Seasons By Spatula Cafe

Posted by : foongpc | Sunday, February 13, 2022 | Published in


Today, I would like to blog about my visit to this cafe called Seasons by Spatula located at Aurora Place, Bukit Jalil. Nice cafe to chillax.


Have you been here before? 

I like that mirror. 

Not crowded during the time I visited, fortunately. I never like crowded cafes and especially now when we need to social distance due to Covid-19, it's really quite risky to dine inside a crowded cafe!

There was a cute pet bunny running around in the cafe. Look! 

I had Latte with oat milk and Ava-Toast (avacado toast). Love the coffee and the toast! Yummy. 

It's a good cafe to chill or to do your work. Don't mind returning here again. 

By the way, this cafe is just about 5 minutes walk from the new Pavilion Bukit Jalil shopping mall. Very convenient place to go after your shopping. 

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