A Relaxing Morning At Putrajaya Floria 2013 (Part 2)

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Continued from Part 1

The Showcase Garden from Jabatan Pertanian Malaysia.

 photo P1230451_zpseda612f6.jpg

Flower pots piled up high!

 photo P1230449_zps1435bcae.jpg

A water fountain

 photo P1230453_zpsd2049fc1.jpg

A sea of orchids!

 photo P1230456_zpse0952de0.jpg

More photos ....

 photo P1230458_zps6cf5c73d.jpg

 photo P1230459_zps8e000ee5.jpg

 photo P1230461_zpsb39619aa.jpg

Next, Showcase Garden from FRIM

 photo P1230471_zps2cbb955c.jpg

It was like walking in the jungle instead of a garden. Along the way, I saw some lovely orchids!

 photo P1230464_zpse2997449.jpg

Do you know what plant is this?

 photo P1230465_zps13b1e8a9.jpg

Saw pitcher plants too!

 photo P1230469_zps6a760aff.jpg

A close-up shot of the pitcher plants.

 photo P1230468_zpsed752d51.jpg

 photo P1230470_zps80840635.jpg

Opposite FRIM is the Showcase Garden from Majlis Perbandaran Pulau Pinang.

 photo P1230472_zps3cadbf19.jpg

Can you see the dragon?

 photo P1230474_zps8106ed16.jpg

A closer shot of the colorful dragon. So it's a dragon boat with oars?

 photo P1230476_zps89beffc6.jpg

More photos ....

 photo P1230479_zpsa1b48334.jpg

 photo P1230480_zps7b0a8acb.jpg

 photo P1230485_zps4703a15a.jpg

 photo P1230487_zpse38249f9.jpg

 photo P1230482_zps649a69f8.jpg

Another shot of the dragon boat : )

 photo P1230491_zps477a50d0.jpg

So which Showcase Garden you like best? Go back to Part 1 to compare all of them!

After visiting all the Showcase Gardens, I walked back to the main entrance where all the lanterns and the 'Longest Landscaped Vertical Wall' were (refer to Part 1) and turned right towards the Indoor Floral Pavilion.

But first, there were more things to see ...

 photo P1230345_zps41495577.jpg

Plants shaped into a bird with a beak.

 photo P1230340_zpsaa5320b2.jpg

Orchids galore!

 photo P1230116_zps2fce1d02.jpg

A sea of flowers!

 photo P1230123_zpsb32f1a3e.jpg

Then I came across Taman Innovasi (or Innovative Garden) which showcases innovative and creative designs by Perbadanan Putrajaya.

 photo P1230124_zpsc5183aa6.jpg

However, I must have missed some of the innovations because I did not take many pictures of them. Probably got side-tracked by the flowers! LOL!

 photo P1230126_zps63b43a45.jpg

 photo P1230131_zpsfa7eff61.jpg

 photo P1230132_zps8402a19c.jpg

 photo P1230134_zps7e6da49d.jpg

 photo P1230137_zps33820ab3.jpg

OK, this is quite creative I guess?

 photo P1230336_zpsa75d5adf.jpg

What's the elephant doing there?

 photo P1230334_zps03cd6127.jpg

And a butterfly too. It actually flapped its wings!

 photo P1230327_zps7121d814.jpg

Now I must say this one is creative - A waterfall using used PET bottles!

 photo P1230333_zpsba63a8df.jpg

A 2-layer steel structure were used to hold the bottles. Nice.

 photo P1230330_zps98b716de.jpg

The day was hot and I was sweating after walking outdoors for almost 2 hours. So I was really looking forward to enter the Indoor air-conditioned Floral Pavilion, which I shall blog about next.

Stay tuned! : )