Penang Laksa And Cendol @ Joo Hooi Cafe

Posted by : foongpc | Wednesday, April 30, 2014 | Published in


Penang is a food paradise to many people. So during my 4-day trip to Penang last year, I made sure that I get to taste as much of the yummy Penang food as possible.

Weeks (or was it months?) before I left for Penang, I had already booked Penang food blogger Ken to bring me around on a food hunt. He also invited lifestyle blogger Constance Ann to join in which was really a good thing, since 3 people would definitely be more fun than two!

After checking in at Evergreen Laurel Hotel at Gurney Drive (will blog about this hotel in a future post) on my second day in Penang, Ken (and Ann) came over in his car to fetch me for our food hunt.

They brought me to Joo Hooi Cafe at Penang Road to try the Penang Laksa and cendol.

The asam laksa was yummy! The soup had a good mixture of spiciness and sourness and I could find a lot of fish meat in it! But what differentiate this asam laksa with those in KL is that spoon of thick dark shrimp paste they provided with every bowl!

Although Joo Hooi is called a cafe, it's really more like a normal coffee shop with no air conditioning. Beside the shop along Lebuh Keng Kwee lane were two famous cendol stalls facing each other. If not mistaken, the stall beside Joo Hooi Cafe is known as Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol and the other stall is simply called Penang Road Famous Cendol.

I was not sure from which stall we ordered our cendol from, but my bowl of cendol tasted really good!

Unfortunately, my tummy was not feeling very good that afternoon, so I decided not to finish up my bowl of cendol. It's OK, I will definitely return in future to try out the cendol from both stalls so that I can make a comparison!

Most people would stand by the stalls to eat their cendol, but if you are willing to pay extra, you can have the cendol inside Joo Hooi Cafe. I did not know how much extra we paid, but I think it's way better to have our cendol inside than standing outside in the hot sun, don't you agree?

Having an upset tummy while on a food hunt was really bad timing but surprisingly, I still managed to eat quite a lot of stuffs that day without any ill effects! And for that, I have to thank both Ken and Ann for bringing me to all those yummy food places and accompanying me the whole day!

Ok, that's the three of us doing a selfie at the floating temple which we visited later. Haha! As usual, I have to pixelate my face to keep myself anonymous. Sorry, but I need to remain private! :)

It was my first time meeting these two bloggers and all I can say is, it had been fun. Do brace yourself for more Penang food posts coming up!