I Love Thai TV And Thai MTV!

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I have been to Bangkok a few times already but I never get tired of this city! What is so charming about Bangkok that makes me want to re-visit it again and again?

Perhaps it's the people, the food, or the culture that attracts me. Or perhaps it's the combination of them all. Anyway, here are 5 amazing things I like about Thailand

Last January, I was in Bangkok again for a short holiday. If you have been following my blog, you would have already read about my visits to Terminal 21, Madame Tussauds Bangkok and Mansion 7.

During this latest trip, I discovered a new thing that I like about Bangkok. Can you guess what it is? Well, every night, when I returned to my hotel room, I would switch on the TV and watch Thai dramas! Yes, believe it or not, I suddenly found myself addicted to Thai TV! LOL!

Me, who grew up watching Hong Kong TVB dramas are now into Thai dramas? It must be quite a shock to anyone who knew me. Haha!

I think the Thai drama I watched is called Tomyam Lamsing, if not mistaken. I googled and managed to find this show on YouTube! Here's an excerpt from one of the episodes of the show.

The show did not come with any English subtitles so I was actually quite amazed with myself for being glued to it for a few consecutive nights! LOL!

Maybe it's the good looking actors and actresses that made me watch, but really, I thought they had pretty good acting skills too! Like these two pretty Thai actresses! I think they are both singers as well.

And after the Thai drama, I would stayed up till 2am, just to watch Thai MTVs! Yes, there's something about Thai music videos that made them so interesting to watch. Luckily, my friend is a night owl like me and he did not mind. Haha!

Here's a Thai music video for your enjoyment.

There was one night at about 2am when I heard and liked this particular song a lot and I wanted to record it using my iPhone. I turned up the TV volume so I was able to have a clearer recording. Guess what happened halfway my recording?

There was a sudden loud thud from behind the wall! The guest in our neighboring room must have gotten annoyed with our loud music and threw something onto his wall in frustration! Oops! I immediately lowered the volume after that! LOL!

Here's another Thai music video you might enjoy.

I have tried to search for the music videos on the Internet for some of the songs I heard during my stay in Bangkok. Unfortunately, due to not knowing how to read Thai language, I could not find them.

But one of the songs I heard inspired me to compose a Thai-flavoured pop song on my piano. I recorded my own playing one afternoon and here it is! I have no title for it so I simply called it "A Thai Pop Song." Haha! But I think it's a song about love between a boy and a girl just like the music videos you saw above.

Please excuse the sound of car horning towards the end as the room where I did the recording was not sound proof. Hope you enjoy my composition! : )

Note : The above recording is copyrighted. 

Now all I need is a lyricist to come up with the lyrics, a musician to help me add in other instruments and a good singer and I have a song ready for the charts! Haha!

By the way, anyone from Thailand reading this? If you feel that this song sounds like a Thai pop song sang by a female singer, you are correct! I think I was influenced by the first two lines of the chorus from that song as that's the only part I remember! LOL!

But if you know the name of the song and the singer, please do let me know. Thanks a million! : )