bangkok's major malls are connected by the MRT (subway) and BTS Skytrain, so it's very convenient to go mall hopping. But maybe you want to get the Rabbit Card first!

 photo P1190736_zpsd88040d5.jpg

The Rabbit Card is a rechargeable contact-less stored value smart card used for the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok and may be extended for the MRT and BRT (bus rapid transit) in the near future. It's something like Singapore's EZ-Link card, Hong Kong's Octopus card and Malaysia's MyRapid card.

The Rabbit Card can also be used in some retail outlets like the following but I think it's more suited for locals since they can earn reward points. As a tourist, I did not really bother about it. Why pay with the card when you can pay with cash right?

 photo P1200092_zps5e2ae73d.jpg

The card comes with a loyalty reward program, whereby you can redeem coupons by converting your rabbit points. There are kiosks for you to redeem those coupons, but again, it's more for the locals, so as a tourist I did not bother.

 photo P1200093_zpsf16072fc.jpg

Since it was my first time getting the Rabbit Card, I was required to pay 50 baht issuing fee, 50 baht card deposit fee (refundable) and minimum 100 baht travel value. Total 200 baht (US$6.20 / RM20).

Once the card value drops to 15 baht, you will need to top up with another minimum 100 baht. During my 5 days in Bangkok, I had been using the card and found it very convenient while traveling on the BTS Skytrain. Now if only I could use it on the MRT as well, then it would be super convenient!

If you plan to get the card (and I highly recommend it for hassle-free traveling), do take note that the card expires 5 years from the date of issue and the stored value expires after 2 years. So if you visit Bangkok every year, or every 2 years, you can continue using the stored value when you return.

 photo P1200061_zps59ac55a9.jpg

The first shopping mall we went to was Amarin Plaza. To be honest, it was my first time entering this mall.

 photo P1200063_zps97cf8164.jpg

Look at those cute mascots at the main entrance although I was not sure what they were!

 photo P1200062_zpsbc67f3bf.jpg

Amarin Plaza is a five-storey shopping mall. It's not as happening as say, Siam Paragon or as crowded as MBK, but you might be interested in the quality Thai handicrafts sold on the third floor.

 photo P1200064_zpsb94975f5.jpg

OK, I have to admit I did not take a lot of photos during my mall hopping. I think I just managed to take two photos of Gaysorn Shopping Centre.

 photo P1200074_zpsf0084cd5.jpg

Nothing that I could buy here as the mall consists of mainly branded retail shops like Louis Vuitton, Salvatore Ferragamo, Prada and the likes.

 photo P1200066_zpsa55ec949.jpg

We passed by Erawan Bangkok boutique shopping mall but we did not enter.

 photo P1200068_zps8dc8c11f.jpg

Nearby the Erawan boutique mall is the famous Erawan Shrine.

 photo P1200069_zps15cfbdd2.jpg

You can read more about Erawan Shrine HERE.

 photo P1200073_zps6f7fb016.jpg

We headed over to CentralWorld which is walking distance away from the Erawan Shrine and Gaysorn Shopping Centre.

 photo P1200071_zps2fbae869.jpg

Oh look at the three cute elephants by the fountain!

 photo P1200077_zpsb375e9a2.jpg

Took another shot. LOL!

 photo P1200075_zps27601776.jpg

The entrance into CentralWorld shopping mall from the bridge.

 photo P1200078_zps8f53d07d.jpg

It was actually quite a large shopping mall probably as huge as Siam Paragon. We did some shopping here, although prices were still not attractive enough for a non-shopper like me.

 photo P1200079_zps27e14f0d.jpg

The view of CentralWorld as we left the mall.

 photo P1200080_zpse2512f26.jpg

Next, we went over to Silom Road to visit Silom Complex. It is a office building cum shopping centre.   In fact, I think it's the only shopping mall along Silom Road - don't remember seeing any other malls there.

 photo P1200090_zps656f096b.jpg

Nothing much of interest at Silom Complex, so we headed to Terminal 21.

 photo P1200095_zps5353d65b.jpg

I have blogged about Terminal 21 before, especially their special toilets - read about it HERE. This was my second visit, so not many photos to show.

This is Charing Cross in Terminal 21, not London. LOL!

 photo P1200099_zps2863cd0c.jpg

The view of Terminal 21 from the BTS Skytrain Station.

 photo P1200101_zpsd5deac21.jpg

We also visited Siam Paragon but skipped MBK and Platinum Shopping Mall due to lack of time. So did you count how many shopping malls we went to in that one day in Bangkok? I was actually quite surprised at myself for mall hopping the whole day despite not feeling that well! Did I just graduate from a non-shopper to a shopper? LOL!

Both my friend and I managed to get ourselves some clothes, food and some souvenirs, so I would say it had been quite a productive day. Haha!

I bought this passion fruit juice from a supermarket. (forgot which mall!)

 photo P1200081_zpsa44d594c.jpg

It was incredibly delicious! Yum!! Wished I had bought a few more bottles!

 photo P1200082_zps5f1e9c51.jpg

Also bought a few boxes of Siam's Crispy Durian and Crispy Mangosteen.

 photo P1200085_zps282c77ea.jpg

It was the first time I came across Crispy Mangosteen. Used to buy only Crispy Durian last time I visited Bangkok. I did not really like the mangosteen but the durian was good as usual.

 photo P1200089_zps05442eb5.jpg

This is how the Crispy Durians look like. Sweet and full of durian flavor! Do give them a try when you visit Bangkok.

 photo P1200250_zpsb0efeca5.jpg

But do take note that only the Siam brand is good - avoid other brands!