I Bought Something Naughty At The Ladies Market In Mongkok!

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During our first evening in Hong Kong, my friend and I visited the Ladies Market in Mongkok. Located along Tung Choi Street, the Ladies Market is filled with vendors and stalls as early as noon.

You can find fake brand name clothes, handbags, shoes, cosmetics, costume jewelry and many more stuffs at the Ladies Market! Most of the items do not have price listed so it is really up to the vendors and your bargaining skills!

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I saw fancy masks and panda bears art for sale!

Lots of pretty costume accessories for ladies!

I did not take many pictures as there were a lot of people but I managed to snap a few pictures whenever I was standing at less crowded areas.

During my visit last year, The Angry Birds were at the height of its popularity. I saw some Angry Birds plush toys and was excited to find that they were of good quality. Before my trip to Hong Kong, I had been looking for these plush toys in Malaysia but could not find good quality ones at reasonable prices.

I ended up buying the big 12-inch red Angry Bird for HK$50 (about RM20 or USD6.50). What a bargain! I had looked for it in Malaysia and it was selling at about RM50 in some shops and the quality were not even as good as these!

Of course now that the Angry Birds craze had somewhat died down, you can find these plush toys selling almost everywhere at cheaper prices. So it may not make sense to buy them all the way from Hong Kong! LOL!

And then I came across a stall selling the most interesting stuff - thongs and undies! But they are not your normal underwear. Look at these!

Wow! What's up with the long nose? Haha!!

Some of the noses were really long - definitely more than 7 inches! LOL!

I am sure you know what they are for, don't you? If you don't, I am sorry I cannot help you cos I can't be turning this post into an 18SX post or something LOL!

Anyway, I thought it would make a great 'naughty' gift to play on a friend, so I bought one. I shall call mine a bird thong. No, NOT an angry bird thong - just a bird thong. Haha!! This is how it looks like.

How do you like my bird thong? So guys, do you dare to wear it? Smiley

I bought it for HK$30 (US$3.90) which I consider pretty cheap. Maybe I should have bought more with different designs! LOL!

So what else did I buy besides the Angry Bird plushie and this naughty bird thong?

I almost bought a Ferrari jacket, no kidding! Yes, the one worn by Michael Schumacher in the F1 race. Too bad I did not take photos of the jacket so I could not show it here.

Instead, I bought a Louis Vuitton casual sneaker shoe.

Of course it's not a genuine Louis Vuitton. I think there's a Vans label on the shoes as well. Haha!

But at just HK$150 (US$19.50), I thought it's fun to just buy and show off my new 'Louis Vuitton' sneakers. LOL!

Guess what is this thing?

No idea? Well, it's a body massager. Bought at the Ladies Market for HK$22 (US$3), it operates on electricity by connecting to your laptop. Ideal to use it to massage yourself while working on your laptop!

I actually bought it for fun thinking it was a cute gadget, but when I used it on myself, I was surprised that it was really quite powerful as a massager!

If you are looking for souvenirs like fridge magnets, you will find them in abundance at the Ladies Market. I bought five magnets for HK$40 (US$5) but I think I have given one away. These are four remaining ones on my fridge.

I like the 3D images on the magnets!

The Hong Kong Tram

The Golden Bauhinia Square

Tian Tan Buddha at Po Lin Monastery

I bought a few T-shirts which were quite nice (sorry no photos!) at only HK$25 (US$3.30) per piece. The T-shirt were all rather good quality so they were definitely worth buying!

Of course, since this was my first Hong Kong trip, I did not miss the chance to get this 'I Heart HK' T-shirt!

As it turned out, I really fell in love with Hong Kong! Not with the people definitely. I thought Hongkies were rather rude! But I love the food, the places, the shopping, and the efficient transport system.

Both my friend and I enjoyed shopping at the Ladies Market. I thought it was quite an authentic Hong Kong experience and not overly made-for-tourist attraction.

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