I Visited The Haunted Mansion 7 In Bangkok

Posted by : foongpc | Wednesday, May 23, 2012 | Published in


During my trip to Bangkok last January, my friend and I visited a haunted mansion called Mansion 7.

Well, it's not exactly haunted, but I hope I caught your attention. Haha!

In actual fact, Mansion 7 is a shopping mall with a bizarre twist. Unlike the bright, airy and attractive interiors of Terminal 21, the spanking new mall in Bangkok, this 'boutique thriller' mall is dark and creepy just like a haunted mansion!

From the outside, we were welcomed in by a huge, frightening claw!

Located in front of Ratchada Soi 14 at Ratchadapisek Road, Mansion 7 is basically a haunted house-themed shopping mall. If you are anything like me who like scary stuffs ranging from ghosts and ghouls to vampires and zombies, then you will like this place!

Upon entering, I found myself in what they called the Neglected Garden which houses a wide array of small shops selling some of the weirdest toys and outfits. If you ever visit this place, don't miss The Hidden Closet, a sex shop selling all things kinky in a bizarre kind of way. Also, do visit The Gimmick Magic Shop which sells magician equipment and other wacky devices!

In the centre of the mall is the courtyard called Playground, which has fun-fair style games to play. Surrounding this central courtyard are shops and eateries.

Fancy black burgers? Try Casper Burger!

They sell beef and pork burgers made black with squid ink! (sorry no photos!) I have to admit I did not try it as it didn't look too appetizing to me!

There's a shop called Bloody Moon but I did not go in.

I just like the fancy names of the shops here! Although I must say it was quite deserted when we were there at around 5pm. Perhaps the action only starts at night! LOL!

There are two bars in this mall. One is Beer Mansion which serves Hoegarden and Warsteiner on tap.

The other is the Cocktail which serves a variety of mind numbing cocktails.

Of course, the main draw of this shopping mall is none other than the 2-storey haunted house located right at the back called Dark Mansion.

It's 180 baht (RM18) per person for about 15 minutes of 'horror' walking inside the haunted house. Show starts every half an hour.

No, I did not bother to enter the haunted house. I doubt it'll be scary enough for me but now, thinking back, maybe I should have entered it just for fun. Oh well...

I must say Mansion 7 is the weirdest, most bizarre shopping mall I have ever visited! But I must really hand it to the Thai people for coming up with such a creative idea of a mall, don't you agree?

Directions to Mansion 7 : Take the MRT and get off at Huai Kwang Station, walk out of Exit 1, then walk north from the Exit for about 5 minutes. Mansion 7 will be on your right.