My Piano Version Of The Little Nyonya Theme Song

Posted by : foongpc | Wednesday, August 28, 2013 | Published in


I am quite fond of Singapore's MediaCorp TV drama series. Sometimes I think they are better than some Hong Kong TVB dramas!

A few years back, I watched a MediaCorp drama called The Little Nyonya. Have you watched this series before? It's a period drama set in the 1930s about an extended Peranakan family in Melaka. The story spans over 70 years involving several generations of three families. 

I was quite hooked to it when it was first shown on our local NTV7 station. But guess what? When I went to Hong Kong for a holiday in 2011, I remember sitting in my hotel room at night watching the drama as it was shown there too! LOL!

Anyway, this TV series was so popular that it became the highest rated TV drama in Singapore and won several accolades including the Best Drama Serial at the Singapore's Star Awards 2009. It also won the Best Drama Theme Song which was sung by Olivia Ong

And that's really what I wanted to blog about today. The Little Nyonya theme song. Have you heard this song before? It was a huge hit back in those days. Listen to it now on YouTube below. 

I like the song and had played it on the piano a few years back. Recently, I decided to play it one more time and recorded my playing on SoundCloud. Here's the result. Hope you like it! : )

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